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Name: Dani
Character Type: Changeling
Seeming: Fairest, Minstrel
Court: Dawn
Entitlement: Legacy of the Black Apple
Cell: The Third Lantern
Accord Status: 3
Position: Ritualist
Division: None, yet
Division Status: n/a
Other Titles and Names: Legate, Maven

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Dani appears to be a young woman of about 25 years, with blond hair, blue eyes and light skin. She is of average height, but there's something about her that makes her stand out in a crowd. Maybe it's the gold steampunk-esque coat she always wears... (SL 2, Presence 4)


Dani's pale skin is nearly a true white with gold patterning over it (as if to match some Victorian wallpaper), while her blond hair shows streaks of gold. She wears a black apple necklace.


Dani's mantle is a feeling of humming anticipation, those moments between tune-up and the first song at a musical performance. Any changeling who comes within 5 feet of her and has a mantle equal or lower than 4 will find their mantle picking up music appropriate to their court and mantle. If there is more than one changeling that she can affect, the music is always harmonious and somehow suits all appropriate courts.

Notable Traits

Always carries a blue violin (unless you can see through the mask, in which case it's sometimes pure gold). She likes wearing necklaces too, including a vial of red liquid she calls 'river water' on a rainbow cord, and a new black apple pendant.

Taliesin Mask.jpgTaliesin Mien.jpgOneInchSpacer.pngCian Mask.jpgCian Mien.jpg
Aneirin, Dani's Hedgebeast companion.OneInchSpacer.png Cian, Dani's Hedgebeast companion



Known History

Dani has admitted to a select few that she was the oldest of five children, and she was taken on the way home from school. She remembers escaping the Hedge in both New London, CT, and Boston, MA. She joined the Accord after literally running into an Abomination while performing on the streets of her city August 10, 2012. She had begun to think her memories of New London were false, except that Uriel found her in Boston in July 2014.

It can be argued that Dani is the founding member of The Third Lantern's Bad Decision Theater, long before it had a name or other members.


PelicanFeather.png Dani treats her violin like a teddy bear.
PelicanFeather.png Dani has yet to meet a style of music she doesn't love.
PelicanFeather.png If the problem can't be solved with music, Dani isn't sure it's worth solving.
PelicanFeather.png Dani asked Senka to do something terrible during Operation Old Peculiar. Senka didn't have to follow through.
PelicanFeather.png She doesn't drink alcohol, but the Shirley Temples she devours suit her more anyway.
PelicanFeather.png Once upon a time, someone thought Dani had a thumb. Just one, mostly useful thumb. She has since dissuaded them of this idea.
PelicanFeather.png You know the song, "The Devil went down to Georgia"? She's done that with a Keeper.

PelicanFeather.png Twice.

PelicanFeather.png To Changeling sight, her violin really is made of gold.
PelicanFeather.png Meeting Red Tape is on her bucket list.

PelicanFeather.png Done.
PelicanFeather.png Let's not do that again.
PelicanFeather.png Whoops, totally did that again.

PelicanFeather.png How did she get a mage and a sin eater in her motley? Or are they really her siblings?


From Her

PelicanFeather.png "I'm Dani. No last name. Kinda like Cher."
PelicanFeather.png "Okay. The Truth is kinda like Cthulhu. It's not Cthulhu. But it wants to eat our universe."
PelicanFeather.png "The Court of Fear taught me a lot. Watch this."
PelicanFeather.png "Others sometimes don't understand when I tell them that the whole world is just one song, all of us players in the orchestra."
PelicanFeather.png "The Keepers took us from our family. Does building a new one mean we win?"
PelicanFeather.png "A debt is an uncomfortable thing. I didn't want it unpaid until the next time we go down there."
PelicanFeather.png To Gabriel "Oh, you're him! Can you tell me a thing? Can you tell me if Jesus Christ was a Spring Court Fairest?!?"

About Her

PelicanFeather.png "You think she is as innocent or naive as she acts? That's adorable she was in the court of Fear for a reason..." - Twice-Spun
PelicanFeather.png "Some people are the strong right arm of the Accord. Some people are its eyes and voice and mind. Dani is one of the rare few that are its heart. Easy to ignore when everyone's running around playing soldiers, but very dangerous to forget." - F1R3W@LL
PelicanFeather.png "I like her." - Ingrid
PelicanFeather.png "Dani is a genuinely good person. Do you know how fantastic that is? How rare that is? Knowing that there are people like her around makes me feel better about the world at large." - Simon
PelicanFeather.png "She's great to chill out with. Hopefully the rest of the world will stop exploding sometime?" - Sethos
PelicanFeather.png "Some are made to be sacrificed." - Harvey Rendell
PelicanFeather.png "Dani....Just....She seems so kind. She tries so hard. I worry for what lies behind it, and what happened before. She is my friend, and I have her back. I will not ask, but if she ever wants to talk, she knows I am here." - Eric Barrett
PelicanFeather.png "Saving the world one ballad at a time. Bards are way more important in war than anyone gives them credit for anymore, but my People haven't forgotten..." - Naveed Weiss
PelicanFeather.png "This woman serves an INCREDIBLY useful position in the Accord. Morale. Yeah, we've got hitters, and we've got scholars. But the people who just want to make others comfortable are what keep the hitters and scholars fighting." - Aurora Coventry
PelicanFeather.png "Quiet and unassuming at first glance, she opens up into an incredibly loving and kind young lady. I would gladly have her in my home time and time again. Not to diminish the fact that she is an amazing violinist in any way! Dani is pure magic." - Ryanne Reidy
PelicanFeather.png "Dani is kind. Mostly adorably kind. Sometimes terrifyingly kind. But always, from what I've seen, kind. I can't imagine she'll be kind to the Truth - and I don't envy it. Did you know, in the wild animals smile to show off the sharpness of their teeth?" - Art
PelicanFeather.png "Pack is family you choose, right? Understand that Dani chose well and often. Now keep that in mind before you try to hurt her. Not that she will hurt you. I don't think that's her way. Those of us who consider her pack? We will." - Gerald
PelicanFeather.png "She saved my life, and probably my soul. For that, she is my kin. Also, all the strings on Wolf Fifth's latest album? That's her." - Dylis
PelicanFeather.png "There is beauty in her song." - Houston
PelicanFeather.png "She has a standing engagement at the bar whenever she wants. I love listening to her play. But whatever you do, do NOT give her caffeine. Of any kind. Got it." - Jason Harvick
PelicanFeather.png "I don't think she is as young as she portrays herself to be. She has far too much wisdom for that. But, regardless she is a friend." - Beth
PelicanFeather.png "She is the sunrise after a long dark night. Brightness and light. Good for fucking her." - Shade
PelicanFeather.png "Dude, she's fucking metal. She was in Miami when the zombies hit. We rocked out by the citadel while we watched the world burn. She's a fucking Legate - competence is a given." - Shkira to Simon
PelicanFeather.png "Remember the foolish, suicidal, selfless and beautiful act that brought you there... and the home that is waiting for you." - Red Tape
PelicanFeather.png "She's not scary-weird, like most Accordists. But she's not human, either" - Dancer
PelicanFeather.png "I don't know her very well. However, she calls me her nephew and it helps her to pet my fur. Sometimes that's enough to be family." - David Shattuck
PelicanFeather.png "She seemed to be good at Legate-ing, but I'm pretty sure she's a Martyr; what little I know of Martyrs says they are not only more than willing to die for their causes, but they also expect other members of the Dawn Court to do the same. Speaking as a Dawn Courtier who isn't looking to sacrifice myself, for the 'greater good' or otherwise, that makes interacting with her... uncomfortable." - Volt

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." -Aldous Huxley




PelicanFeather.png Senka - She's more than a best friend. She's a sister I never expected to have.
PelicanFeather.png Tom Noir - Pledgemaster, friend, protector, big brother...
PelicanFeather.png Pythia Clement - You seem like you'll be a lot of fun!


PelicanFeather.pngArt - I seem to keep collecting mages. But he looked like he needed a home.
PelicanFeather.png Lucian - It's almost too much fun to tease him. Really, if he could motley, he would be motley.
PelicanFeather.png F1R3W@LL - Awesome computer robot. I like her attitude.
PelicanFeather.png Rhys - I don't think he realized he was going to gain a little sister when he started something with my brother. But he's handling it well...

PelicanFeather.png Really, did he think he could date Twice-Spun without being adopted by the motley? Welcome to the family.

PelicanFeather.png Simon - He makes me want to strive to be a better person, to live up to his expectations. I'm not sure I'm that good, though.
PelicanFeather.png Gerald - He's often overlooked, which is a shame, because he's a brilliant craftsman, has a great sense of humor, and is genuinely a good friend.
PelicanFeather.png Jason Harvick - He's got this gruff exterior, but I know his theme music.
PelicanFeather.png Dylis - Kin and music friend.
PelicanFeather.png Shkira - Music man who understands that Family isn't always what you're born into.
PelicanFeather.png Ryanne Reidy - I want to bring her home and introduce her to Twice-Spun.

Violin at dawn 1.jpg

Known Associates

PelicanFeather.png Giacomo Roman - He's cute and cuddly and I want to bring him back to Boston with me. Not as anything more than a friend, you understand, but he seemed to get along well with Twice-Spun.
PelicanFeather.png Bruce - He makes me think of terrible 80s love songs. Like George Michael and Soft Cell.
PelicanFeather.png Gladius - He knows a lot of SCIENCE! And he's funny without really seeming to realize it.
PelicanFeather.png Eric Barrett - Are all mages this serious? But very good at his work.
PelicanFeather.png Danica Barrows - She's so pretty, it's kinda intimidating. But she's really nice to go with it.
PelicanFeather.png Sethos - He makes me think of the song 'Only The Good Die Young' - in that he is a really good person, and I'm so glad the death didn't stick so I could get to know him. And Melinda, her too.
PelicanFeather.png Arthur Granby - We got someone back...
PelicanFeather.png Bohiti - Someone who understands music.
PelicanFeather.png Ingrid - Ingrid tells it straight. I don't have to guess where I stand with her. That's relaxing.
PelicanFeather.png Harvey Rendell - I don't know why everyone seems worried about him. He's always nice to me.

Lost and Fallen

PelicanFeather.png Twicespun - My big brother in every way that counts.
PelicanFeather.png Collin Bonney - I think I can learn a lot from him. I'll have to see if he lets me.
PelicanFeather.png Evangeline - I hope you knew, you were one of my first friends in Boston.



Chances are good that if you spend any amount of time around Dani or she's heard enough about you, she's trying to come up with your personal Theme Song. These are the ones she's currently decided upon. These may or may not reflect how she feels about you.

No requesting.jpg

PelicanFeather.png AKA_Twice-Spun - Brother Brother by Carole King
PelicanFeather.png Senka - You're My Best Friend by Queen
PelicanFeather.png F1R3W@LL - We Are The Robots by Kraftwerk
PelicanFeather.png Simon - Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
PelicanFeather.png Rhys - New York State of Mind by Billy Joel
PelicanFeather.png Dylis - Jukebox Hero by Foreigner
PelicanFeather.pngArt - Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves
PelicanFeather.png Jason Harvick - Hero by Skillet
PelicanFeather.png Eva Carlisle - Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
PelicanFeather.png Chris Robinson - Dr. Robert by The Beatles
PelicanFeather.png Agent Crane and Agent Smith share a song - Men in Black by Will Smith
PelicanFeather.png Daniel Kiev - Spiderman Theme Song
PelicanFeather.png Pash - Howl by Florence and the Machine
PelicanFeather.png Kyle Everett - Really, it's the Beer Song Medley by Darby O'Gill, but it can't be found online, so instead he has Johnny Jump Up by Gaelic Storm
PelicanFeather.png Boston (the City) - Home Again by Blackmore's Night
PelicanFeather.png Vancier Magibleu - Blue (da ba dee) by Eiffel 65
PelicanFeather.png The Hedge and Arcadia - most of Into the Woods the Musical, but especially Children Will Listen (Finale).
PelicanFeather.png Dawn Court - The Impossible Dream
Dani, of course, demands an entire playlist.


Lindsay Sterling
Rune from The Lark and the Wren by Mercedes Lackey
Aliane from Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce

Player Info


Ties: Dani is very open for ties.
Player: Laura B.
MES Number: US2012100158
Location: New Haven, CT
Storyteller: KP