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"Norse legend tells of the Valkyrie, beautiful shield maidens who circled above the battlefields of men, waiting to pluck the worthy fallen from the fray and bear them off to Valhalla. There, the valiant dead would serve the god Odin in the battle of Ragnarok at the end of the world." - Changing Breeds, pg. 197


Accord PC

Player: Kendra C.
MES #: US2005053430
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Domain: MA-003-D
VST: Krista P.


Name: Danica Barrows

Nicknames: Miracle-girl, Pillow Fight, Swan Princess, Sephiroth

Creature Type: Brythian

City: Boston, MA

Cell: The Third Lantern, Status 3

Division: The Samaritan Group, Status 5

Notable Traits: Striking Looks ••••, Seductive Grace •••, Sexual Dimorphism, Sweet-Voiced Fiend

"She is the lover, warrior and nurse in one. Though she cannot carry men to Valhalla as her sisters of legend did, she lifts men’s pains long enough for their souls to fly free to whatever land they choose. Then, in her soul-form as a blinding-white graceful swan, she heads back toward the heavens, and new souls to choose or leave behind." - Changing Breeds, pg. 197



Colorful, alluring, and engaging, Danica always seems to be the center of attention. A curvaceous young woman with a penchant for wearing a glamorous blue and black wardrobe, Danica is never any less than striking. Accented with heavy jewelry, her love of gems and precious metals is never in doubt. Danica's matching angular make up and colorful dreadlocks have been her signature look for as long as anyone can remember. Mostly known for her playful and flirtatious nature, she is invariably prepared with a bit of gossip or a witty retort. She cares very deeply for those closest to her and is rarely seen apart from her friends and associates. Quick to rush to the aid of others or to organize in times of crisis, Danica is never shy with her talents.

Gifted in the social arena, Danica can get usually get anything she wants done with the greatest of ease. If for some reason her manipulations fail, she can always throw money at the problem. A great deal of money. Outside of her life in the Accord, Danica is an accomplished businesswoman. However, her greatest talent lies in her miraculous healing magics. Danica is able to reduce the gravest of wounds to nothing more than a paper cut in a matter of minutes.

"Brythians have no formal order or code. Rumor of their existence passes from ear to ear in foxholes and field hospitals, fanned by glimpses of snowy wings in the heat of battle and talk of angels from dying men’s lips. Sometimes doctors or medics, sometimes fellow soldiers, Brythians offer succor in whatever way they can: a drink of cold water, a hand to grip, a night in their beds or the final release of death. Always watchful, the Brythian maiden assures the worthy that they will never die alone." - Changing Breeds, pg. 197



Having joined both the Accord and The Gatekeepers in 2006, Danica has primarily served The Third Lantern in Boston. Few know much of Danica's past before she learned of the Truth. Oddly private about her life outside of the supernatural, she will dodge the topic whenever asked. Those diligent enough would easily discover police reports and obituaries about a boyfriend who was murdered in 2006.

After the events of the Langely Massacre, Danica was quick to help the northeast region pick up the pieces, filling The Third Lantern's position on the Regional Council. Over the years she has served as Councilor, Voice and even Cell Leader.

DanicaUn Arbol Logo.png

In 2013, Danica moved to the Un Arbol cell to be with her husband. Though he departed the marriage after only 7 months, she chose not to abandon her duties and served as Chief Medical Officer until the island's two cells dissolved and merged together in 2015. With the medical officer's position eliminated, Danica elected to return to Boston and The Third Lantern.

Globally, Danica has put her talents to good use in the Accord's numerous Operations. She has led the Unconventional Warfare Unit during Operation: Rising Phoenix, as well as served as Commanding Officer for Operation: Smoke and Mirrors, Operation: Special Delivery and Great Big Double Check 2013 - Team Lisbon. More recently she has worked to train other Accordists, assisting as Chief Medical Officer during Operation: Old Peculiar and seconding Steven Bradley's Public Relations Unit during Operation: The Tower.



After a brutal assault on a cult within the confines of Boston, Jacques Saunier and Setah-sefer rescued and recruited Danica. Personally mentored by the Heirophant, Danica and Jacques have maintained a close relationship over the years. Rising through the ranks quickly, Danica Barrows was elevated to the status of Grandmaster in 2013, only the second to receive this honor in all of the order's history.

However, as time passed the Order became a shadow of itself. Founding members and Grandmasters alike departed, and membership dwindled to below to half of its former glory. With the Hierophant gone for months at a time and sacrifices being made in the name of adjusting to the Accord's hierarchy, Danica clung to the old ways and sought to make the organization better from within. When it became clear that it was no longer the arcane Order she had joined but just another Division, Danica made the difficult decision to leave.

Over the course of nine months, The Samaritan Group courted Danica for their budding medical department. At first she would only provide her services as a contracted consultant, but after building their impressive department, one perfectly suited to her every need, she found she could no longer deny her desire to work in such a prestigious and professional atmosphere. It is rumored that during her time assisting the Division, she took out several contracts herself with their agents. Wholly impressed by their expertise and competence, this was the demonstration that proved to be the deciding factor in their favor. Now, Danica proudly leads the fledgling Biomedical subdivision, fostering its growth and gathering both novice and expert to staff this new enterprise.



In June of 2014, Danica was one of the extraordinary thirty two Accord agents chosen to found the Emergency Response Team. An inter-Division organization based out of Nicaragua, the Emergency Response Team's goal is to help mitigate threats to the Accord before they become unwanted disasters. Of the six active teams, Danica is a member of Team Sapphire, providing the unit with unparalleled medical expertise.

The following month, Danica led Team Sapphire to great success during Mission: Chainbreaker. Alongside Team Snapdragon, they were able to infiltrate a CUT stronghold and destroy a corrupted artifact in Rutland, Vermont with no casualties.

"When Wing-Folk do appear in public, they give off the air of an effete intellectual or self-made millionaire. Why should they associate with humans unless those “weighty” people are as well-bred and intelligent as birds?" - Changing Breeds, pg. 189



Operation Rising Phoenix - Unconventional Warfare Commanding Officer

Operation Smoke and Mirrors - Unconventional Warfare Commanding Officer/Operation Commanding Officer

Operation Special Delivery - Operation Commanding Officer

Operation Caldero del Sol

ParanoidAndroidPatch.png LisbonMiniPatch.png
Great Big Double Check 2013 - Lisbon Team Lead

Operation Old Peculiar - Chief Medical Officer

Operation The Tower - Public Relations Second-in-Command/Team Medic

Operation Skeleton Key - Chief Medical Officer

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil/Operation Dungeon Crawl - Second-in-Command/Spiritual Specialist

"Most Wing-Folk prefer the society of their own kind to solitude. With the exception of bat-folk, winged ferals group themselves in mated pairs. For some, this is a lifelong bond, broken only by one or the other’s death. After their mates’ deaths, these ferals either commit ritual suicide or live out their lives in celibacy, sometimes taking holy orders that emphasize the sacred sky." - Changing Breeds, pg. 189


Valknut.png Due to her nature as a Valkyrie, she cannot heal those unworthy of it.

Valknut.png She has visions of the future.

Valknut.png Danica seeks the knowledge of how to bear a soul into the afterlife, perhaps as a weapon in the war against the Truth.

Valknut.png Don't ask her about Task Force Valkyrie

Valknut.png Also really wants to see how much more Dracula's couch can take.

Valknut.png Ships SciFi

Valknut.png Doesn't actually like blue and swan theme gifts

Valknut.png Officially trademarked #0608BA as "Danica Blue"

Valknut.png Earned the deed name "Waddles with Wolves"

Valknut.png Bjork wore that dress after loosing a bet with Danica.

Valknut.png Heals people with magic Hello Kitty band aids

Valknut.png Can actually herd cats!

Valknut.png Can shoot ice that looks like feathers out of her fingertips!

Valknut.png Rode a polar bear into a snowball battle.

Valknut.png Her hair's true color is white.

Valknut.png The violent end of her marriage spiritually shattered her to the point where she needed to undertake an epic journey to recover herself.

Valknut.png Surfed on Dr. Croft's centipede swarm.

Valknut.png Dani was inspired to take the name Danika for her real world identity.


Valknut.png "You know me, so handy with a pack of Hello Kitty band aids."

Valknut.png "Can't heal stupid."

Valknut.png "I warned you not to destroy that horocrux."

Valknut.png "I know your first impulse is to set it on fire, but that's not always the answer."

Valknut.png "Darling, I'm the reason they fold your towels into swans. Who wouldn't want me in their bed as a greeting?"

Valknut.png "Remember, no matter how anyone else treats it, this is a war, not party with bloodshed confetti."

Valknut.png "I consider myself a person, but I am not entirely human. That is a simple fact. I perceive things differently, I function differently. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Even socially. It's the difference between apples and oranges, cats and dogs...bats and birds. Similar, but not the same."

Valknut.png "If words held only the power of the one who observed them, I think we would be missing a great number of books from the world."

Valknut.png "Oooh, eggshell, nice touch."

Valknut.png "Sometimes, I get distracted. Shiny things and birds you see."

Valknut.png "ACE, Amazon of the Accord."

Valknut.png "I knew less than I know now, I could not be independent, my happiness was overshadowed by others. I was not free. I was not yet me."

Valknut.png "If I am capable of turning you into said warrior and you fight the Truth, Odin won't bat an eye. Which is literally true since he only has the one."

Valknut.png "Me? Personally? Not exactly a fan of being smited. ...Smited? Smote?"

Valknut.png "Even with my training, I rarely wade onto the battlefield spear and shield. From what I've seen of late, seems more like you'd shoot laser beams out of your eyes or turn your arm into light saber. Magic missile at the darkness and all that. Because chicks dig guys who stand near flames."

Valknut.png "Isn't that Saint Patrick's Day? Ugh, last year we had Truth tainted green beer, they were making it from this crystal they literally found in a hole in the wall..."

Valknut.png "My goal in life is to be so attractive that people can't pronounce words correctly when they are trying to talk to me. I've been pretty successful thus far."

Valknut.png "Oh, you want to...to wear the dead zombie conjuring mage Servant's hat... Maybe we just get a case. It'll be a very cool case, you can put other trophies in it. Like Batman."

Valknut.png "Oh yeah, totally keep my name out of it, but mention [Redacted], fuck that little prick."


Valknut.png "Fierce in peace, gentle in war...that is how Danica lives. I am glad to count her among my allies." - Setah-sefer

Valknut.png "She is an absolute delight. I am fascinated by how outgoing and social she is. She appears to be having so much fun." - Cassandra Jones

Valknut.png "How do you guide people through hellfire and death and make them think it's a night of booze and clubbing? Miracle-girl knows the answer." - David Anderson

Valknut.png "Endless likes her so she must be decent people. She's a strange one though." -Abraxa

Valknut.png "I thought I was dead when the CUT attacked HQ...until the Valkyrie landed next to me and kept me alive. Does anyone know what kind of cake she likes?" Rosemary Weald

Valknut.png "Danica's the wind beneath my wings. Whether or not she'll fight beside me, I know her breath will keep me aloft." - Endless

Valknut.png "She knows what she's doing and she doesn't take shit. I like her style." - P51M0N1C

Valknut.png "Fuck if I know how she puts up with all the shit she does. We're just lucky she does." - F1R3W@LL

Valknut.png "Well, now I'm blind, So you can put your clothes back on." "Well, you only had one eye. I've got two breasts." - Jacques Saunier and Danica Barrows

Valknut.png "For she's a swan. And one of Odin's shield-maidens." - Jacques Saunier

Valknut.png "Kindred spirit." - Eva Carlisle

Valknut.png "Miss Danica is usually perfectly nice, though I think at times she can overlook people. She can also become an absolutely terrifying war-swan, and yes, that's something I just said." - Eric Barrett

Valknut.png "I feel like you and Jacques would have to fight over "Sexiest Gatekeeper" but I'd put money on you winning." - P51M0N1C

Valknut.png "Seems like it - I think I heard someone mention you as the Carmen Sandiego of the Accord...its a game to guess where you are at." - Isabella Saunier

Valknut.png "Danica? She's the best. You might think that you are, but you're so far off course. Like, make that turn in Albuquerque next time, Bugs, because damn. I cannot even. I mean, have you met her? She breathes awesome! And she ships my ships! You cannot compare. You just... you can't." - Pash Halaby

Valknut.png "But the only other shifter I've seen eat was Danica - and she ate like a bird." - Howls-with-Mirth

Valknut.png "Danny is awesome! She's hot, is a fucking swan, and lets me steal booze trucks. If she'd sleep with me, I'd marry her." - Mainardus

Valknut.png "Miss Barrows is a noble lady, her charm is alluring, and she is delightful to listen to." - Aalina

Valknut.png "She's the only one I know whose smile can make you forget about the hellhole you're in." - Benjamin Wallace

Valknut.png "Danica? She's probably the closet thing to a sister I'll ever have." Jason Harvick

Valknut.png "I like my mentor. She's smart, fun, and badass. We work well together." - Isabella Saunier

Valknut.png "We have more dirt on each other than anyone ever should. But She's my cousin...err...Aunt now I guess. Plus...she's totally gonna have ginger swan babies." - Vi Thibideaux

Valknut.png "We don't always see eye to eye, but I have to respect the kamikaze spirit it takes to marry into our family once you know about the in-laws." - John Harkin

Valknut.png "Why...is Danica bringing a truck full of cats here?" - Rosemary Weald

Valknut.png "Danica brought us a truck full of cocaine, with cats in it. They got coke on my pants." - David Anderson

Valknut.png "If I weren't so tired I would have remembered to lie." "Would've been your best opportunity. I'm tired enough to believe it." - Danica Barrows and Benjamin Wallace

Valknut.png "...Are Danica and Ben being cute and scary again?" - Irene Norton

Valknut.png "I like her... she's... well I don't really know, but I like her." - Kyra

Valknut.png "You jingle louder than a sleigh and shine more than the star on top of that tree." - Setah-sefer

Valknut.png "Ooohhh...Magic Hello Kitty Bandaids! I feel like we're soul mates..." - Dea Tacita

Valknut.png "A class act. Fiercely loyal to her friends, and I'll wager hell on her enemies." - Kyle Everett

Valknut.png "Fate placed her there in order for her to be aware she was needed. That it was time for her to be Astounding!" - The Astounding Dr. Luke Watts

Valknut.png "She is the only Pack I have left. I'll flay the skin from your body should you harm a single, perfect feather. The world record for torture is 8 days without killing someone. I'm fairly sure I can go 11." - Penny Cross

Valknut.png "No one has ever challenged me to think about who and what I am as she has, no one has been able to make me think about such matters as existence and life as she. To say she is a rarity would be an understatement." - Daniel "Ivory Jaws of Rending" Singh

Valknut.png "I think this was the first battle I been in that I saw a Swan healer. That was an awesome sight. If we meet up again I will buy you a drink." - Kyros

Valknut.png "Grandmaster Barrows is a singular woman. Driven, impressive, and with a strength of will matched by only a few that I can think of. It is, as always, a pleasure to work beside her." - Amalia Iliescu

Valknut.png "I am well known for my exhaustive opinions regarding the myriad denizens of the Accord. When it comes to Ms. Barrows, words fail. I simply have no comment. " - Samuel Marlow

"The core of any shapechanger’s life is her Nahual: the animal aspect to which she’s bound. Many people think of this aspect as a totem or power animal yet the bond runs much deeper than that. The Nahual is not an external entity but an innate part of that person from birth. Although it’s not discernibly genetic, you could say it’s in her blood." - Changing Breeds, pg. 25

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