Daniel "Ivory Jaws of Rending" Singh

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Accord PC

Player: Your Name
Creature Type: Imru (Werewolf)
Division: none currently
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
VST: VST Alicia Cameron

Character Information

Name: Daniel Singh known as Divinely Mandated of Father Wolfs Own Blood called Ivory Jaws of Rending

Creature Type: Tzuumfin (Ivory Claw)

Notable Traits: Extremely good looking: Striking Looks 4 and Animal Magnetism with Primal Urge 3, constantly walking or rather gliding with great poise (Seductive Grace 1), when he is topless (which is rare) scars of renown can be seen burned into his flesh as can a large scar on his shoulder. And for those who might know (Pure) he comes from very good breeding (Strong Bloodline).

For those who can see renown and spirit marks: Daniel has two intersecting circles that are silver in color (marking him as a member of the Lodge of the Union) on his forehead, he also has several other markings that show his renown (cunning 1, wisdom 1, honor 1, Purity 3)

Daniels Klaive.jpg

Daniel is an incredibly good looking young man (in his late teens), he has dark hair and eyes, is half Hindi and half Caucasian, his body has scars that he proudly bears when his shirt is off which is a rare occurrance, he typically is dressed in leathers, silks, or some sort of synthetic fabric. He stands 5'10 and carries himself with a sense of nobility and dexterity that is beautiful to behold. He has a quick boyish smile and is easy to blush yet still converse with.

Daniel was taught since childhood how to carry, use and nearly dance with pure strength a sword, upon his change he was gifted from his grandfather a klaive that had been passed through the generations of Ivory Claws. The spirit within the sword was one of pure strength guiding each generation to destroy the enemies that came before them.

Title or Positon: Warrior of the Ivory Claw


  • For an 18 year old guy... he's a real prude.
  • Prude? Dude... no... more like a sexual deviant.
  • Backhanded Fenris Ur for being a putz.
  • Is part of a deep ops Pure pack devoted to hunting down and destroying the Pope.
  • His favorite TV station is USA.
  • Is the nicest kid you'll ever meet.
  • Is second cousins with Burt Reynolds.
  • He is a complete and total 'Mama's Boy'.
  • He loves his strong drink.
  • He is a very good healer and friend.
  • He is passionate.
  • Can't watch fantasy movies, but claims he may be able to watch Game of Thrones.


  • "The most thought provoking Pure I've ever met. And really, the fact that I had any thoughts at all is saying something." - Danica Barrows
  • "I cannot count how many times he has made me laugh or seemed to understand when others did not." - Joline Dubois
  • "Daniel has carried more pain in just a few weeks than some people know their entire lives. I worry for him, but I am thankful he's still here." - Marilyn St. Paul
  • "Danny? Oh. Um. Yeah, he's awesome. Been through a lot, but it seems to have made him stronger instead of breaking him. I'm glad he's on our side." - Aurora Coventry

Allies and Family:

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  • 8/8/1996: Born to Naija Singhe and Daniel Sr. Is named Daniel Jyan, and later takes his mothers last name when she changes it back
  • 1999: Sister Hannah is born
  • 1999: Father and mother are in a car crash, father dies six months after Daniels sister is born
  • 2000: starts spending his summers with his paternal grandparents on their ranch in Idaho.
  • 2001: Meets an older boy named Kenny while at his grandparents, they fast become best friends, Daniel follows him everywhere.
  • 2003: There is a violent and terrible attack by TFV agents on his grandparents ranch, David Anderson is the only TFV agent that lives through this but he kills (accidentally) Kenny.
  • 2004: Daniel starts seeing a psychiatrist because of nightmares.
  • 2004: Prior to the counseling he gets in trouble for starting fights
  • 2004: Following the start of the counseling he was a good kid and very well behaved, took on a lot of responsibilities
  • 2005: Starts going back to his grandparents ranch much to their and his joy. He visits Kennys grave. He also starts paying more attention to a girl that he's known for a while, becoming friends with her.
  • 2007: Starts middle school and starts talking with the girl long distance, via facebook, texting, it's ridiculously cute
  • 2008: starts dating a girl in Louisiana, but remains friends with the girl in Idaho, he also starts parkour, and his grandfather in Idaho starts teaching him fencing, and pays for fencing classes in Louisiana
  • 2008: Is a very protective older brother and son, leading to some near controversies however he's quick witted, good looking, and very persuasive and intimidating, he is able to convince people to leave his mother and sister alone even if they mean well
  • 2009: He runs into Ben Barrows when he's at his grandparents farm, Ben is helping to deal with some major spirit issues in the area
  • 2009: Gets his ass handed to him by the girl in Idaho. While he's laying on the ground he decides that he might want to date her. Much to his grandfathers encouragement (who really doesn't like the fact that he's dating someone who's not connected to the Pure)
  • 2009: Does indeed start dating Quinn, and dates her though High School, and he is quite happy when he and his mom move up to Idaho from Louisiana, and then they both go start college in Florida
  • 2013: Starts college in Florida, changes In September
  • 2013: Quinn goes missing
  • 2014: He becomes a believer when his pack runs into an abomination
  • 2014: Joins the Accord
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OOC Information

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Player: Colin A. Douglas

MES Number: US2006108841

Location: Missoula, MT