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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.


Accord PC

Player: Michael Schmelz
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: The Vault
City: Boston, MA

VST: Scott Coucher

Character Information

The Third Lantern
The Vault
Name: Daniel Kiev

Creature Type: Spinner Kin, Sicarius, Heart-ripper

Cell: The Third Lantern

Accord Status: 2

Vault Status: 1

Spirit Rank: 1


Short and Skinny, Brown hair and brown eyes. Daniel is a mid 20s college student who dresses pretty simply. Clothes are usually brown, an open Chinese style over shirt and pants with a Grey undershirt. He usually carries a Blue Satchel and keeps a notebook in it.


Social and inquisitive, with a bit of a ferocious or bestial edge that bleeds in to his mannerisms and speech. He prefers to act with forethought and planning, but doesn't like to waste time on planning with pointless discussions and frivolity. He is willing to help out and take risks when needed to accomplish an important task.

In Dire-Spider form, His leg span goes out to about 8 ft across and looks like a Brown Recluse spider common to North American habitats.

Known Information

  • Bio-Chem Undergraduate at University of Mass. - Boston - Fully Paid Scholarship
  • He is a Changing Breed, a few people even know that he is a Were-spider. He does not show nor speak of his alternate form often.
  • He can see spirits and speak with them.
  • He has a 'spider sense' that has helped save the lives of companions.
  • He occasionally has Visions that assist the Cell.
  • He participated in Operation Caldero del Sol and Caldero Del Sol - After party Cleanup
  • He joined the Vault in November of 2013
    • Daniel stayed behind in the Quarantine Zone of Redemption, TX. He sacrificed himself so that others could be saved and to protect the world. He fights on, trapped in a repeating cycle within the Quarantine zone. **

Decorations and Honors



  • Daniel joined the Boston Accord cell only a few months before Danica Barrows became the Cell Leader.
  • He has quickly settled in and has assisted in some International Operations and investigations in Boston.
  • He helped find the Absinthe Crystal, working closely with Eva Carlisle.
  • He aided with Closing two Tears on the day of the Pope's visit in Sept '13.
  • It was his Visions that directly lead to the finding and closing of a Tear in the Jamaica Plains area.

Known Associates

Danica Barrows

Arcadia Maesters

Eva Carlisle




  • "His manners are too good to be a native-born Bostonian." - Cora Kirkwood


  • Daniel is hand making a Spider-silk Parachute for F13, so she can be air dropped into the next Operation in style.

Ties Sought

  • Any

OOC Info

Player: Michael Schmelz

MES Number: US2012040050

Location: Boston, MA