Daniella de Witte

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Daniella de Witte

Accord PC

Player: Janelle Davis
Creature Type: Sin-Eater
Division: None
City: Seattle, WA
VST: Greg Berry

Character Information

Name: Dani

Creature Type: Sin-Eater

Notable Traits: Quiet, competent

Title or Positon: None

Division: None

Krewe: The Tarot

Geist: The Jende Strangler

In truth, if a god really was responsible for giving me my life back, I'm curious about such a god's motivation for letting a fellow like me back on the streets of the world. It hardly seems an unambiguous act of grace. - K.J. Bishop

About Dani

A little bit of research uncovers a Daniella de Witte working as a private investigator in Seattle (originally Portland), specializing in finding lost people. She has a good track record and a reputation for dependability and integrity.

For the Accord

Accord members with inquiring minds will find that although Dani usually gets along well with her Cellmates, she doesn't seem to have many close friends. She specializes in clean-up, cover-up, and reconnaissance, as well as being a solid triggerman.

More thorough investigation reveals that Dani joined the Army in 2001. Less than two years in, an altercation with a superior officer landed her a court-martial; only the intercession of some sympathetic officers and some failed psych evals helped her get out on a medical discharge.

Drubbed out around the end of 2003, by the time 2004 was only a few months old, she’d already run into the Church of Ultimate Truth back in Portland (OR), doing things she refuses to discuss to save a friend who fell into their clutches. Since then, she’s been a strong if initially reluctant member of the Accord. She's never claimed membership in a Division.

For the Bound

Dani is a Silent Reaper and Founder of a widespread Krewe, the Tarot. Her Geist, who she refers to as Jende,* appears as a fisheaten sailor of indeterminate race. Holes in his flesh are filled with a sickly green smoke that twists to form tormented female faces when viewed with peripheral vision. He hovers close to Dani at all times, occasionally appearing to overlap with her when she drinks or smokes. Most men he seems to consider beneath notice, but the observant will note that the hungry heat in Dani's gaze when she looks a pretty woman mirrors the look in his eyes.

[*"Jende" is Persian for "whore" and definitely not something you usually hear a male called; Jende himself seems to dislike the name intensely.]

Known Associations

Dani in downtime


  • What have you heard?
  • Dani ran out of fucks on the day she joined the Accord. Since then, not a single fuck has been given.
  • Despite a brief mention of an ex-boyfriend, she only seems to flirt with the ladies.
  • She doesn't talk about where she learned sniping, except that it happened after she left the Army.


  • What have you said?
  • "We're opposites in a lot of ways, but I think that is why we've been able to work well together, like thunder and a warm breeze. I don't know what she goes through or what she's been through, but I am pretty sure that she is a better person than she thinks she is." Reggie McCulloch
  • "Dani? That's my little sister. I'll always have her back. Anyone messes with her, they'll get to deal with me, too. If I can get there in time, have you seen how fast she moves when she's pissed?" - Rick Storm
  • "I look forward to the day she learns that there is more to this world than debit and credit. Some things are done from emotion. Love, fear, lust, hate, pain, wrath; none of this is debt. We make our ties to people, and that is sufficient for how they work out. Mostly. Maybe not in one case. Never mind." Aaron "Doc" Walker
  • "Dani is someone I can always rely on to watch my back...half the time I don't know where she is, but the crack of the rifle is all the reassurance I need." Jack Cooper
  • "I love and care about a lot of people. Dani is not one of those people. I could give two shits about her for the most part. But she is the most competent person I have ever met in my life, and I would have her at my back in any 'oh shit' moment in existence." - Endless
  • "Whenever you're ready for that wrestling match, firecracker. Let's see what you've got behind those eyes." - Veronica Falcor
  • "It is a shame she already died once. She would would serve the order well." - Abraxa
  • "Dani de Witte? Hell yeah she's on my radar." - F1R3W@LL
  • "She lives up to the title of "Silent" well, but when I saw her dance... Well, let's just say I'm glad she took that second chance." - Mili


Operation: Caldero del Sol



  • Mathilda Lando, from Leon: The Professional
  • Cawti, from the Taltos books
  • Gwynn, from The Etched City
  • Edward (and Anita), from Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
  • Marion Silver, from Requiem for a Dream
"People are always complaining in the newspapers that the world has become a more wicked, violent place; they're right. I might be willing to believe that a god is indeed at work, carrying out a divine plan of destroying the meek. I might even approve of him, although I wouldn't care to meet him alone in a dark alley. And, were I to believe in a god, I'd admire that god for his cruel beasts, his earthquakes, and the villainy manifest in man as much as I'd admire him for his haphazard gentleness. But I would not love him; and if he demanded that I did, I could only think the less of him for having such a childish need." -KJ Bishop, The Etched City

OOC Information

Player: Janelle Davis

MES Number: US2009033843

Location: Seattle, WA