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Name: Danielle Ropchan

Clan: Nosferatu


  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed


  • "Loyal" (Archon Wilhelm Jager)
  • "Favored" (Harpy Arden)
  • "Favored" (Elder Serratus)
  • "Acclaimed" (Harpy Arden)

Notable Traits:


Danielle is the daughter of Dr. Mark Ropchan who is currently a professor of Geology for the University of Virginia. Before he was established as a teacher, Mark would wander the world as a mining engineer who specialized in locating gasses, specifically methane. He would take Danielle with him to the sites which were located in isolated locations all over the world.

By far, Danielle’s favorite place to live was in Chiapas, Mexico. It also happened to be where she spent her teenage years. Unfortunately, there were many unforeseen problems with the mining in that area including strange occurrences underground. Eventually, the whole project was shut down due to a high occurrence of accidents and clashes with the local environmental groups.

Danielle got both her bachelor and master’s degrees at UC Berkeley in the field of Geology. She specializes in Seismicity and Liquefaction. After the 2011 Earthquake in Tohoku, Japan, Danielle was part of a think tank of specialists who were tasked with devising a plan for safer building materials. Danielle and two other engineers came up with “Flex Concrete” which, if used in building construction, would absorb shock up to a magnitude 7.5 quake. This breakthrough led her to working as a lead geologist in a large San Francisco Firm. The website of the Firm, Giles and Madsen, still have her listed on the company website with the footnote of “Left for sabbatical, 2013”.

As current Steward of the Nosferatu Clan, Danielle seeks to expand her knowledge of existing Warrens to understand how to better engineer them as technology progresses above ground. She also teams with other clans on extensive construction projects. Her knowledge of earthquake reinforcement and seismic sciences makes her building techniques ideal for current home of San Francisco. She has built or participated in the following projects:

Danielle also serves as a reconnaissance expert. Using her map and geology skills, she is proficient in finding and planning alternate routes and gauging the layout of the land when it comes to military or masquerade important operations. She is a noted contributor to the recent operation in Detroit, MI.


  • She is fond of numbers and loves charting out probabilities. She would make at least a dozen simulations before completing a geological report.
  • She is an aficionado of maps and can find both historical and modern maps of almost any large city in the world.
  • She was published in 10 different Universities in 3 different languages before she finished her Master’s degree.
  • Danielle also minored in organic chemistry and was once almost sued by a classmate for setting her cosmetics on fire. This incident was the only time Danielle was ever mentioned in UC Berkeley newspaper, “The Berkeley Beacon”.
  • She claims she can identify any carcinogen just by its smell.


* William May.
* Scarlett Thorne.
* Aurélie Céleste Fortescue.
* Leonardo "Leon" Finch.
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*Feel Free to add yourself here.


*The Gargoyle she brought was actually her creation. Who wants bet the Tremere want to know how she did it.
*Danielle was embraced by El Chupacabara.
*Danielle was "recruited" for her geological skill. She is mapping and analyzing natural occurring tunnels under the city for her clan.
*Owns the largest private collection of Furbies. They have been running non-stop for almost ten years and speak a language only she can understand.
*Has successfully found a way to draw blood from a stone. It is how she feeds.
*She has a tattoo of a compass rose on her left thigh. Underneath it is a caption that reads, "Go West Young Man".
*She was appointed Steward to act as a spy. But for whom?".
*She was murdered last year. The Kindred you interact with is an impostor".
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“Soft as the earth is mankind and both need to be altered.”― W.H. Auden
“That's Third Thoughts for you. When a huge rock is going to land on your head, they're the thoughts that think: Is that an igneous rock, such as granite, or is it sandstone?" - Tiffany Aching in Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett
"With their four-dimensional minds, and their interdisciplinary ultra-verbal way, geologists can wriggle out of almost anything."-John McPhee
"Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice."-Will Durant
"Danielle? Oh, Madam Danielle is, I swear, the sweetest Kindred I've ever met. --Did I say sweetest? Strongest. I meant she's the strongest Kindred I've ever met. Who ever heard of a sweet Kindred?" --Penny Meadows
"A wonderful intellect. Quite a joy to experience her fine company." -Dr. Charles Reimer
"Elder Jager has outdone himself with this one. Ms. Ropchan will rise as high as she wants to in our society. Polite, intelligent and pleasant I look forward to working with her in the future" - Zachariah White
"Perhaps the single most resourceful ancilla I have ever met. Everyone always waxes fondly about watching stars ascend as though progression was natural and easy. I look forward to watching her star viciously outshine others regardless of her relative position, even stars that have been in the sky for centuries." - Arden
" She is indispensable, her talents are invaluable. She is a credit to her Clan and city.". - Jedidiah Strum
"Let's just say that, so far, the kid's successes and talents balance out the mistakes she's made. As long as her learning curve is curving up, it's smiles all around. If that curve flattens out, it'll be frowns. What was I talking about? I like me some curves." - Occam
"Sweet as a sugar skull, she is. I enjoy her company immensely. And she's competent! Of course I want her around. Why on earth would you think otherwise?" - Scarlett Thorne
"Danielle? I think I like her. She seems to know what she's talking about and her information is ON POINT. We need more like her around, doing what they do best without being obnoxious about it." - Nenette
"Lady Ropchan has the potential to be the Helmuth von Multke the Elder of her time, the most important Kindred in the Tower, and I don't think anyone realizes it. I'm not even sure she realizes it herself." - Goodman Goring
"Whatever has not been said as to the capabilities of this bright young Nosferatu, someday will be. - Serratus
"A competent Scientist you say? I would love a conversation with her some time on her work if we both ever get the time" - Penny Dreadful
"I wonder if she could tell that we used 'flex concrete' for the lowest levels of the warrens? Either way, I think one day she will be a 'Maker' in her own right." - Marus
"A treasure, and a blessing to her Domain. Prince Martell is thrice rewarded for her presence: a capable mind, a willing spirit, and an earnest heart. I worry about the other shoe dropping, but I'll enjoy my good fortune while it lasts." - Rafael Hernandez
"The lovely Danielle is a singular creature among Kindred, and I am thrilled we have become such fast friends. Like the strata she studies, her talents are woven among a multitude of complex layers. I find myself continually unearthing more things to appreciate about her." - Thea Mallory
"Fascinating lady, and one that I hope to have a number of conversations with in the future. It's rare that I find anyone in the Tower that wants to discuss intellectual subjects with me... Plus I love her aesthetic." - Ferrucio Giovanni
"I has had the chance to get ta know Danielle and I can tells ya she is a rare jewel among our kin. She kept me out of the hottest waters in Los Angeles and for that I is mighty grateful." - Gator Joe
"I don't think I've ever met someone so multi-talented, so brave and as quickly respected and adored as Danielle. I've met her myself, and I can see why she gets all the praise that she does." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
"Hansel and Gretel. That's what I'm reminded of. Because the house made of candy seems sweet and welcoming and oh so lovely and convenient in the midst of that deep, dark forest. Of course, one never knows. It might just be a candy house that someone built and left there for hungry children. It's possible." - Benedict Verren
"Ms. Ropchan was quite possibly the most polite host I have ever been to visit, and was the most exquisite of conversationalists during the gathering I visited. She even keeps whatever monster hides under that mask well in check, even as it pulses with desire to be free."de heer Davydov
"Very few of the younger Nosferatu go out of their way to speak to me. In most respects, I get treated like some old veteran whose notions of yesterday are no longer valid... Danielle has shown me that there is beauty in calamity and color in the darkness. She is a perfect example of of those who aspire to conquer their beast and for that, I am at her service" - Franc
"As a Nosferatu, I watch people, kindred, it's how you find the truth of folks. Compassion and willingness to stand up for the little guy in a legal way are rare and admirable qualities these days." - Angus Hudson
"I like Danielle. She was kind to me. I mean, she wanted something from me but who doesn't?" - Crispin Taylor
"What Danielle has built seems to have sprung directly from her very soul--a home that is strong because it is flexible and as vibrant as it is practical. I feel honored to know her through it." - Claire
"I don't envy her her job at all. She does it well and efficiently and thank god for that." - David Swisher
"Taka has watched Danielle closely. She is much more a mover and shaker than she would like to let on. Taka has much respect for her." - Taka
"Ms. Ropchan is as gracious as she is lovely. I am never able to see her quite enough." - Orenna Komnenos, The Black
"Danielle has become someone who is very dear to me. Her giving nature makes me almost feel guilty, like I'm not doing enough." ~ Serena Montgomery
"Steward Ropchan is an asset to the clan, and a pleasure to work with, her assistance with my efforts regarding the Armory are very appreciated." ~ The Confessor
"While we worked together in Detroit, I found Steward Ropchan as essential as one of my own arms. She is a sterling example of her clan and her sect, and the world is all the better for having her in it." ~ Bella Rossellini

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OOC Information

Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Tanya Telson
Character: Danille Ropchan
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Status: 2/3
Domain: Domain of Myst
VST: Donavon San Francisco C/A VST

Player: Tanya Telson

MES Number: US201305248

Location: San Francisco, CA

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