Danny McManus

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Bill M
Storyteller: Tim C

Character Information

Name: Danny McManus

Alias: The Hand That Shook the World, Shook, Shookah

Clan: Gangrel

Status: Acknowledged in Boston, MA - Courageous by Julian Marcus Haldane Prince of Phoenix - Loyal by Clanhead Caroline Hunter

Notable Traits


Danny in his war form


Who knows. Seriously. He goes through the motions with court following the protocals necessary, but once you're even remotely casual with you (which to him being introduced to you), you're basically going to get slammed with any verbal bullshit that comes out of it...but there is gold in that bullshit.

Known History

  • Former MMA Fighter
  • Woodworker
  • Loudmouth on the internet


feel free to post your own rumors

  • He has never has submitted in a physical fight under his own power.
  • He was hired by Lasombra as a bodyguard.
  • He took down a vampire in Horrid Form solo.
  • Future Clanhead? HAHAHAHAHAH....wait...you're serious?
  • He will pay a blood boon for whoever can bring him a pair of Scarlett Thorne's panties.


From him

  • "My name is Danny and I like to fight."
  • "Kindred have been smack talking since the dawn of time. Professional Wrestlers could learn well from Kindred Smacktalk. Using Big words such as Missive, Paramourm Betwixt. It's signs of the times as technology grows. I was told by my sire that ancient cave man vampires use to use wall panting. "Grog Bloodhunts Gorg" "Grog Set Fire To Rorg!" "Grog Claw Orgg!" "Grog Betwixt Your Paramour with his metaphorical penis, and by metaphorical penis I mean kewl powerz!" "Gorggerog Hate Time Traveling Vampires." Etc Etc. Live with it, love it, or ignore it"
  • "No, my name is Danny, not Daniel. D-A-N-N-Y. That's what was on my birth certificate and will stay there."
  • "Don't be LC" - From the Tale of LC Gluckman
  • "Is this something I can punch?"
  • "You know you love it when I'm wrapped all over you...it makes you wet...because I'm creepy fog."
  • "Slap my penis and call me a helicopter, this is about to get interesting."
  • "So, quite frankly, fuck your own assumptions, and if they have a problem fitting, someone could probably loan you some astroglide."
  • "Will you guys just whip them out and slap each other with it until they helicopter, because this display is counterproductive."
  • "I might just be the asshole neonate here of the group, but everyone's reaction? This is exactly what the Sabbat want. They want you to be outraged. They want you to feel feelings because feeling non tactical feelings in a tactical situation will cause you to make a mistake. This is where being an internet troll can cause Elders not use to technology to make social missteps. This is like when I fought MMA what downed my opponent's more times then not was the fury that came from my mouth that made them deaf to the wind from my fists. We are vampires. We are Monsters. We should know that when we are battling other Monsters that they will try to do what they can. We should be ready for this. They could threatening to string up your lover by their intestines and you still have to focus on the mission itself. So take that outrage you're feeling and save it till after the mission is over. We need to focus our energy on our jobs, which is to make sure we can pull people out safely if the shit hits the fan."
  • "This just means there's no ref to make a stoppage."
  • "TLDR: You are 99.9% fucked, and not in the good way, but in the Horny Ghouled Rhino way. Hope you got plenty of lube to slip out...."
  • "I for one enjoy causing the enemy to run screaming from me....and sometimes I enjoy people with taste screaming too."

Quotes from Allies, Enemies, and Others

Feel free to post your own quotes

  • "Lemmie tell you. Sometimes sports betting is insanely profitable." - Mr. Allen
  • "A good Gangrel is hard to find, and yet, Mr. McManus is there precisely when you need him. Fortune smiles upon Mr. McManus, and his wit shines forth in this dark time. We are stronger with him than without him." - Benedict Crane
  • "I watched a Sabbat clown tear his arm off and try to beat him to death with it. In the end when the butcher's bill was settled McManus was alive, the Sabbat clown was not...and there was this arm in the corner flipping everyone the bird. Yeah he gets a free round anytime I see him in a bar." - Vitor Braga
  • "I heard a Sabbat tried to kill him but he tore it's heart out with his bare hands. And that was after the Sabbat had torn his arms off." - Vincent Giovanni
  • "Monsieur Danny is tré adorable. The Gangrel should be very proud to have a man so skilled like Danny in their clan." - Angelique DuMont
  • "Don't believe all the hype about him beating a Sabbat to death with his own arm. After all, it was only a Tzimisce hell-creature in Zulo form~" - Darren Kennedy
  • "I admire his bravery, if not his volume. Should he choose to focus his passions, he might emerge as a valuable and seasoned soldier for the Tower." - Roger Bennington
  • "He's a hell of a fighter. And even better, he's smart about it. He has a ton of potential and I look forward to seeing how he handles that." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "Someone get that kid a beer and a set of bronze cast bull balls." - Riley Grimm
  • "There is no one I'd rather rule the world with. Danny, Faye and I could show these elders how it's done!" - Kat McCleran
  • "Kid has some balls, he walked into the circle with three elders and showed them his guts and was able to walk out under his own power." - Connor
  • "Haven't yet had the pleasure, but looking forward to it. If this kid is half the fighter and showman the stories say, he's definitely someone I'd like to throw a few back with. Note I didn't say "throw hands" or "throw down" with" - I'd like a few more years to make better mistakes than that." - Malcolm Donovan
  • "When he calls me MIST-ress Jinx, it makes me feel like a Dominatrix. The leathers would be fine but I cut it off at the boots..." - Jinx
  • "Seriously. Who does this guy remind you of? That is correct, Vanilla Ice after his 15 minutes." - Serratus
  • "I've got no clue who the hell this "Danny" guy is...but at least he appreciates calling things out as he sees them. You know like Max Giovanni and his minions....you know the "Infernal Fuckwads." I think I might actually like his style." Aleister Young
  • "Danny caught me when life had me spinning. It was truly a shame that I got called away that day. I never did get to finish that dance. He's kinda cute... also heard him call Torquils 'Jinx' Mistress. Meee-ow." - Regina 'Jinx' Blythe
  • "I don't know whether to be amused or strangle this guy... But apparently that's appropriate?! Oh, wait... he's from Boston... suddenly everything makes sense." - Ferrucio Giovanni

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  • Blood and Whiskey by The Dropkick Murphys

Player Information

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