Dante Weber-Karg

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Character Information

Creature Type:Sin-Eater
City:Albuquerque, NM
Player:Joe Thibodaux
Storyteller:James Bronaugh

Name: Dante Weber-Karg

Creature Type: Sin-Eater

Current Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Position: Cell Member, and member of Helheim Bravo Team

Standing: Accord Status 3

Notable traits: Average height; average weight; average looks. He would be physically unnoticeable to many of the more attractive people in the world, if it were not for his intense and intimidating gaze from his almost unnatural yellow-green eyes.

Geist: The Bloody Gladiator wears a steel Thracian gladiators helmet, leather shoulder guard leading down his right armor and gauntlet on his right hand. He carries a steel buckler, and short sword, and wearing nothing else but a loin cloth, this figure stands 6'10" tall and is covered in blood. The blood always looks and smells fresh. It is rumored that The Bloody Gladiator is very old.

Publicly Known Information

Dante's philosophy

  • "The Truth has shown us that to survive, we must face annihilation, plunge each other into deadly situations and danger and then and only then we will be victorious. - SunTzu
  • "I started my life with adversity, and with gracelessness I stumbled through the dark until I reached the precipice looking out over the eternity, wherein I was given a choice; Fall into the Abyss or climb into the light."


  • Founded a drinking club with some other members of the Accord called, Not Enough Booze For This. He is no longer in this club, he finds most of it's members repulsive.
  • Hates most of the super natural creatures in the Accord.
  • Cannot tolerate the mistreatment of human kind, regardless of its a member of the Truth or not.
  • Cannot abide people who willingly run away from their duties regardless of the situation.
  • Has negotiated a deal with a kerberoi named the Duke of Flowers to create a prison within the Underworld to those believers to dangerous to be left in the physical world.
  • Before the Accord he worked as courier for a low level mob family out of New York, supposedly he was killed for knowing too much. He killed the entire family in vengeance for his own murder.
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  • Has supposedly attempted suicide multiple times while in the Accord, but his Geist keeps bringing him back from the edge.
  • Has killed multiple Accord members outright, but claims have never been proven, there has neither been witnesses or proof.
  • Has brokered many dealings with ghosts and kerberoi and is quietly creating an army of the undead ready to launch at the Truth.
  • Is willing to break down the gates to The Underworld to destroy the Truth if needed.
  • Is phenomenal at surviving and traveling in The Underworld, and has maps to many locations even The Low Roads.
  • He is not a Sin-Eater at all, but some sort of immortal. During the siege on the cell in Albuquerque he charged a 50 cal machine gun, took multiple sniper rounds, and 3 hell fire missiles and as the smoke cleared he was standing there bleeding, missing a hand, but still standing.
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  • "I stand on the edge of the abyss, watching the world crumble around me. I don't want to be here, I don't want to see. I stand and fight though for one reason. If not me, then who?" - Dante Weber-Karg
  • "I need to put on my serious face to deal with him." Aurora Coventry
  • "Huh, he's interesting." Erin Swift
  • "There's no one I'd rather have my back in a fight than Dante. Of course...I'd much rather just stay out of the fight to begin with, nice and comfy on the couch...shit, that came out wrong didn't it? Oh well...it works either way!." - Amanda Burke
  • "Dante's one of a kind. He did what none of the rest of us could; he survived the apocalypse...but that's not what makes him special. What makes him special is that he did it to save us, fully expecting to die. Think about that for a second...really think. He expected to die. Not to almost die and have his geist snatch him away again at the last moment. Not to show off and play the hero. He expected to die, for real, for good, knowing that he wouldn't even go to the Underworld, he'd be totally destroyed, devoured by the Truth. He did it anyway...threw himself into hell, when he could've gotten away, could've lived to fight another day. He did it for us...for you...for me...for everything. He survived because he's the toughest motherfucker I've ever met. He needed to because he's the bravest. I owe him, and goddamnit, I'll pay him back one day...if he ever gives me the chance." - Amanda Burke
  • "I worked with Dante a long time before he joined the Accord. He's obnoxious, loud, and a pain in the ass. But he's on my list of people to have in my corner when the shit comes down the pike. Best fucking wheelman in the business, and a serious hardcase to boot. My kind of guy." - Hank Sims
  • "He and Jack are going to give me an eye twitch. In my other eye. I'll just be an off-rhythm blinky diode mess, and the reason will be Sin Eaters with internet access." - F1R3W@LL
  • "I think I have the perfect theme song for Dante. "I'm An Asshole", by Dennis Leary. And I like that song in the first place. At least this way, everyone knows what they'd be getting themselves into by dealing with him if it played any time he walked in or posted something over a list." - |Howling Thunder
  • "One day, I'm seeing him post on the list, and I just want to fucking strangle the kid because he's being so goddamn obnoxious. And then another day, he's being totally respectful (and really, he was a hell of a lot nicer than I would be, given the guy he was talking about) and is treating a situation with complete reverence. So, yeah. He's an asshole. But he has his moments..." - |Dea Tacita
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Character Ties


• Helheim Bravo Team
Amanda Burke
Father Gabriel
• Phil
• Essex
• Others
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Out of Character Information

Accord PC

Player: Joe Thibodaux
Creature Type: Sin-Eater
City: Albuquerque, NM
VST: James Bronaugh

Player: Joe Thibodaux
Membership Number: US2002022406
Location: Albuquerque, NM
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