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Dapple is a slim wolf with golden eyes and a lush coat of mixed grey, tan, brown, black, and white colors, the very image of many wolves in pictures without looking like any specific breed or type. In her Homid form, which she seems to hold no aversion to adopting, she is of average build and homely, Caucasian features. She wears natural cotton clothing, and minimal to no decorations, though her appearance remains well-groomed. (No Pure Breed)


One of the first things one notices about Dapple is her soft-spoken, spiritual personality and penchant for adopting others, but then, what else can one expect from a Child of Gaia? She seems to be in her middle years, young enough to enjoy frivolity and old enough to have wisdom graven in the lines of her face. Her plain features are relieved by a frequently appearing smile that serves to add beauty and a motherly quality to them though when Dapple frowns, it has a similar appearance to a mother figure in thunderous rage or towering disapproval. Plain she may be, but her features are expressive, and soft speech doesn’t prevent her from (frequently) communicating volumes with body language. Dapple frequently forgets to give other people the sort of bubble of personal space many Homid Garou and Kin are accustomed to being granted in their own society, though she quickly picks up on whether or not her lapse makes others uncomfortable and she often apologizes for them. Occasionally, though, mischief shines through and she plainly enjoys making someone uncomfortable.


One of the first Garou invited to the Sept to fill out the ranks of the newly reduced numbers, Dappled-Den-Cloud-Dancer arrived at the Sept as an Adren-ranked Garou in 2008 and joined in a pack with the Alpha and Beta within a month of her arrival. She has not challenged for the rank of Athro, and seems content not to. Her presence in the Sept has been one of conciliation, smoothing over hurts inflicted by the Alpha’s seeming indifference and the Beta’s open disdain, the ‘good cop’ to their collective ‘bad cop’. This Master of the Rite seems well versed in at least twenty of the Rites of the Nation, without addressing which Rites of her Tribe she has mastered.

Note: Theurge who approach Dapple to challenge her for Rank often fail the first time, yet return to challenge anew when they have puzzled out the reasons for their failure. Additionally, no one at the Sept has ever seen Dapple enter Frenzy. Ever. Finally, she is called primarily by the name "Dapple", as most of the Homid breed find repeating her entire name to be a laborious thing, in spoken language.

Scandal and Calumny:


  • "Ah, sweet child, I will *gladly* teach how to perform the ritual you seek, but first...first, I am thinking that you must discern what it is that I want most. Right now. You seem surprised...am I so kind as to coddle you and make you weak? No, no sweet child...nothing in life is truly free. Now then...I am thinking that you have a task. This is how chiminage works, you see..." - Dapple

Rumor Has It

  • There is no disease that Dapple cannot cure, no wound she cannot heal.
  • Dapple is the mother of no less than seven Metis, attempting to repopulate the Nation one by one and using her powerful Gifts of healing from Unicorn to keep herself alive to do so.
  • Secretly, Dapple is more violent than any of the Garou around her, but she keeps the emotions much more tightly leashed.

Statistically Speaking

Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Lupus
Breed: Homid
Pack: Shroud Bearers
Sept: Sept of the South Wind
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••
Honor: •••
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: K. Cole
Storyteller: Sept NPC