Dar Shizai

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Character Information
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Sabbat
City: Puerto Rico
Player: Cassandra Wire
Storyteller: VST Maximilian Bondrescu

Information Known by Kindred Society

Nicknames (Old): Bladedancer, Rakasa

Pack: Duty's Shadow

Notable Traits

  • Soft Farsi accent
  • Gold, almost cat-like eyes
  • Dark chocolate coloured skin
  • Devoted to Path of Orion
  • Always has a pair of matched scimitars with long ribbon-like tails from the hilt on him
  • Left-handed

Initiated in the Sabbat
Battle-Scarred by word of the Archbishop of Orlando
Resolute by word of Cardinal Lennox
Favoured by Cardinal Miranda the Baptizer

Bishop of Information of Puerto Rico
Ductus of Duty's Shadow


late 1790s - Born in Iran; orphaned; taken in by paramilitary group
1810s - Becomes a full soldier; meets sire after nearly killing him due to misinformation; later Embraced
1854 - Meets Zia briefly in Egypt
1875 - Joins the seafaring pack Vox Sanguine
1901 - Moves onto the Path of Orion
1930s - Goes to St. Louis with pack to help take city; leaves pack to continue wandering
1945- Embraced Aalim Nasri
1957 - Meets Zia again; Receives enchanted blade
1958 - Meets Fox; becomes a comrade-in-arms
1989 - While on trail of a Tremere, meets Cerberus and Riley of Death's Bidding. Cerberus kills his target. Dar continues to follow the Gargoyle around; ultimately joins his pack
1995 - Starts sliding on Path
1997 - Disappears without a word for 9 months; returns fully devoted to Path
1999 - Disappears for six months when Assamites leave the Sabbat
2013 - Settles in Shenandoah Valley
2014 - Becomes the Bishop of Information under Archbishop Cerberus; later loses the title when Cartwright becomes Archbishop
2015 - After Crusade of New York, move to San Juan, Puerto Rico; Archbishop Tommy names him Bishop of Information



  • "The one who taught me to walk the Path of Orion. A wise individual. If only more Sabbat would find time to learn from those like him." - Castiel
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  • D&D 3.5 Prestige Class Dervish