Darius Kuar

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Of Gods and Kings


Notable Features:

Allies and Enemies

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Allies and Enemies


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  • He likes to make explicit video tapes for profit and entertainment.
  • Rumor
  • Rumor


  • 1918 – Darius is born to a prominent and private family
  • 1920 – Darius is raised in the finest private schools of the time in Europe
  • 1938 – Darius transfers to a private school in America due to the growing hostilities in Europe due to WW2 approaching
  • 1940 – Darius graduates with honors, a clever young man in a wealthy and opulent family. He manages to avoid the draft due to his family connections
  • 1942 – Darius learns of his family’s true leanings and becomes recognized as embodying Thanatos, greek god of death
  • 1946 – In the fall, Darius has become an enforcer for his family, he meets a violent end against someone who betrays his family
  • 1946 – Darius is brought back from the dead two days later thanks to a Mekhet kindred of the family. The Mekhet’s name is Shankar Tandon.
  • 1956 – Shankar welcomes Darius into the bloodline of the Khaibit as his Avus
  • 1980 – Darius serves Sara Kuar as one of her own bloodline he is given more freedom to do as he will in service to their House
  • 1987, Darius joins the Moulding Room Shadow cult
  • 2015 – Darius visits Charleston to assess it for his House
  • 2016- Darius moves to Atlanta and becomes the Mekhet Priscus

OOC Information

Requiem PC

Player: Tommie B
Character: Darius Kuar
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Khaibit
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: Heroic Valkyrja
Status: 2
Domain: GA-010-D
VST: Rowan Artemis