Darius Trask

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Changeling PC

Player: Corrigan C.
Character: Darius Trask
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Romancer
Court: Dawn
Entitlement: Sacred Band of the Golden Standard
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
Motley: The Undaunted
VST: Nova Albion

"Stand back, everyone - nothing here to see..."

Character Information

Name: Darius Trask

Alias(es): Knight-Captain Darius Trask of the Glacial Sword, Slayer of Dragons and Destroyer of War Machines

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Romancer

Entitlement: Sacred Band of the Golden Standard

Court: Dawn

Mantle: When felt by someone in Dawn or without a Mantle, Trask's Mantle feels as the first whipping winds at sea after days of doldrums - a hard wind, but one most welcome as it brings about change. His Mantle energizes the Mantles of Seasonal Courtiers when he is near them.

Mien: Captain Trask's stunning Mien shifts to appear like whatever the viewer deems to be most attractive. Everything about him is lustrous and more glorious; his teeth are perfectly white and there is an aura of sea blue about him.

Title or Position: Captain of the Undaunted, Dawn Knight

Notable Traits: Speaks in a low voice, usually, and has a noticeable Spanish accent. His Mask and Mein shift based on your tastes to be more appealing to you. He is incredibly attractive by any standard (Striking Looks 4) and has a larger-than-life personality (Presence 3). Has very nice boots, and wicked-looking Hedgespun blade.

Current Activities:

  • Recovering from his injuries after the Battle of the Pax Machina.
  • Training his students and growing his legend.

The Stories (to be updated)

The Tale of the Two Dragons

The Dragon of the Conclave of Virtues

The Battle of the Pax Machina


  • The Crew of the Undaunted


  • His shipmates and any who join the crew.
  • Those who fight for a better future and are willing to sacrifice to make it happen.
  • Those who stand against the Fae without cowering like scurvy dogs.
  • Aristotle the Professor


  • Loyalists and Privateers (those bastards, always bringing in pirates!)
  • The Fae

Character Inspirations

  • Inigo Montoya
  • Captain Jack Sparrow

Quotes about the Captain

  • "Hmm....I really did not like him at first. But, he is not an enemy, and is not mine. Whatever dislike we may have for each other, first impressions and all, I cannot deny his usefulness and desire to help the Lost." - Anonymous
  • "I'm a killer. You're all swishy swords and posturing and finesse. A pretty fighter." -Walker
  • "I once saw him kill dragons in two minutes! An impressive sight! I wonder if he sent a gift basket to their families..." Copper
  • "Captain Trask is an interesting fellow. On the surface; a prideful braggart who shows little concern for anything but his own glory. But that Dawn Mantle tells a different story... The hero he builds himself up to be is an idol, meant to inspire us to stand up to the Gentry & their evil. He hordes glory like a Dragon hordes gold, though he shows his off rather than hiding it away. He's showing us what we're all capable of, and that he is unafraid. He lives as though the world were as it should be, to show it what it can be." -Raymond Carter
  • "You. Me. Room. Now." - Kali (NPC)


- Do you ever get the idea that Darius is compensating for something?

- His heart is in his ship, while the Undaunted is land locked he seems desparate to keep active, like a man separated from his lover.

- The Undaunted is finally being repaired, and now he's thinking about calling himself the 'Rear Admiral'...

- The Flying Dutchman is spoiling for a fight, the ghost-ship's been seen off of Race Rocks near Victoria, waiting...

- He has a huge dragon's head, the spoils of his most recent adventure...


OOC Information

Player: Corrigan C.

MES Number: CA2012090101

Location: Vancouver, BC