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within the Camarilla

Dignified - Elder William Edric,
Staunch - Prince Clarence Charles Merrick,
Innovative - Prince Jean-Baptiste

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House Constantinian

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Washington, DC

Darlene Gail Wilkerson was born to Bill and Mary Wilkerson January 2nd 1973. Young and quite bright she was admitted to the Brearley School ahead of schedule where she progressed with honors. She left Brearley for University of California, Berkeley to study business. There she became enamored with the more laid back west coast and quickly added environmental sciences to her studies. After graduating in 1994 with a double degree, Darla continued her education at Columbia University where she pursued a degree in law.

Returning to New York for school, Darla started the first of many businesses focusing on environmental law. She worked diligently on the ISO 14000 and 14001 standards and soon translated the new restrictions into a very lucrative business with her company assisting hundreds of corporations to meet the new standards. Shortly after graduating, she was also involved in the writing of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act of 1999 which caught the eye of one Mr. Teller. Mark Teller struck up a friendship with Darla and they spent many a night discussing the direction that humanity would go if left to its own devices.

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DW dot.png 1973 - 2001 — Mortal life, primarily New York and California, USA
DW dot.png 2001 - 2002 — Period of Accounting
DW dot.png 2002 - 2003 — Traveling
DW dot.png 2003 - Present — Seattle, USA

In the summer of 2001 Mark introduced Darla to his "associate," one Lazlo King. On August 14th Darla was embraced. Her remaining family knows only that she was out of contact for a few weeks. For a year and a day Darla was under the tutelage of Lazlo and Mark after which she went out in the world to make a name for herself.

Since coming to Seattle, Darla has founded or gained controlling interest in no fewer than five LEED consulting companies. She has worked to pass various bits of legislation regarding sound environmental practices and conservation management through Olympia while acting as a long distance adviser to various up and coming environmentalists. Much of her wealth comes from the clever management of carbon assets and her remarkable ability to seal a deal with global conscious corporations.

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Bullitt Center

As an business woman and entrepreneur, Darla spends much of her time in suits and usually wears formal business attire. She tends to break up the blacks and greys with a splash of color; pink being her favored choice. Darla often wears a signature gold leaf necklace. Though she is extremely capable of executive control in a board room, Darla sometimes bursts into laughter, or changes the direction of a conversation abruptly, for no apparent reason.

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DW dot.png "Never underestimate the portent of youth."Tamerlane
DW dot.png "Darla Gail Wilkerson always looked into the far future. I believe all Kindred are fortunate that she will live in and improve that future she has so long cared for"Mark G. Teller
DW dot.png "The question of nature versus nurture is one that has been argued many times. The answer may well be that consciousness is born through the struggle of these concepts for dominance. Who we are is nothing more than what we allow to be, be it prince or pawn... master or servant." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
DW dot.png "I cannot remember any instance in recent history where Praxis was shifted amidsts such contention, chaos, upheaval, and tragedy. I cannot claim to know our Prince well, but I can absolutely avow that despite her profound youth, she has thus far borne both the weight of rulership and the unideal circumstances by which she acquired it with all the grace and dignity of an elder of her noble lineage."Captain Sawyer
DW dot.png "She's young, it's true. But she's also smart, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I've been hearing some interesting things about this city, and it'll be even more interesting to see how they keep unfolding with her now in charge."Kate Lockwood
DW dot.png "In seeing what my Great Grand-Childe has become, I am reminded of the purpose of the sacrifices I have made to help form the great society we now live in, and I am renewed in my confidence in its future, and the future of my progeny."William Edric
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Darla Wilkerson

Player: Kayla Preston
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue
Sect Status: 4
Domain: Seattle, Washington
VST: Seattle VST

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