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Character Information

Name: Dash, His Imperial Grace Duke R.B. Dash, Ponyboy, Dashykins

Creature Type: Fairest Polychromatic

Court: Spring... is know he was Winter till very recently

Notable Traits: SL4 - Long rainbow colored hair

Title or Positon: Arms Dealer

Division: Unknown


His skin is paler almost the white of a conversion of all the colors of the rainbow, lights seem to pulse from him in shades of the rainbow as well brighter or dimmer as his mood shifts, his eyes shifting shades of blue and fluid almost like a blue pond with a light breeze over it rippling softly. His hair as if a living flowing rainbow blowing about him softly on the warm comforting spring breeze that follows him. The one oddity is his chest, where his heart would be is what appears to be a case made of glass and within it a crystal prism spinning, it seeming to be what radiates the lights through his skin, spinning as if on a top that shifts speed and colors with his mood.

Credit Worthy Clients (Friends)

  • Nicola Colombera - My Princess, strong and assured but frail beyond imagination.
  • Sofia Tyler - She was once the conscious when own was gone.
  • Aalina - A love lost to the fates of the final nights.
  • Aurora Coventry - Rory is awesome, don't fuck with the Rory or bad things happen.

Cash Only Customers (Allies)

Deadbeats (Persona Non Grata)

  • Howls-with-Mirth - Would not give him a cup of water if he was on fire.
  • Aruk - Fuck "Rocky" and his arrogant ass. Taker of sloppy seconds.

Dirty Little Secrets (Rumors)

  • Was a loyalist for a while after his first escape
  • Can become 20% Cooler in 10 seconds flat.
    • False, he is 100% cool all the time.
  • May or may not be DJ P0N-3 of Radio Free Fae fame.
  • Enjoys spiking drinks with hallucinogens.
  • Is prince to an unclaimed Throne. But not of the Hedge variety.
  • He is in competition with other individuals for the most number of different partners. Apparently the one with the most at the end wins.
  • Has slept with every supernatural type.
  • Holds the heart of the Malleus Mike McConnell
  • Is actually a Time Lord.
    • Is actually more Marcone than Time Lord. Don't ask about the Unseelie Accords.
  • Marcus Jackson scares the manure out of him.
  • Is crazy. Completely batshit.

Dash's Silent Words

  • "You battle in Romania...cause mass damage...all the blood and sweat and tears and you steal Draculas fucking couch as a war trophy? That is fucking awesome"
  • "So apparently I am a bad pony.."
  • "This might be the first time any of you ever hear me say this but....and I will deny it later.... Sometimes I just like to fucking cuddle no sex, no petting....just hardcore cuddling and talking, about deep things."
  • "You ever feel like because you cant lift 500 pounds and shoot iron bullets out of your dick you arent that cool around here?"
  • "TFV....isn't that the religious station on channel 8?"

Tears of Others (Quotes)

  • "Dash, you are incorrigible"
  • "duke make talk good. no seriously getting someone in this shitshow who is actually good with people and yet retains his cold hard wintery logic? he ain't a pony he's a motherfucking unicorn." - F1R3W@LL
  • "There is much more to Dash than the flirty, lighthearted fool he seems to be. Perhaps someday I'll find out what." Rosemary Weald
  • "Cute and Charming, Wouldn't mind seeing more, But I know what those tears are." James Saulnier
  • "Dash is...special. Yeah, that's a good word for it. Special." - Frankie
  • "The winter garden may seem gentle, but soft snow hides icy thorns. He should have heeded the warnings he was given. His foolishness will see him weeping broken, melted tears." - Rosemary Weald
    • "He ignored the warnings. Now he understands why they were given, and will perhaps be the better for it." - Rosemary Weald
  • "Intriguing conversations are to be had with His Grace, so many intriguing conversations." Aalina
  • "Seriously, what the hell just happened?" Eric Barrett
  • "Dash is way too full of himself. He used to think he understood the Cold, but the Wyrd showed him up there. "Let's see what he can pull off now that he's thawed out." - Endless
  • Dash: "Never watched My Little Pony I am guessing?" - Winter Reilly: "I am afraid you have lost me, is that from television?"
  • "He is sublime. A beautiful body with a mind to match, and such depths to plumb. He fascinates me." - Athena
  • "Hey Mr. Dukey" as Jackson waves to Dash.
  • "Dumb kid, but leas' 'e's funny." - Sybil Grey
  • "Mr Dash is like a father to me, I am his illegitimate child according to him" - Adela
  • "Yeah, Dash is a good looking guy. Not my type, but he's still pretty smoking hot. I can't help but feel that there is this depth to him that most people don't recognize. Hell, I don't know if he recognizes it himself. But that's what I'm gonna keep shooting for, getting to know the person underneath all the sparkles." - Dea Tacita
  • "Where his Graces interests and needs have intersected with the Catholic Churches, or infact in some cases have simply not gone against the desires of the Church, I have been quite happy to give him use of the Sword of God." - Mike McConnell
  • "Excellent source of procurement of items that most are unable to obtain, or find. He is worth every penny that I spend on these items - however, I do not advise telling him that." ~ Juliette d`Escouperie
  • "Fucking Sparkles. Tries his absolute hardest to make everyone think he's a witless asshole who only thinks about sex. Succeeds... most days." - Julie Carter
  • "There's a reason I call him Princey. He's not a fucking duke, he's a disney prince. My Disney prince." - Aurora Coventry
  • "Dash is an interesting individual. He feigns stupidity so that others think less of him, yet despises when this occurs. Perhaps he should stop worrying about the thoughts of others and concentrate on who he really is. What little of himself he has allowed me to see has shown to be interesting to me thus far" - Dr. Julian Silvasi
  • "Dash is pretty funny. I like him. And as long as he treats my daughter right, I won't stick this iron poker with his name on it up his ass." - Marcus Jackson
  • "Fluttershy beats Rainbow Dash at cards any day. Or night. You are going down down down... my Lord." Ashley Watson
  • "Never underestimate the party pony. Dash is smarter than he lets on." Athena
  • "He'ss my beshtesht pony pal. Alwayss will be, no matter how many timess he dishappears on ush.." - Icarus Sphere

Musical Inspiration

Five Finger Death Punch w/ Rob Halford - Lift Me Up

OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Jeff R
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: Unknown
City: Puerto Rico
VST: Alicia Cameron

Player: Jeff Rice MES Number: US2002076429 Location: SC