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Awakening PC

Player: Bernard D.
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: The Eleventh Question
Position: None
Consilium: York Assembly
City: None
Cabal: V.A.U.L.T.
VST: David Fox

Birth Name: Johnny Peter "JP" McCoy

Shadow Name: Dash or Dash Blackstone to some

Quote: "The lack of Leafs' Cups since '67? Yeah that's absolutely a Seer curse."


November 3 1986: Johnny Peter McCoy born in Toronto, Ontario.

2000 to 2004: Attends private school in Toronto.

2004: Parents die in an accident.

2004: Enters the University of Toronto.

2004 to 2010: "Professional Student Phase" where JP earns a BA and sticks around in an effort to earn another one. Also more than a bit of drinking. And girls. Can't forget the girls.

June 2010: Begins to look into the accident which killed his parents and finds several odd things about the accident and how the investigation was handled. Digging into this event begins his Mystery Play Awakening that reaches its climax early in the next month.

July 2010: Awakens as a Mastigos. Joins Awakened society and at first it appears that he is destined for the Free Council or the Mysterium, however something in his discussions with the Lestrade causes him to join the Guardians of the Veil.

December 2010: Applying himself in school, Dash finishes his second degree at U of T and jumps into Awakened life full time.

2012: Becomes a member of the Eleventh Question Legacy.

Spring 2013: Tapped by Lestrade to represent the Guardians of the Veil as the Order's Syndic in the York Assembly.

Summer 2013: Begins to investigate the death of a local Libertine with Jack Ansible, it turns out to be so much more.

Fall 2013: Pariel (September) and Redips (November) join VAULT. Classic line up formed.

Early 2014: Madison awakens and is taken as an apprentice by Dash to prevent her from being killed by the Guardians.

Spring 2014: Works with Churchill to burn Fiona Starr, the Sleeper assistant and fixer for Chris Wilson and Ebeneezer. The Libertine and Guardian eliminate her usefulness as a minion in a carefully planned use of sleeper contacts, allies and influence.

Summer 2014: Takes over as leader of the local Guardians after Lestrade is murdered by Chris Wilson.

Fall 2014: Begins dating actress Ava Stewart and is subject to character assassination attacks by Chris Wilson's media allies.

November - December 2014: Long stakeouts with Madison to identify Chris Wilson as the mysterious "Third Scelesti", the young Wilson is confirmed as the actor behind a number of murders previously believed committed by Ebeneezer.

January 2015: Assault on the Delta Hotel - Dash leads the Penthouse team which kills the Abyssal entity gestating inside of Fiona Starr and saves twenty-five kidnapped children. However in the basement Pariel and Exodus sacrifice themselves to utterly destroy a Gulmoth totem of one of the Seven Temples.

February 2015: Bitter Dash designs a plan to isolate Chris Wilson from his family's wealth and protection and bring him into the open. It works.

March 2015: The Plane Fight - Dash, Redips, Jack, two members of the Midnight Sons and an Arrow prospect from Hamilton portal onto a private airplane taking Chris Wilson out of the country. Eventually leads to Dash skydiving without a parachute while shooting Chris Wilson, who is finished by being ridden into the surface of Lake Ontario by Jack. Dash survives by using one of Jack's Man to Mist potions.

May 2015: While the Spirit Mages of the City enacted the Augustus and Churchill Rituals Dash led many members of the Assembly in a coordinated assault with Light's Refuge on the Prayer Palace. The Pentacle forces win a significant victory and smash the Seven Temple alliance in Vaughn. After Neme John is killed sending the Sarcophagus of Pale King a month into the future Dash is named temporary Speaker of the York Assembly.

June 2015: The Battle of Queen West - Ebeneezer and Dogamoth are finally defeated and the Sarcophagus is destroyed. Dash kills Ebeneezer, finishing the evil old man with a shot for every member of the Assembly who died over the last two years. However Redips is killed during the battle.

July 2015: After the defeat of Ebeneezer and the awakening of his girl friend he left Toronto for parts unknown in order to get his head on straight and help Ava learn the basics of in places were her fame would attract less notice.

August 2016: Returned to Ontario and settles north of both the York Assembly and Consilium of Light's Refuge.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Harry Dresden

The Continental Op

Keith Mars


Captain Mal Reynolds


Character Description

Average height, weight, brown hair and with his only really striking feature being hazel eyes, Dash really don't stand out. A fan of t-shirts, jeans and black leather jackets he is one Warlock who never really feels a desire to dress to impress.

Possesses Fame 1 for his relationship with Canadian actress Ava Stewart.


Shadows in the area seem to fill out and take form in shapes reflecting inner natures or mental state. Any caster of a shadow who moves has their movements reflected in their shadow a second too slow, as if the Shadow is dragging in Time slightly.

Looking For

Revenge. Love. A decent goalie for the Guardian pick up hockey team.

Oh you mean ties ...


  • He's cursed. Seriously anyone who was been close to him for over a couple of years is probably dead. Lestrade. Pariel. Exodus. Long term friendship with Dash has a mortality rate hovering in the mid-70s.
  • Apparently he once dumped a girl for cheating on him with an NHL player. He wasn't mad that she was sleeping with someone else just that it was an Ottawa Senator.
  • Has a nickname for anyone who he really likes and respects.
  • His sense of humour has gotten darker and the snark seems to have more of an edge to it.
  • He once engaged a Sclestus in a gun battle while falling out of a crashing airplane at 10,000 feet.
  • He is currently dating a movie star.


"I trust this guy to watch my back. He keeps me safe. So when he says something is probably a bad idea, I like to think I at least think about not doing that thing" - Payette

"Dash is the kind of guy who can always offer a rational voice in a heated conversation. He's also the guy who will show up with you to a fight along with a bunch of people he doesn't trust...either to prove himself right, or put his concerns to rest. Those are two of his many traits I've always been fond of." Pariel

The Tunes

"Bitter Sweet Symphony" - The Verve

"I'm An Adult Now" - Pursuit of Happiness

"Hasn't Hit Me Yet" - Blue Rodeo

"Lovers In A Dangerous Time" - Bruce Cockburn / Barenaked Ladies

"The Anthem" - Kardinal Offishall

"What Makes A Good Man?" - The Heavy

Friends, Allies, and Drinking Buddies

Jack Ansible - Part Bromance, Part Chief Drinking Buddy, and Cabalmate.

Redips - Crazy Friend with a lot of money and Cabalmate.

Abby Normal - Cabalmate.

Pariel - Cabalmate, morality pet, damn good friend, fifth on a stupid list but number one in our hearts. RIP.

Payette - Free Council BFF and one of the best people to watch Science Fiction with.

Exodus - Homie, drinking buddy, and a big damn hero. RIP.

Lestrade - Dead mentor who was probably more evil than he let on. RIP.

Madison Mercury - Awesome apprentice and the Veronica Mars to Dash's Keith.

Nem - Sane Guardians for the win.

Coyote - Soviet Bear is awesome and saves kids while clawing evil.