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Name: David Anderson

Creature Type: Bound (Formerly Task Force Valkyrie)

Cell: San Juan, PR, USA

Accord Status: 3

Born: 1967

Location of Origin: Riverside, California

Current Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico; operates globally; Presently on Sabbatical

Notable Traits: Scientist and Soldier

Title: Former Cell Leader - San Juan Cell; Field Operations Commander - Operation: Rising Phoenix, Operation: Smoke and Mirrors

Krewe: The Tarot


The Vault
  • Title: Director, Field Operations and Research Collective
  • Status: 4

When the Accord was formed, Red Tape felt a division dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and research was needed. David has recently joined that division and is one of the up and coming researchers in its most experimental Section.

OOC Inspirations and Music

  • Michael O'Neill, Posleen Wars by John Ringo
  • Harry Dresden, Dresden Files by Joe Butcher
  • Bandit Six, Last Centurion by John Ringo
  • Gordon Freeman, Half-Life

OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Jordan L.
Creature Type: Sin-Eater
Division: The Vault
City: Puerto Rico
VST: Alicia Cameron

Player: Jordan L.

MES Number: US2002021235

Location: AZ-010-D

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