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NOTE: This character is retired and is no longer in play.


Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sioux Falls, SD
Player: US2009114981
Storyteller: BWC VST

Information Known by Kindred Society

David Clay

Social Class: Neonate


  • Acknowledged into the Camarilla by the Authority of Prince Alexander Vargas of St. Louis, MO. Bestowed on October 31st, 2008.
  • Acknowledged to reside in Sioux Falls, SD by the Authority of Prince Heinrich the Ruthless on September 21st, 2015.


  • Courageous by the Authority of Prince Heinrich the Ruthless of Sioux Falls, SD. Bestowed for the act of standing vangard against the Sabbat encroaching on his domain in September of 2015.
  • Favored by the Established word of Torin Sutherland, Elder of Clan Brujah. Bestowed for adhering to the traditions and ideals of Clan Brujah in May of 2014.
  • Loyal by the Noble word of Archon Durjaya. Granted for fighting the Sabbat in Lincoln, NE in October of 2015.


David Clay
David Clay's private Phenom 300, which allows him to travel around the world.
David Clay

The Camarilla Fought side by side, and back to back, with Archon Samuel Vesper in the Battle of Chicago. It is said he was one of the few that could keep pace with the Archon in the battle. It's also said that many werewolves died that night at his hands.
The Camarilla Spent a year in torpor after a nasty battle with a Sabbat diablerist in Saint Louis.
The Camarilla He was embraced in 2007.
The Camarilla Has held the titles of Sheriff, Servire, and Prince.
The Camarilla David Clay can't set foot on the island of Puerto Rico without a bloodhunt being called on him.
The Camarilla Was once married to Vittoria Boeotarch. His torpor and her death ended the nuptials.
The Camarilla David Clay has spent a large portion of his fortune tracking down the lore and artifacts of the kindred.
The Camarilla He is the grandchilde of Dominic.
The Camarilla He is Dominic.
The Camarilla David is somehow responsible for an incident known as The Starving; the event that wiped out Prince Vargas, his primogen council, and the elders of Saint Louis in December of 2012.
The Camarilla David is a former member of The Expendables.
The Camarilla David is a member of The Privateers.
The Camarilla In his personal museum David has such things as a pistol used by John Dillinger, a splinter of the True Cross, and stones from the walls of Carthage.
The Camarilla In the Saint Louis underworld nothing happens without his knowledge... or say so.
The Camarilla David Clay knows many kindred all over the country, but few claim to know him.

Quotes about David

Lasombra Antitribu "Ahh, it's always a pleasure to make the acquaintance of another of Mr. Clay's associates...we've had such a...profitable relationship, in the past. One hopes that you'll come to understand the nature of business half so well as he does by the time we're through...." - Magister Talbot
Lasombra Antitribu"He's a stand up guy...yous who know what dat means, oughtta show him respect."- Roman Bianchi
Malkavian I see him, hiding in plain sight. The crunch, the gnash, calls out to its own. If you are called you can never be free, blood your only reward. He'll be fun at a party, that's for sure. - Fayina Makarov
Brujah "Seems solid when putting in work." - Rosko
Gargoyle "I heard of him because of Chicago, but he seems like a pretty cool guy. Looking forward to working with him."- Thanatos
"An individual whose name has been drug through the ashes a time or two. Only time will tell if his strength will crush those ashes into a precious gem." -Sergi Alexandrov
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Quotes by David

The Camarilla "What's your name? Spike, is it? Of course it is. Come over here and let's have a discussion on why grown-up names are important to the Masquerade." -As Prince when meeting a new kindred to his city.
The Camarilla "I'm always sticking my... hand in one hornet's nest or another." -Private discussion with a colleague.
The Camarilla "You may not be finished, but you're done." - To an Anarch preaching in Original Sin.

OOC Information


Currently accepting ties of most sorts. All will be considered, with the exception of romantic ties and childer.

Ideas for Ties

  • Perhaps there is something your character needs, absolutely needs, that is hard to get and requires utmost secrecy. David Clay is your vampire.
  • Perhaps you are a provider of vice, but need a fail safe in case your underworld contacts can't get what you need. David's phone is always on.
  • Did this neonate trip over the rug of social convention and you're owed your due in the form of a trivial or minor boon? Hit the email link.
  • Did you meet David in one of the staging rooms in the Battle of Chicago? Of course David remembers you!
  • Are you a fresh off the fang neonate as well? Let's form a network to rival the elders.
  • Anarch looking to convert this former Prince and Servire? Independent looking to corrupt the Camarilla? Go ahead and try. I want your tie!

Timeline for Ties

  • 2007 to 2012 (Pre-Play History)
    • Embraced in 2007 in Saint Louis by a Brujah elder. Acknowledged later that same year.
    • In this time is known to "feud" with the Gangrel in Saint Louis. Is seen as a bit of a young troublemaker, but mostly harmless.
    • Displays a remarkable amount of sway over the mortal population. Nicknamed "Waffles" by the younger local Brujah after the Waffle House because "he's a place you can go at 2 a.m. to get what you need."
    • During The Starving, David is seen side by side with Meshack Boeotarch restoring order to the city by eliminating wassailed and frenzied kindred.

Brujah Lineage

  • Troile, <4-3> Progeny of Brujah (-3000 to -146)
    • Hannibal, <4> (-202 to ???)
      • Samal, <5> (??? to ???)
        • Dominic, <6> (280 to 2015)
          • Andrei Emillian, <7> (1630 to Present)
            • David Clay, <8> (2007 to Present)
            • Fyn Donnelly, <8> (2000 to Present)


Member Information
Player: Ryan M.
Member Number: US2009114981
MC: 9
Nation: United States
Region: Great Lakes
Domain: MO-021-I
Chapter None
Coordinator: MO-021D DC


  • Way of the Gun
  • Gangs of New York
  • The Departed
  • Lawless
  • Man on Fire


  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
  • The Action Hero's Handbook