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David Steiner
"Survival is a privilege which entails obligations.
The demands of the dead weigh heavy on our souls."— Simon Wiesenthal


"Ad utrumque paratus."

Camarilla Uber Allez


in Seattle, WA

as an Archon (Abiding)

as an Archon (Abiding)

as an Ancilla (Abiding)

by Justicar Marissa Cole

by Justicar Eluwilussit

by Elder Archon Equinox

by Elder Archon Evelyn Atwood

House Tremere


David Daniel Steiner,
childe of
Wayland Winslow,
childe of
Mr. Mayhew,
childe of

Steiner KnownHistory.png


A well-regarded ancilla, Childer of the Tremere Elder, Wayland Winslow, Mr. Steiner is an approachable and bookish sort, though in the right circumstances it is obvious that he shares his Sire's renowned intensity. Known in the Camarilla as a skilled investigator and practitioner of Blood Magic, David is an up and comer within the Ivory Tower given the responsibilities he had been tasked with as an Archon to Justicar Pieterzoon, and continues to serve currently under Justicar Shar-Sin. He is rumored to have been Embraced in the middle of the 20th century, though David tends to avoid serious commentary about his past to public sources. He is obviously of Germanic descent as evidenced by his accent when he speaks, and he is often found wearing clothing suggesting utilitarian sensibilities or a fondness for mid 20th Century fashion. On numerous occasions he has made it quite obvious that he emphatically agrees with the precepts of the Ivory Tower as the best chance for Kindred society to live in peace, and volunteers as needed for any tasks that are necessary for the good of the Camarilla.

Mr. Steiner has been an Acknowledged member of Seattle's Court since the late 20th century and an original signatory of the Seven Hills Compact, more commonly known as the Glass Pyramid. In more recent nights he is usually away from Seattle's court, as David is known to travel extensively given his role within the Camarilla.

Steiner TL.png

Steiner dot1.png 1922 — 1934: Linz, Austria
Steiner dot1.png 1934 — 1945: Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany
Steiner dot1.png 1945 — 1956: Liberated; Europe and South America
Steiner dot1.png 1957 — 1969: Embraced; Europe and South America
Steiner dot1.png 1970 — 1991: Europe and United States
Steiner dot1.png 1992 — 2011: Seattle, WA, United States
Steiner dot1.png 2011 — Present: United States

Steiner Class.png
Steiner Portrait.jpg Steiner dot1.png David Steiner is rumored to be a German or Austrian death-camp survivor and to have been an independent Nazi-hunter in Europe and South America before his Embrace.
Steiner dot1.png Steiner has been praised in many circles, though he was chided once for public and enthusiastic use of Blood Magic to deal with enemies of the Sect.
Steiner dot1.png Steiner is said to have an odd, yet close relationship to the Brujah Elder Tamerlane.
Steiner dot1.png Despite a public reputation for courteous behavior and politeness, some say that a terrible inner rage and focus is what defines this Tremere at heart.
Steiner dot1.png Archon Steiner killed former Malkavian Myrmidon Phillip Avery Redgrave for high crimes and plots against Camarilla luminaries.
Steiner dot1.png Archon Steiner killed former Archon Adeline Bellamy for her treason and conversion to Clan Assamite. It's said that the two of them were close friends.
Steiner dot1.png Archon Steiner captured and delivered a Warrior Salubri who was hiding in the Camarilla to the Gangrel Justicar, leading to a Judicial Conclave being called against the Justicar's own childer who was harboring the creature.

Steiner Quotes.png

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Steiner flair.jpg Steiner dot1.png "Consider the Atrocity. The unspeakable and heinous actions that occur at the hands of man against his fellows. Terrible surely, but think... no other type of action inspires such fervid response, such zealous growth, such dynamic energy than that spawned from reacting to the horrors birthed by the darkest parts of the soul. Helen's face launched a thousand ships they say... but the ugliest and vilest of deeds have set millions to war. Can such crucibles be anything but absolutely necessary?" — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
Steiner dot1.png "This kindred's reputation of effectiveness is not only factual but I think underestimated. He is a inspiration to all of Clan Tremere and I hope he receives even more acknowledgement for his deeds as he deserves every word of praise." — spoken in full honesty but a hint of jealousy Alister MacArthur
Steiner dot1.png "I swore to him once that we would bear witness, for the dead and for the living. Memory can be a weapon, as well."Tamerlane
Steiner dot1.png "In the last decade of his mortal life, he showed more determination, fortitude, and will than most Kindred do during their entire existences."Captain Sawyer
Steiner dot1.png "His methods can at times be direct and without thought to the consequences to himself or his surroundings, but I can not argue his results nor his resolve. I can not say I was not the same when I first saw war. It is my fervent hope that he learns to marry the thoughtfulness of experience with the unshakeable will born from a life of hardship."Viktor Cantemir
Steiner dot1.png "He's a sweetheart. Just keep on his good side."Soleil Savant
Steiner dot1.png "And to think I nearly bolted when we first met. And now I just can't stay away. He is so very clever, and was good enough to lend his wit to my aid. A rarefied thing."Ligeia
Steiner dot1.png "And I will come down and talk with thee there. And I will take of the Spirit which is upon thee and will put it upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear it not thyself alone."Orenna Komnenos
Steiner dot1.png "He cleaves to justice until he may lawfully claim a pound of flesh."Adeline Bellamy
Steiner dot1.png "I remember him like a lantern light...he was warm but the fire within was very carefully contained. He is every ounce the King of Clubs."The Gambler
Steiner dot1.png "A creeping infection of dissent spreads in any successful society, yet a true Agent can see to the unpopular task of doing what must be done to administer the cure. To cease suffering and a decay of our culture, we trust these chosen to determine when wounds can be mended, or when the rot must be carved from the host."Equinox
Steiner dot1.png "A true friend amongst monsters... a bright beacon of hope in the darkness... a loyal comrade whom I will follow until the end of days...."Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
Steiner dot1.png "I've had civil discourse alongside Monsieur Steiner, and I have fought alongside him. Then I have watched him defenestrate a midget from a 40th story window. No matter what method he uses, he gets results."Guibert Murmure
Steiner dot1.png "He can't even kill a frail midget. Not a very good Archon is he? So it goes to show the Tremere and Camarilla only promotes those who can kiss the right ass the best."Nicolia Giovanni, overheard shortly before her disappearance and reported death
Steiner dot1.png "My special thanks also to Archon Steiner, who seems always to find the most pitched battle possible to plunge into. Napoleon was known to say that a great general concentrates all his force at the point of decision and I hope we can all agree that the Ventrue Justicar has stayed true to that tenant here."Michael Cayhill, said after the retaking of Chicago by the Camarilla
Steiner dot1.png "This dink is awfully cavalier about the Masquerade."Salvatore Giovanni, spoken by Mr. Giovanni shortly before his reported demise
Steiner dot1.png "His conviction for serving the Sect is not easily surpassed. Truly a Kindred of note."Lazaro
Steiner dot1.png "You really don't want to see Archon Steiner 'control the weather.' Giovanni will start raining from the sky."Hector Beaumont
Steiner dot1.png "Look at his eyes. Trust a man with eyes like that. You may only be trusting that he can and will absolutely shoot to kill, but that is trust nonetheless."Alicia Vangelista
Steiner dot1.png "I do respect you, not just your title. More so, I happen to like you as well. I have seen you step up and put your life on the line. I have seen you lead others into battle. That means a lot to someone like me."Roane, spoken in an interview with the Archon
Steiner dot1.png "Archon is a title figuratively equipped with sword, armor, and the trappings of war. The announcement of an Archon's entry into a room is like the inexorable rise of the tide; sweeping aside the accumulated detritus to cleanse the area by act of imposing presence alone. So knowing all of this, when he can visit our court, why then do I greet the news of Archon Steiner's presence with wonderment and joy? The man is just a rare pleasure to be around. He conducts and controls those parts of the world around him that he must, but does so in a manner to which none might object. I hope that Waterloo continues to manufacture reasons to inspire his visits."Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
Steiner dot1.png "Unlike several in my Family, I have never taken issue with Archon Steiner. Quite the opposite, actually, as he and I have worked together a few times to great effect. I find him to be intelligent, direct, and creative. I have no reservations about working with him again, which is something I can say for very few."Matoxtli Pisanob
Steiner dot1.png "Archon Steiner is one of my favorite Kindred. When I absolutely, positively need to know my conversational partner is cognizant and capable of appreciating actionable feedback? I look no further."Kilroy
Steiner dot1.png "One might fairly accuse Mr. Steiner of narrow conversational interests, but to do so would be to miss his competence and absolute, single-minded devotion."Evelyn Atwood
Steiner dot1.png "I like him...no seriously...I do. He's a good lad, and I enjoy his company...plus it's actually a bit soothing when 'e get's all academic."Brigid
Steiner dot1.png"We are two black and white men trapped in a world of infinite shades of grey. Two thousand seven hundred miles and striking differences in methods divide us, but in the end I believe we have more in common than one would think. Nashville brought us together for the first time; how long before our paths more significantly cross."Calvin Hastings
Steiner dot1.png"I once had the very great privilege of saving Mr. Steiner's life on the field of battle. This speaks less of my own valour, as it does to that of the good Archon, who sought always the hottest section of the battle whereas my role was to skulk in support. One might say that this is a metaphor for our respective positions within the Ivory Tower..."A. Winchester
Steiner dot1.png"Archon Steiner has a remarkable capacity to recognize that which is good as good and that which is evil as evil, having known the cruelest tyranny, and the great light of the Ivory Tower. I would trust his moral sense above that of all but a very select few. Though I do not claim to know the mind of those above me, I imagine perhaps this is why he has been justly raised to the position of Archon."Mark G. Teller
Steiner dot1.png"Grey suit, classic look, strong silent type. His belt must be all notches!"Byron Lancaster
Steiner dot1.png"Oh, he cuts a striking figure, doesn't he? Always going about here and there with a crisp suit and an even more crisp demeanor that brooks nothing but the business he's about. But I must admit, I like the little glint in the back of his eyes. He's smarter than the average bear, that's for certain!"Nenette
Steiner dot1.png "It angers me to know him. Not because he supports the Tower... and not because he defends the Tower and its people. But because he is a Tremere and it angers me to know that not all of them are bad."Citadel
Steiner dot1.png"Signore Steiner is...wonderfully infuriating. He is cunning, dangerous, and loyal; all aspects that have my sincerest respect. Whether he becomes your greatest ally or a walking nightmare in your existence is your choice to make. I suggest you do as I have and choose to try to be the former rather than the latter. Refuse my advice and you shall not have my pity."Isabella Giovanni
Steiner dot1.png"Witch."Elisheva Hellgate, said with a sneer
Steiner dot1.png"Sometimes it's easy to forget that he's an enforcer of the laws that by willful design oppress the young and the Clanless. I don't pretend to understand why he does what he does, but our goals seem to align. Kinda."Flynn
Steiner dot1.png"Eh, the rumors aren't entirely accurate. He's actually kinda alright, for a Cape. Don't get me wrong, I got no doubt he'd ash me in a second if it suited him, but at least he'd be nice enough to tell me he was gonna and why before he did it. Strangely, I appreciate that."Ambassador Lexi
Steiner dot1.png"Archon Steiner is a man who bears the weight of actions taken out of necessity, but not out of want. Were that the circumstances which brought us together different, we may have become good friends. But for now, at arms length is where he is preferred."Catherine Pershing
Steiner dot1.png "I have heard that he once hunted down the oppressors and makers of genocides. I heard he was in the camps when X and I were, freeing those victimized by tyrants. A shame, then, that he has fallen so far from the cause of freedom to the position of blood hound for the stagnant-minded upper echelons of that old crumbling Tower. A shame indeed, should his destruction be necessary."Konstantin Markov, overheard before his death at the hands of Archon Steiner on orders from Justicar Pieterzoon
Steiner dot1.png"There is nothing half so appealing as a man of principle."Izar San Martin
Steiner dot1.png"The energy of youth, proficiency, and the honed ambition of Clan Tremere make for a potent combination. David Steiner is swiftly becoming the most noted servant of their Graces' office. It is quite enjoyable to observe justice in motion, like the cogs of perfectly tuned watch. I look forward to his next accomplishment."Elijah Hunter
Steiner dot1.png"I've only met him once as part of a meeting between Anarchs and Camarilla. I've seen some scary Kindred, and he puts them all in their place by two holds and a submission."Jack "Dauntless" Kiel
Steiner dot1.png"Your quote here!"Character Name

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David Steiner

Player: Brent C.
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Domain: Seattle, WA
VST: Little Rock VST

Steiner OOC.png
Steiner dot1.png Simon Wiesenthal, (Historical Figure)
Steiner dot1.png Ian Sayer, (Historical Figure)
Steiner dot1.png Dean Corso, from "The Ninth Gate" (Film)
Steiner dot1.png Erik Lensherr/Magneto, from "X-Men: First Class" (Film/Comics)
Steiner dot1.png Andy Dufresne, from "The Shawshank Redemption" (Film)
Steiner dot1.png Simon Tam, from "Firefly" (Television Series)

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