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Iura novit curia - Aut consiliis, aut ense

Laws are not masters but servants, and he rules them who obey them

Sect:Camarilla ••••• ••••• •
Social Class:Elder
City:London, UK
Player:L D
Storyteller:Meridian Masquerade

David Hart is an Elder Ventrue who has lived in London off and on, mostly on, since the 1500s. David left London in 1939, anticipating trouble with the burgeoning World War, and returned towards the 1960s. Following another departure from London he returned to London in April of 2014.

He has spent time as an officer of the court of London as a Lesser Harpy, and as a Keeper of London's Elysium. He now is reacquainting himself with the Court, and City of London, offering himself as a wise voice of experience while also patronising young legal minds to become legal powerhouses in the future.

He is currently Ventrue Primogen in London, and Harpy of London. He announced the Primogen's decision to remove Thomas de Vere's Praxis and announced the Primogen's support of de Vere's successor Noah Rous.


Acknowledged by Mithras, Prince of London


Confirmed as an Elder of the Camarilla

Established as an Elder of the Camarilla

Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla

Noble as a Primogen of London

Prominent as the Harpy of London

Noble as the Harpy of London

Guardian as the Harpy of London


Loyal by Noah Rous, Prince of London, for coming to London's aid when its Elysium had been violated.

Honourable by Noah Rous, Prince of London, for protecting sect customs and removing Thomas de Vere as Prince of London.

Courageous by Noah Rous, Prince of London, for defending London from its enemies in Lewisham.

Honourable by Maxine, Harpy of Avignon, for aiding Avignon residents returning safely from engaging an enemy foe.

Courageous by Ferdinand Di Santo, Justicar, for the cleansing of Dorset.

Former Fleeting Status:

Acclaimed by Tony Morris, Brujah Primogen of London, for defense of the Masquerade - spent to name Lucien Smith Victorious for winning David Hart's Symbel.

Usus Magister Est Optimus

Fortis et fideliter

  • 1500 - David is officially introduced before the Prince of the City which his sire lives.
  • 1620 - David takes up position as a Lesser Harpy in London. Although there is very little to comment on he is able to earn the respect of the Master Harpy and the court by being fair minded and balanced in his criticisms.
  • 1693 - David is sent to Edinburgh as part of a delegation from Mithras in order to negotiate the Treaty of Durham with the Toreador.
  • 1840 - David invests in the up and coming London Underground system for development around the City of London, specifically the Circle and Metropolitan lines.
  • 1885 – Mithras returns to London after a long absence. He removes Valerius as his Seneschal, and places Valerius' childe Lady Anne Bowesley in the position. David is appointed Mithras' Keeper of Elysium after a brief stint as a Lesser Harpy two hundred years prior which Mithras remembered favourably.
  • 1939 – David offers his services as Keeper of Elysium but Maximilian declines his offer and seeks other, non-Ventrue to occupy court roles. David leaves London.
  • 1945 - The Camarilla court returns to London. David returns along with it. The court of Maximillian is an uncomfortable experience after centuries of Ventrue rule under Mithras and his agents.
  • 1950 - David does not take up position in London but acts as a trustee for London.
  • 2011 - David travels to Italy. He meets with Princes of major cities and travels across the country.
  • 2014 – David returns to London and is seated as Ventrue Primogen following Noah Rous' ascension to Seneschal.
  • 2015 – David is chosen as Harpy of London unanimously by the Primogen Council; he is the mouthpiece for the Primogen when removing Thomas de Vere from Praxis after interfering with the Justicar's affairs by Bloodhunting an Archon for alleged incompetence.

Ubi Non Accusator Ibi Non Iudex

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Out of Character Information

Player: L D
Membership Number: UK2001061047
Location: London, UK