David Heath

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David Heath

Sire: Unknown

Clan: Gangrel

Status:Established, Confirmed, Privileged,

Postion: Elder of Clan Gangrel

Information Known by Kindred Society

David is known as one of the savage kindred in the Domain of San Francisco. He arrived unannounced in the mid 70’s to the Domain, and was acknowledged by Lucrezia, Some say just to spite the Gangrel. In the early years David did not attend many gatherings, He preferred the safety of nature as to the chaos of the city proper. Although scandal after scandal was raised about what exactly David was doing during the 80’s, Lucrezia did not care and found him a source of entertainment. On occasion Lucrezia would send the less than stellar kindred to Golden Gate Park as a test to see if they were worthy of membership to her court. Many did not survive the Gauntlet. After Multiple Sheriffs failed in their duties, Lucrezia made David take the role.

David served as Sheriff of the Domain under Lucrezia, until her praxis was claimed. That night is still up to debate among many kindred. Some say David attempted to help Lucrezia flee the domain, while others say he attempted to end her and failed. David was seen in at the gather walking with Lucrezia outside of the gather that night before she fled, and when questioned about his actions he stated, “I killed her.” Then earth melded. He sat dormant for nearly a decade in that same spot, before rising when the celebration of Occam’s Praxis occurred.

David has served Occam as his Scourge, a job with fewer restrictions which others have noted, David is fit for. Some have said, “It’s like he’s from another time, when there wasn't peace and the Camilla did not Thrive.” These nights David has been seen sniffing the air, constantly looking around, as if he expects the attack to come at any moment. This is privately mocked behind his back.

David has given up his position as Scourge and become his Sheriff. David believe this job is his due to the lack of drive from his predecessor.David was forced to act upon the words of former Prince Occam and has retired from the position of Sheriff, watching the city of San Francisco Fall into Turmoil. In the Most recent nights, David has been found to be rather talkative and enjoyable in the company of others.

Upon the Request of his Prince Occam Mentally, David Heath was ordered to Kill Peter Verus per his right of Destruction. Verus Escaped the Attack and Elder Heath gave up the position of Sheriff after personal reflection upon his prince ordering him to attack another prince of the Camarilla. After the events of that night, David has been quiet in his city, often looking for the enemies of the Camarilla under the order of his current Prince Helena Martell. He took the task of removing the Anarchs in San Jose as a personal task once the Word was given down from Prince Martell from order of the Justicarite.

Allies (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

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Quotes (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

* "His reputation was tarnished when I arrived in this domain. Upon meeting him, I have to say he was just as unpleasant and bullheaded as he had been described. Effective? Yes. Strong? Yes. Polite? Well, I'll let you find out for yourself." Alister MacArthur
* "When I see him do more than slaughter a primate in a circus tent, I will be more impressed." Peter Verus
* "He has proven himself both effective in the tasks of violence and loyal to the law of the Camarilla. However, it seems his talent for violence has lead to a preference for it. I hope he can keep that urge in check." Viktor Cantemir
* "I don't think there is a Kindred alive who can question his physical strength. It is his strength of duty, however, that is even stronger." Thomas Edwin Thayne
* "I don't think there is a Kindred alive that exists, but if this wonder of modern medicine were, in fact, able to utter words, I think he'd probably start by saying 'Oh, shit, David please don't eat my heart again.'." Sybil Giovanni
* "David Heath is a kindred with barely repressed violent tendencies. After centuries, the only thing more incredible than his rage is his continued existence despite said rage, leading one to believe he has some private supply of control somewhere." Arden
* "He has made many a sacrifice for the Camarilla and his city, and continues to do so nightly. He takes care of the dirty work that the more delicate souls shirk to handle. It would be quite a shame if his sacrifices went without proper praise or recognition." Violette de Leoncourt
* "He's taught me a lot both intentionally and unintentionally. I value him and will have his back until the end. But I think he's bringing about his own." Thrash
* "Evil has the advantage of ambiguity, for there has always existed a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin. Of those who are deceived, judge them not by the good they think they are doing - but by the evil they really do." Aleistor Rukh
* "I'll never tell, darling. Don't you worry." Scarlett Thorne
* "A lot a folks look at Mr. Heath and see a hair-trigger hatchet man. I see a solid Joe who made it his duty to shield others from making the hard choices by doing it for them. Now, he's paying the price for his sacrifice." Jack "JD" Duke
*"David Heath has made great sacrifices on behalf of this city and its inhabitants. You probably don't like his methods and you shouldn't. He has done the dirty work for all of us for far too long. If that had been asked of me, I would not be here today." Clara Azure
*"I came to San Francisco, scared and lost, and Elder Heath took me under his wing. He constantly challenges me to be a better me, and when I stumble he's there to ensure I learn from it and keep moving. For all his guidance, and all his patience, I will be grateful as long as I walk the night." Kylie Landry
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Rumors (OOC: Please Feel Free to Add)

* It's been said He's the best at what he does, and what he doesn't isn't very nice.

* Dave can turn into a Bear and a Hawk, just do not ask him to.

* Dave was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, greenest state in the land of the free. Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree, killed him a bear when he was only three. Fought single handed through the Injun war, till the Creeks was whipped and peace was restored. And while he was handling this risky chore, made himself a legend, forevermore. When he lost his love, and his grief was gall, in his heart he wanted to leave it all, and lose himself in the forest tall, but he answered instead, his country's call. He went of to Congress and served a spell fixin' up the government and laws as well. Took over Washington, I heard tell, and patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell. When he come home, his politickin' was done, while the western march had just begun. So he packed his gear, and his trusty gun and let out a grinnin' to follow the sun. His land is biggest, and his land is best from grassy plains to the mountain crest.

* Dave can shrug off wounds that would kill most, but he goes through a lot of shirts.

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OOC: Information & Contact

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Dave L.
Storyteller: Tim Brown