David Jungermann

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Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Ghost Wolf
Renown: ••
City: Ogden, Iowa
Pack: Leviathan's Brood
Player: Kyle Solberg
Storyteller: Red Queen's Frontier VST

Real Name: David Jungermann

Deed Name: Crushes Spiders

Pack: Leviathan's Brood

Position: None

Age: 24

Backstory and Personality

David Jungermann was born July 15, 1991 in Kiron, Iowa to Diana, a single mother. He was involved in Boy Scouts and sports while growing up with his older brother, Derrick. Upon graduating from Denison High School, David attended Iowa State University on Scholarships. Although he was more interested in pursuing art/design, his grandfather and mother both insisted he major in Engineering, so he did. Through his college career, David noticed his temper began to build over time. What should have registered only as slight annoyances quickly resulted in anger flareups and damaged walls, doors, etc.

On April 9, 2014, David was among the throngs of students and visitors taking part in the rioting in the streets of Campustown during the week of the VEISHEA Celebration. His anger carried him through the riots, helping him to tear down one of the many light-poles which were brought down and helping to flip cars. As the night wore down and the rest of the participants dispersed though, David realized his anger was still building. The next morning, he decided to take some time to himself and packed his car and drove to rural Southern Boone County where he setup a camp next to the Des Moines River on a fairly wooded stretch.

After about a week, his anger had not subsided. David was beginning to question his emotions. Then on the night of April 15th, he changed.

Friends and Family

  • Grandpa Jungermann (NPC) - Apparently Grandpa is a werewolf...how did I not know?
  • Grandma Jungermann (NPC) - Wolf-blooded...this makes so much sense...her Silver Frying Pan makes so much sense now!


Leviathan's Brood


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OOC information

Player: Kyle Solberg
MES Number: US2013010058
Location: Ames, IA
Domain: Red Queen's Race (IA-005-D)