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Apocalypse PC

Character Information
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Silicon Sentinels
Breed: Homid
Pack: The Furies
Sept: Sept of Boars Chosen
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: ••••
Wisdom: •••••
Player: Anthony Fuentes
Storyteller: Seth Steele

Personnel Profile

  • Name: David Ragins
  • Deed Name: Hidden Track
  • Auspice: Galliard
  • Tribe: Silicon Sentinels
  • Position: None
  • Renown: 6 Glory, 4 Honor, 5 Wisdom
  • Pack: The Furies
  • Sept: Boar's Children

Description: Hidden Track is an attractive, athletic man who appears in his late-twenties/early-thirties. There's an air of organized chaos to his appearance: artfully unkempt hair, and glasses that always catch the light, and never give a clear view of his eyes.

Past Deed Names

  • Cliath - Window Smasher
  • Fostern - Defrags the Spiral
  • Adren - Hidden Track

SOP & Processing

It seemed like only yesterday when David Ragins arrived in Phoenix. His plane actually set wheels down on June 1st where he was told he was going to lead a Moot because he was the only Galliard in the Sept. Much like his programming skills - there was a need to play it all hard, fast and loose. Hailing from a city caren back east - he has been forcing himself to intergrate into an "urban" caren in the middle of a desert. As was said many times before - he wasn't in Kansas anymore.

Originally in town as a favor - he realized that the Sept needed him for more than just a turn of the moon. He quickly began to set up and improve things for the Glass Walkers and their Kinfolk locally. He even brought up a cub - Jennifer Carter who he schooled in the ways of the Tribe to give the Warders of Man more of a voice in the Sept.

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Filling in the needs of the Sept as its Galliard as well as the man with his claws on the pulse of the city - he seeks to bring order to the chaos. Yet his life changed. Falling into the system to locate his own version of the Holy Grail, he fell away from the Nation and Society as a whole. His mate brought him out of his darkness and took him to the greens of Alabama to raise their children in peace. Yet the peace shattered when his mate underwent her First Change. Though no laws of the Litany were broken - they could not be together anymore. To that end, he ventured on patrols to keep his children safe while they were in the territory.

After what seemed like forever, David Ragins finally realized that to do more for his pack, his Sept and territory - he had to challenge to be seen as an equal. With that he went to Ghost Override for his Adren Challenge. Charged with finding the tale of a great spirit - Ragins traveled alone into the Wyld and brokered a peace talk with the spirit. In doing so, he gained the wise creature story and completed his quest for the truth. With that Ghost Override saw fit to name him what seemed fitting - Hidden Track.

From the City to the Wildness and the Umbra in between - life continually changes for the Garou who tries to bring order to the chaos and find the hidden truth of the world.

Blog Postings & Opinions

  • "If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have said he's typical Glasswalker: arrogant, heartless, and cold. But now...I don't know. He's shown a kindness that was completely unexpected, and I just don't know anymore." - Tia Finn, Glasswalker Kinfolk
    • "I never thought I'd be married to him...mated to him...and having his children...he's nothing like I originally thought, and I don't think I've ever been in love like I am with him. He's my Garou, and I'll do anything I can to keep him safe and sane and whole in the midst of this neverending war.." - Tia Ragins, Glasswalker Kinfolk
    • "He was family before he was pack, and now he is both. The Chaos of change can sometimes be painful, but moving forward is the only way to go." - Raging Mother
  • "Not bad...for an urban tribe. He wields the tools of his tribe with incredible precision." - Circe’s Vengeance
    • "I feel a little bad for the burden of Pegasus he has received without desire for it. But then I remember that he is mating my Tia...and I feel less bad." - Keeper of Scion
  • "I have never met this man in person but I have heard the tales of him and that he fights the wyrm. What more do I need to know?" Brody "Tackles the Mountain" Eberhart
  • "He knows his tech, I'll give him that. But does he know what to do with it? I certainly hope so. That'll be his real test." Michael "Wars-on-all-Fronts" Anders
  • "Teller of tales, eloquence, and demonstration of intellect. Honor, in self appointed advocacy of Kin." Speaks The Legion
  • "I won't claim to understand the Walkers - I mean, the city is pretty messed up. I have faith that they find the wonders Gaia had to nestle in there. Defrags the Spiral speaks volumes to the passion of his Tribe. I dig that." Speaks Softly
  • "We met when we came together to pack up, which can be kind of awkward. So far though things have been moving along pretty well, and he does have cute kids. Don't tell them I said it." Suicide Run
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Internet Courage & Chickenshit

  • He is a reformed cyber liberationist - much like Anonymous
  • He has worked in IT for years and installed his own backdoors to make security programs
  • He killed a BSD with a desktop computer running Windows 98SE during a defrag
  • He seeks a way of bringing order to the chaos that is the Spiral
  • He was married at one point but killed his mate when she betrayed him
  • He has always been a single wolf
  • He may have been homosexual as he never is seen with any prospective female mates
  • He created the algorithms that are used in all dating services
  • He accidentally hacked into a Random Interrupts data cloud before his system got fried
  • He has a personal ban against non-urban/city totems
  • He actually doesn't know all of this computer stuff. That's what interns are for.

OoC Information