David Regel

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Accord PC

Player: Will S.
Creature Type: Honey Badger Changing Breed
Division: None
City: San Juan, PR

DavidRegel.jpg HB.jpg

Character Information

Name: David Regel

  • Creature Type: Honey Badger Changing Breed
  • Title or Position: None
  • Status: Accord 1

  • 1924: Born in Jersey
  • 1942: Joins US Army, as a paratrooper. Has jump accident where chute does not open. Bounces. Don't care.
  • 2012: Joins the Accord.

Notable Traits:

  • Eats damned near anything. In quantity.
  • Direct. Painfully, painfully direct
  • Like sunning himself on the beach, and throwing lawn darts at stupid people.
  • He's not as loud as people suspect he will be.
  • Given his resilience, he may be made out of Waffle House steaks.

Rumors and Quotes


  • He asks one question of everyone he meets- 'What are you good at?' It really is cover for his true question: 'Are you fucking stupid?'
  • Former hit man.
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What Others say About Him:

Werebadge.jpg Late.jpg DR.jpg DRC.jpg

Character Inspiration

  • "There was a natural order; the way things are meant to be. An order that says the good guys always win, that you die when it is your time, or you have it coming-- that the ending is always happy, if only for someone else." - The Way of the Gun

Character Ties sought

I'm open to any and all character ties, both positive and negative.
Ties I'm particularly interested in:

  • Other grumpy PCs/ Wrath based PCs
  • Non idiots.

OOC Information

Player: Will S. US2002021031

Location: Arkansas