David Swisher

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David Swisher
Nosferatu Primogen of Kansas City



Confirmed (Ancilla)
Noble (Primogen)
Loyal (from Omaha Prince Shane Blake)
Loyal (from Archon Durjaya)
Defender (from Prince Kirchner of Kansas City) Favored (from Elder Ignatius the Leper

Sire: Poe
Childer: Grigore Funare
Grand Childer: The Swede
Titles: Nosferatu Primogen of Kansas City, Lesser Harpy
Residence: Kansas City, MO

All Nosferatu are known for their hideous appearance. Many strive to rise above this appearance. Others embrace what they have been transformed into and become true monsters. For some though, the embrace warps their body into a visage that reflects what they already are inside. The kindred now known as David Swisher is one who falls into this third category. While he covers his face for politeness, he rarely has a problem discussing death. His only connection to the mortal world seems to be his passion for baseball.
He has spent nearly his entire existence in Kansas City, except for approximately a decade when he was on a tour of the country. The tour seems to have been prompted by the distaste one of the former Prince's of Kansas City had for the zeal that David prosecuted the war on the Sabbat and coincided with one of the last great periods of conflict with the Sabbat. Now he's back in residence in Kansas City, but seems more then willing to travel to 'help' with sticky situations when the right renumeration is offered.

Quotes from him

  • "Don't ever say your JUST a murderer. Always make it proper. I mean you can't be THE murderer, but there are plenty of other options that don't make you sound so common."
  • "Yup I do what my clan elders tell me, don't you?"
  • "Listen the rest of your clan here are idiots. If you could corral them that'd be great, but if you need help torping them I'm more then happy to help."
  • "I figured out why the other clans Outcast so much. Basically they don't like to take Accounting and are too big a set of pussies to just take their clanmate behind the shed and give 'em the Ol' Yeller treatment."

Quotes from others

  • "I appreciate initiative. When David Swisher used physical force to correct the behavior of a Neonate, I saw the opportunity to train him as a Lesser Harpy. He has the instincts. He has the drive. He watches. He listens. It just takes a little training to learn how to crush kindred socially, which is far more damaging in the long term than a trifle of physical pain. I look forward to seeing his next attempt at censure" - Cybele Malveaux
  • "My child is a fractured part of me. He is my violence, my vengeance, my lack of forgiveness. His anger is a shadow of mine, and each time his wrath is let loose, a fractured piece of me becomes more whole. He makes me quite proud." - Poe
  • Woe, woe, woe... in a little while we shall all be dead. Therefore let us behave as though we were dead already. - Fay quoting Raymond Chandler
  • I saw him there, covered in blood, with an axe in his hand, and I wondered if I was dreaming. In my satisfaction and crazed surprise, I realized I was not. See you soon. - Fayina Makarov
  • "Well.. when I hear the name, I don't hate him? I hear he's a little messy though. Happens to the best of us." -Nenette
  • From what I know of him, he favors blunt objects and words. - Danielle Ropchan
  • "Swisher produces results, and that is what matters." - Ignatius the Leper
  • "Mr. Swisher appeared to be quite capable, if slightly brash, but capable matters more." - de heer Davydov

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  • David is secretly an Assamite that his sire has brainwashed into believing he's a Nosferatu
  • He once punched a neonate in court for simply uttering the words 'Fuck the Elders'.
  • He pays boons to arrange for mortals to crap on the grave of some baseball team owner he hates.
  • He once convinced 18 other Nosferatu to mask themselves as All-Stars through the ages to play a game of baseball on the Field of Dreams.

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