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Apocalypse PC

Player: Arthur Dreese
Character: David "Wall-of-Text" Tealdeer

Rank: Fostern
 David Tealdeer
 Silicon Sentinels

Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silicon Sentinel
Breed: Homid
Pack: The Devil's Cut (Clashing Boom Boom)
Sept: The Sept of the Golden Door
Position: None

Glory: 10
Honor: 9
Wisdom: 5

Domain: Virtual Online
VST: Jennifer Anderson

Usual Appearance

David is in his 30s. Long dirty-blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail to his belt. His beard is trimmed short, but has a longer-trimmed goatee. He's wearing all-black (Tshirt, shorts, shoes, socks). Around his neck is a necklace with a gold and jeweled cockroach, two Coca-Cola bottle caps, and a chrome dogtag. Otherwise, he's pretty ordinary-looking.


David "Wall-of-Text" Tealdeer: A business man of modern technology and marketing, he's quick and eager to introduce himself and make a first impression, to learn about someone, and be known with his friendly, knowledgeable, creative, but impatient methods. He's not very good at combat, but he's willing to put forth the effort for his pack and a good cause, but he seems quite willing to take a "hit" for his team, especially socially. He's progressive, true to the Glass Walker "ways" (tending to lean towards the Corporate Wolves methods) and wants the Tribe to rise from its poor health in this new and modern age to fight the Wyrm within the new world. He seeks to learn how modern understanding of medicine and technology can revitalize the Garou Nation, and even perhaps bring back what was lost from past tragedies.

Character Information

Name: David "Wall-of-Text" Tealdeer
The necklace David wears around his neck.
David's necklace.

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Silicon Sentinel

Pack: None

Rank: Fostern

Home Sept: The Sept of the Golden Door

Notable Traits:

Title or Positon: None

Former Pack: Lost and Found


David was born David "Spencer" in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 7, 1983. His father was James Ironway, a Philodox Glass Walker of the Sept and was raised by his mother Abby Spencer and her husband Greg Spencer, both doctors at the Clearwater Fertility Clinic in Grand Rapids.

David grew up around the Sept and knew some basics before going through his first change at 14 and went through his Rite of Passage a few years later.

David has remained in West Michigan his entire life. He has been a member of one other pack before, but after the death of his packmates he spent a number of years packless before meeting up with Plays-with-Fire and becoming a member of the pack Lost and Found.

Since then, David has begun to get more involved with the Sept once again, attempting to both make a name for himself and honor his fallen Tribemates by keeping the Glass Walkers in some prominence within the Sept.

David works with his Kin family at the Clearwater Fertility Clinic in Marketing, making connections and "selling" the services of the clinic not only to the mundane world, but also to the Garou Nation as well.

David goes by "Spencer" in the mundane world, but uses "Tealdeer" as his last name within the Nation.


Battle Scars

David is missing his tail. In Homid and Glabro it's just a scar, but in other forms it's been almost cleanly severed with hardly a stump.


  • David spent several years after the death of his other pack without joining another, or being very involved in the Sept of the Leaping Stone very much at all. Was he hiding from someone, or something?
  • David ran away from his pack when they were killed on a mission. He claims he doesn't remember anything about it, but he gets really defensive about it and won't talk about it either. He's a coward, but is there more to the story?
  • David's time away from the Sept coincided with the Ratkin War. Was there a connection? Was he a coward then too?
  • David works in a fertility clinic, but doesn't have any kids at 30. He also has never dated. Is he sterile?
  • He's either really active, or really withdrawn. Some months he's right in the thick of getting involved and trying to get things moving, and then he'll disappear and be withrawn for weeks, or months at a time. In fact, it's been several months since he's been allowed to and David hasn't challenged for his renown, or rank.
  • David sure seems to play the part of a Galliard sometimes, and even calls himself a "Ragalliard", writing down and telling the stories of his deeds, and the deeds of others.
  • Is David moved to Puerto Rico, but he doesn't go to the Bawn or the Caern much. What is he doing?
  • David is sure slow to advance in rank. 33 and still a Fostern? He seems to have the renown for an Elder, so why isn't he an Adren already?
  • From the sounds of it, David seems to think he's already met and bested The Night Master.
  • Was David really one of the Sentinels that sided with Teeth-of-Titanium? Has he turned to the Weaver?



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