Davyn Kendrick

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Accord PC

Player: Sam B.
Creature Type: Hunter
Division: The Vault
City: Houston, TX
VST: Houston Accord VST

Davyn Kendrick in surgery

Character Information

Name: Mr. Davyn Kendrick

Creature Type: Hunter

Notable Traits: Medicine (Surgery), Science (Biology), Firearms (Pistols)

Division: The Vault

Operation: Redemption

Houston Cavalry

Mr. Davyn Kendrick is a surgeon, originally from Wales. British surgeons – a designation reserved for those who have obtained membership of the Royal College of Surgeons – are addressed as Mr, Mrs or Miss rather than Doctor (Dr.).

Unbeknownst to the mundane medical community, Davyn is affiliated with the Cheiron Group, and has been with the Houston cell for 18 months. Davyn routinely performs high-level surgical procedures at Trauma Centers and Emergency Rooms throughout Texas. His talent and professional reputation have secured him a number of contacts in the medical and law enforcement fields, and he is a highly sought-after consultant at medical conferences throughout the country.

The surgeon was recently selected for the position of Meister in the Houston cell.

Mr. Kendrick is particularly adept with firearms after countless hours of training and blindfolded practice in drawing, reloading, and instinctive point shooting. He uses the Desert Eagle 44 Magnum pistol, with COR-BON's Hard Cast ammunition. Designed for very large, tough-skinned and heavy-boned animals, the Hard Cast round is made from a hard linotype lead with a proven LBT nose design. This ammunition causes a through-and-through hole, breaking even the heaviest bones. Users have taken large game such as Moose, Brown Bear and Cape Buffalo with COR-BON Hard Cast loads.

There have been reports which indicate that Mr. Kendrick makes excellent meatballs, and has been known to slow dance on occasion. Rumor has it that he's quite taken with Cora Kirkwood, much to her chagrin.

Davyn is well-known for being fabulously wealthy. He recently mentioned, in passing, that he'd like to throw a party for the local cell on his private yacht.

OOC Information

Player: Sam B.

MES Number: US2014020070

Location: Houston, TX (SC)