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Name: Dawn
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flamesiren
Court: Winter
Freehold: Chicago
Titles: Bishop Dawn of the Patient Heart

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When in the real Dawn looks to be in her mid twenties with warm brown hair and eyes like emeralds. She is 5'9 and tends to make the room look and pay attention to her. Her main form of dress happens to be suits and nice form fitting dresses, depending on where she is headed at the moment.

When her mask is not hardened she still looks to be in the mid twenties range but her hair takes the coloring of a burning candle. Her eyes only get deeper color of green. She tends to dress to impress when being around others like herself.


When the wind is blowing in just the right direction you can see three streaks of white mixed within her brightly colored hair. This lets others to believe that unless you are truly looking for her mantle will be hidden from most.

Notable Traits:

Striking looks 4, Siren song, Presence 4



  • "Note-Taker was right, this broad is a sex machine." - Europa
  • "She's so pretty!! She could be a great prostitute. Oh but shhh... She's not one." -Europa
  • "I was so glad to bring Dawn into the Bishopric. Who knew karaoke night would lead to such a lucky encounter?" -Haley Skye
  • "Believe it or not, she's a wizard at Monopoly. Good thing she's also pleasant when she defeats you mercilessly. Glad to have met her!" -Toby Harrel
  • "Dawn is amazingly nice. She went out of her way to help me help a new friend when there was nothing for her to gain from the arrangment, truly an honorable lady." -Perrin Gofannon


  • Dated Europa, it was a bit weird with them being cousins but they got over it and loved with a love that was more than love in a castle by the sea.
  • Beautiful eyes can be deceiving, try to not forget she is a winter. Around her mistakes are more than dangerous.
  • Slept with Nicholas Rex in one of his night clubs right after meeting him.
  • Experiments on her roommates just to see what reactions she can get out of them.


Changelings She Knows

  • Europa: She is an interesting character to say the least. She keeps me entertained for hours with silly thoughts of Mediterranean ice cream, and her favorite color of scarves to which I might add wears three at all times even in the dead of summer.
  • Haley Skye: She is an amazing singer and stage performer, yet I believe she sings many songs that tell a hidden tale yet not told.
  • Minister Walker: He is an interesting man to have a discussion with. You can tell he prides himself for to always trying to be right.
  • Timorus: At first she was a pain in my side causing me more headaches than I cared to have...But lately I think she has grown on me. I approve of her sass and honestity.
  • Alan White: A fanastic bussiness partner and the source of many many headaches.
  • Lolly Jenkins: A fellow winter I enjoy the company of. She is a kind old soul that has seen some hard times lately.
  • Samael Fey: Looks to be a man who has seen many things I care not to know about, but I have respect for a man knowing what he wants.

OOC Information

Player: Chrissy Loeber

MES Number: US2013050223

Location: Chicago

VST: Mackenzie Rennick