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The Dawn Guard is a werewolf pack originating from Seattle’s Dancing Tides Sept but now straddling the ten-mile territory between that caern and the one in Tacoma's Hidden Bluff Sept. They are one of the successor packs of the Dawncomers, who helped found Seattle's sept. The original Dawn Guard split off from the Dawncomers several generations ago, when the latter became too large. The two packs remained close allies, in politics and in war.

Historically, most Dawn Guard members have been Ahroun, and a fierce warrior spirit pervades the group. Its members belong to the so-called “heritage tribes”: Fianna, Get of Fenris, and Silver Fangs. These tribes are in the minority in the Pacific Northwest and they find common purpose in this pack.

The Dawn Guard has a long history in the Puget Sound region. By taking in young Garou, particularly those born to the full-moon, the Dawn Guard has managed to persist beyond the lives of the pack founders; younger generations take over as the older members pass on. Most recently, the pack’s elders were wiped out in the Battle of the Red Star. Most of the members who survived are also Star-Crossed; they too faced the horrors of that battle and did not come away unscathed.



Eagle is a spirit that belongs to the broods of Falcon and Unicorn; as a totem, it is venerated both by the Silver Fangs and the Children of Gaia. The Dawn Guard follow the more martial version, the warlike Eagle of Falcon’s brood.

Eagle (Tribebook Silver Fangs)

Eagle is an awesome sight: powerful yet loyal, regal yet vicious. Eagle has chosen the youngest of the Silver Fang houses, House Wyrmfoe, as his own. He and Falcon watch over this dynamic house and its unpredictable king carefully. Eagle was not highly regarded until recently, but the recent successes of his children are rapidly making him amongst the most well-known, if not trusted, of Falcon’s brood.

MET: Followers of Eagle are considered two Traits up on all Brawl tests, and receive an extra Ferocious Physical Trait.

Ban: Eagle asks two things of his children. He asks that fallen foes are decapitated and their heads are displayed in his name, and that his followers stay absolutely faithful to their mates.