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M75 Global Explorer

The Dawn Hunter is an ocean faring style motor yacht. It is 75 meters in length, built to comfortably accommodate 30 crew and 10 passengers. The vessel has a top speed of 18 knots (21 mph) and can travel over 11,000 kilometers between ports. It has a helicopter landing pad, which can slide away to reveal a boat crane and an interior storage area with a dinghy and six jet skis. The Dawn Hunter has a shaded lounge and bar where passengers can relax after a dip in the onboard Jacuzzi. A grand piano dominates the spacious dining room, adding the ambiance of luxury throughout the vessel.

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Orel "Lance" Tvarivich is the captain of this vessel, which is crewed by Silver Fang kinfolk. Lance uses it as a secondary base for the Daybreak Star, as well as a platform for entertaining Garou (particularly after gatherings at the Sept of the Golden Door.) When using spirit-generated moon bridges to bridge the distance between Florida and Puerto Rico, Lance strategically places the Dawn Hunter halfway between both points (since a single bridge will not cover that distance).

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