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Sabbat PC

Player: Corinne Reif
Character: Dax
Clan: Pander
Pack: Diesel Dogs
Fraction: Orthodox
Status: Initiated, Devout, Battle Scarred, Loyal
VST: Vern Dorethy


The Cult of the Diesel Dogs

In the beginning,there was only the vastness of the open road. Hannibal, a wise Priest and disciple of Caine - the Dark All-father, traveled the worlds in between searching for a way overcome the tyrannical oppression of the Camarilla. And for his years of diligence, he was richly rewarded.

Caine whispered into his knowing ear and said “Hear the command of the Dark All-Father. Give your blood to the earth and it shall bless you with that which you desire. Loyal dogs of war. Fearless, vicious, and born of righteous cause. They will hunt down The Wretched without hesitation. They will strike fear into the hearts of the fangless though power and chaos. By their actions and deeds they will be graced with a place at my table when the finality of the true death takes them. They will live the life immortal, forever at my side. ” And with those words, Hannibal became the first Warrator.

The Warrator Hannibal did as the Dark father commanded. He traveled from city to city, planting his precious vitae into the earth to seed the Dark All-Father’s cause. And lo the road bore fruit. Wild pups, beasts of war, his Diesel Dogs. And to his dogs, he imparted the wisdom and will of the dark All-Father. The Dogs were loyal and pleased to do Caine’s work but they were too feral, too unwieldy a weapon to wield. He needed another Slab to give them structure. A Cainite of like mind to help further his vision of The Cause. One who was versed in the ways of war and discipline, A Drill, to train these pups and teach them to be the beasts of war the Dark All-Father needed to destroy the Camarilla.

And so it was, and so it will always be. We are the Diesel Dogs. The chosen beasts of Caine. Horsemen who travel the worlds in between. Guided by the sacred words handed down to The Warrator, disciplined by the strength of The Drill, we shall strike fear into hearts of the fangless and serve as the wrecking ball to the Ivory Tower. As one of us falls, the road rises up to meet us and a pup begins life anew. For Power and Chaos!


Damien Farmer -Dax-.jpg
Born: Damien Farmer
Age: 23
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Mortal Status: Exchange Student at Florida State University (senior) - Track and Field
History: Damien came from an upper middle class military family most recently stationed in New Zealand. From a young age, he excelled at gymnastics and track and field specializing in the uneven bars, javelin toss, pole vaulting and sprinting. Consistently placing top in his events, Damien was recruited to the University of Florida to train as a US Olympic hopeful for the 2016 competition in Rio de Janeiro. Living legally in the states since 2011, his citizenship was granted on the grounds of his performance in the 2016 Summer Olympic games for team USA.

A cocky prankster, Damien was known on campus as competitive, determined and prone to violent outbursts - especially when drinking. Known on the campus as “The Krazy Kiwi”, he had already received several conduct warnings by the school for stunting, tomfoolery and inciting violence at the campus pub. His promise of Olympic gold kept his name off the probation lists.

On December 14, 2014, the mutilated bodies of six young athletes were found in the gymnasium of the Florida University kinestheology building in what authorities called “a veritable blood bath”. Four other students, including Damien, were reported as missing. His blood as well as signs of struggle was found on the scene but his body was never recovered. The press dubbed it one of the “All-Star Massacres” that had been mysteriously sweeping the nation taking the death/missing toll up to 25 athletic hopefuls.The police have no further leads at this time.



  • "That fucking kiwi poofter is fucking nutters. He and his whole pack thinks it is fucking 'Mad Max' and they need someone to fucking witness them. So just pay the monkey his peanut and most of the time they are satisfied. I will say that if that fucking tosser ever puts his finger in my figgy pudding again, I am going to take Marcy and bleed the Caine from him and send him out to the world in a hunger frenzy." - Mickey Finn

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OOC Information

Player: Corinne Reif

MES# US2002055957

City: San Francisco, CA
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