Daybreak Star

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The Daybreak Star

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The Daybreak Star is a “fellowship” of Silver Fang kinfolk. They are a manifestation of several Backgrounds (all rated x5) for Orel Tvarivich: Allies, Contacts, Kinfolk, and Resources. They have connections and resources throughout the region and are only ever a phone call away from Orel, ready to provide information, transportation, or fire support.


The Daybreak Star was formerly associated with the Gaia Guard Sept in Washington's Olympic National Forest. The sept was held by the Silver Fang House called Clan Crescent Moon. Most of the House’s Sun Lodge members who came to the United States found refuge there after the House’s king, Tsar Nicholai Ivanovich, exiled the lodge from Russia in the 1980s. For many decades, the sept was a stronghold for Russian and Silver Fang influence in the Northwestern United States. The Gaia Guard Sept's level 5 Caern of Strength was lost and the Grizzly Bear caern spirit destroyed following the dowsing of the Red Star.

Many Silver Fangs in this part of North America have ties, directly or indirectly, to that fallen sept. Among them is Orel Tvarivich, who received his tribal “academy” training there in the 1970s. Prior to his (late in life) First Change, Orel led his particularly militant band of Silver Fang kinfolk on a great many adventures using Gaia Guard as their home base. Some of these kinfolk earned Renown, including Orel. But of course they were never regarded as highly as actual Garou. The fellowship named itself the Daybreak Star in 1981.

Now, decades later, after the fall of the Gaia Guard Sept and Orel’s transformation into a werewolf, the Daybreak Star function as Orel’s aides and bodyguards, constantly present when Orel is not with his pack or with other Garou. They remember him as one of their own and they expect Orel to hold them in better regard than other werewolves usually hold kinfolk. Usually, they are not disappointed.