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Character Information

Name: Dea Tacita (In Latin - Silent Goddess. Dea Tacita was a Roman Goddess of the Death. She was later equated with the Goddess Larunda, and was celebrated on Larentalia on December 23rd.)

Also known as: Marcella Lane

Apparent Age: 25

Creature Type: Mage. Thyrsus.

Accord Status: 3

Division: Apprentice of The Gatekeepers

Title or Position:

  • Guardian, Un Arbol - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Medical Officer, MACE

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Notable Traits:

Striking Looks 4. Feral Mien.
Tattoo on her lower back of a wagon wheel, the spokes filled with names tattooed in small, scrawling script. Numerous, extensive scars from past combats. Dea is rarely, if ever, seen without some weapon on her person, though she tends to keep them well concealed. She prefers handguns and knives, thought she's recently taken to carrying a gladius in a simple sheath on her back.
Dea is a beautiful young woman looking to be in her early 20's. She has thick black hair that falls just past her shoulders in luxurious waves, olive toned skin that speaks to her Romani heritage, and warm brown eyes. She is usually found with a warm, welcoming smile on her face, and she is someone that seems to put people around her at ease with her infectious laughter and constant smile. She stands 5'6" with a lovely hourglass figure. Dea moves with an almost predatory grace, rolling with ease as she walks in a way reminiscent of some kind of large cat. When shit hits the fan, though, she is all business. And she is very good at what she does.
Dea tends to wear clothing that is comfortable and doesn't limit her mobility. Jeans, tank tops, t-shirts and light shrugs are her every day wear, along with battered combat boots or flip flops. Around her neck is an old, battered medallion on a leather thong. One side has writing in a scrawly, almost illegible script, the other has the profile of a woman in veils. Dea's every day wear. Dea's combat outfit
Morro is Dea's spirit familiar. The spirited little pony sticks close to Dea at all times, and Dea can often be seen speaking to the small pony in Romani. The spirit specializes in healing, and on the field, it can be seeing running from here to there, helping Dea keep the people she cares for alive.
Dea is incredibly talented with firearms, at sniping distance and in close range. She is known for her talents, along with her ability to keep her head in any sticky situation. She has a great talent with medicine, though it is mostly the quick and dirty field medicine she has perfected over the years, and she also has the ability to heal magically, if necessary. She has been part of the Accord for seven years, although she spent much of that time traveling around the country. She thinks well on her feet, and she is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. She has thumbs, and it shows.
Dea is an incredibly passionate and fierce woman, filled with intense highs and lows, a nod to her heritage. It's rare to see her angry or frustrated. Finding Dea in a depressed mood practically never happens. Even when someone she cares for very much has died, it's unlikely that you will see her cry. She is incredibly dedicated to her job in The Accord, and she is not a woman who is afraid of dying. She knows that she will not ever leave the Accord, and she plans to go out with a bang when she does. In recent months, she has started to open up to the people in San Juan, seeing them all as her extended family.
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Dea's blessings come in the form of subtle magic intended to enhance her weapons. However, some situations call for dramatic action. When Dea does use a vulgar spell, her nimbus flares out quickly, engulfing her and those around her before fading away slowly. The smell of burning pine fills the air along with the soft crackle of a bonfire. In the distance, the sound of men talking in a foreign language, laughing as lively fiddle music bolsters their merriment. As the laughter and the smell fades, a soft tinkling of bells trickles around her.

Ties wanted:

  • I am open to nearly any kind of tie! Dea has been traveling extensively over the years. These ties can include people she has worked with on various operations, Cells she has visited and assisted, Lovers (these are limited to casual relationships and one night stands, unless you really want to be someone that ended in tragedy), and family members.

Accord PC

Player: April Douglas
Creature Type: Proximi
Division: None
City: San Juan

OOC Information

Player: April Douglas

MES Number: US2002034121

Location: Missoula, MT