Deacon Kalashnikov

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Name: Atlee M Petersheim
Deed Name: Deacon Kalashnikov ("D.K.")
Rank: Adren

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Glass Walkers

Associations: Wise Guys (Camp)
Archetypes: Professional Criminal, Security Specialist
Notable Traits: None


Place of Birth: Jamesport, Missouri
Date of Birth: 1987
Apparent Age: D.K. appears to be in his early 30's

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Nationality: German American

Physical Descriptions:

  • Homid: ...
  • Crinos: ...
  • Lupus: ...


Meta Data

Name: Randy Ochs
MES #: US2002022622
Location: Seattle, WA

Relevant Approval Numbers: