Dean Braxton

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Awakening PC

Player: Craig V.
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: Tamers of Fire
Position: N/A
Consilium: Vancouver, BC
City: Vancouver, BC
Cabal: First Strike
VST: Daniel Kawasaki

Shadow Name: Unknown

Sleeper Alias: Dean Braxton

Sleeper Title: Detective Constable, Greater Vancouver Police Department (Status 2 Police)


Character Description

Dean stands about 6' Tall with a reasonable well built body. Nothing excessive, but more then lean. His hair is cut short and blonde, but often covered by his green hat. Priamraly he wears a green Canadian military service jacket (somtimes a leather jacket and hoodie combo), some sort of jeans and he always carries his bomb disposal kit on his hip. Almost always you can see his steel lighter in his hands, flicking it open and closed repeatedly in an absent minded fashion.


When Deans nimbus flares up, it truly flares. The ground at his feet boil in waves of fire with heat radiating from his body. His eyes turn red and seems to crackle with the light of fire.

Time Line

  • 1980; Born, lived a standard life of a child.
  • 1992; Father died in the gulf.
  • 1993; started to grow into a new sense of self. Protector of those who need it.
  • 1994; defended a bullied child, getting heavily beaten in the process until some strangers found the event and stopped it. Started to work out to get stronger so he would next time be able to help people.
  • 1998; graduated highschool and was awarded an impromptu award “Great Defender”, which prompted him to join the military.
  • 2000; finished basic training and started formal training in bomb disposal due to his higher than average IQ and ability to keep focused from distractions mixed with his steady hands.
  • 2001; started a tour in the Afghanistan war, primary job was bomb disposal due to the increased resistance and use of IEDs
  • 2007; Nearly died while disarming a bomb in a Afghanistan school. Unaware of a second bomb charge he managed to disarm the first one just in time to discover the second. This is when he awakened, the near death experience opened the doors of his mind, and while he was in a coma for 2 weeks he explored the Astral landscape of his mind and he awoke from the coma as he completed his journey with the writing of his name on the tower.
  • 2008; spent over 1 years in physical therapy. After which he began training as a Mage under various mentors and eventually starting training with the Adamantine Arrow after becoming an initiate.
  • 2011; Joined the police for and due to his experience in explosives he was quickly moved to the bomb squad division, where he continued to be transferred and requested transfers.
  • 2014; Stationed in Calgary, assisting in stopping the Safeway bombing in early November.
  • 2015(Jan); Transferred to Vancouver Police Dept.


Conversational banters with Dean

  • Dean addressing the consillium as a whole ~ " all have acted with various degrees of honour."
Katia Vronskaya in response ~ "I resent this accusation."
Dean in further response ~ "I take it back then."

Quotes about Dean

  • "Good man. Knows what he's doing but isn't cocky about it." Lmnop

Quotes by Dean

OOC Information

Player: Craig V.

CAM Number: CA2014010102

Location: Vancouver, BC