Death's Door

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Pack History

The Pack

Pack Members

  • Jacob Biggs "Owns the Hunt" (Adren, Shadow Lord, Galliard)
  • Yseult "Raven Born" (Adren, Fianna, Theurge)
  • Thorn "Biting Words" (Adren, Get of Fenris, Ragabash)
  • Charles Cosby "Voice of the Dead" (Adren, Silver Fang, Theurge)
  • Erik Krieger "Escalates Quickly" (Adren, Get of Fenris, Ragabash)
  • Hudson's Revenge (Adren, Get of Fenris, Ahroun)
  • Lochlan Hughes "Point Blank" (Cliath, Silicon Sentinel, Ahroun)
  • Cleanses the Sin (Adren, Shadow Lord, Theurge)

The Morrigan