Death from the Trees

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Character Information

Apocalypse PC

Player: Julie Peloquin
VST: Laura D
Pack: Excelsior
Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons
Glory: •••••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••


Name: Theresa "Death from the Trees" Aetos

Creature Type: Garou

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Black Furies (Mother)

Rank: Athro

Domain: Boston

Title or Positon: Den Mother, Pack Beta, with Black Fury lore 2+: Outer Calyx member

Notable Traits


Pure Breed X2: Black Fury, Aetos Lineage, Natural Leader, Enchanting Voice, battle scar on the right side of her face.


Homid: Theresa is a somewhat attractive woman in her mid-20s. Slightly taller than average, olive skin and curly dark brown hair normally pulled back into a ponytail.
Wolf/Hispo: Death appears as a lean she-wolf, covered in black fur with patches of white on her ears and the end of her tail. She has a scar running along the right side of her face to her neck.

History Known to Garou

  • Born October 3rd, 1987 in Richmond, Virginia, and raised by Fury kin of the Aetos line.
  • First change in 2002. Joined her Sisters, and began learning what being a Garou means.
  • Rite of Passage in 2004. Leaves her home Sept to travel to other tribes, learning about them and aiding in the Ratkin War. During this time, she proves herself on the battlefield and is brought into the Amazons of Diana.
  • After her mentor becomes Mother, Theresa is gifted with her mentor's Bow of Artemis, as it is only to be used by Maiden furies.
  • Fostern Challenge in 2008
  • Arrives in Sept of the Eagle's talons in 2009
  • Joined the pack Reclamation in spring of 2013
  • During a vernal ritual, all pack bonds were broken within the Sept. During this time, new packs were formed, and she along with Victor, Last Call, and Pure Heart of Song formed Excelsior, under the auspices of Eagle.
  • Took part in the defense of The Long Watch, a lost caern that was about to be besieged by Black Spiral Dancers.
  • During the trial of Nicholas Abbot, she told the tale of the death of 99 Problems, as well as the story of how madness came to Abbot, and the abandoning of his pack. These tales were entered into the Silver Record.


  • "Oh, this is going to suck. For them."
  • "She is a very passionate and caring woman. She is also the definition of Amazon. I will have to keep my eye on her."-Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "I have watched her grow from a distance. She is one of the Garou that I am always willing to have stand at my side. Her heart beats with strength and determination. I am sure, at some point, that she will become Alpha of a Sept somewhere down the line."-Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "I could speak of honor, but no one ever pays attention to that. I could speak of wisdom, but the results are the same. I shall speak of wonder. As in, I wonder why she is called 'Death From Trees'...then I remember she carries a fetish bow. You don't fuck with a Black Fury in full battle mode. Especially one with 'Death' in her name." - Ebony


  • Is actually a mother of a deadly pack of five lupus Garou, one of each auspice. They only hunt at night, and leave no witnesses.
  • She really digs Trashy Romance Novels, like with Fabio on the cover and everything. She will put an arrow into anyone who says anything bad about them.
  • Death from the Trees once found a starving baby bunny on the side of the road. She raised that bunny on her own, tenderly feeding it by hand.
  • Death from the Trees is actually wanting to bring the Fenrir and the Black Furies together as allies. Though, to what point, we never know.




  • Nantan Shadow Seeker - "I miss having her in my pack, but we all have our own roads to walk. Pegasus is honored by her."
  • Artemis Kokkinos - "Having another Amazon around is fantastic."
  • Hears the Past - "This one considers her a sister. Which means she is family. Do not mess with my family, and you won't have storm elementals in your house."


  • Walks Through Walls - Ahroun Get of Fenris... the two of them just can't seem to get along to save their lives.


Pack Info:


Watched over by Andor, Jaggling avatar of Eagle

Tropes and Inspiration:

Yeah, this is a thing



OOC Information

Player: Julie Peloquin MES Number: US2007019308

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