Deborah Walker

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Deborah Walker

Player: Sarah Himebaugh
Character: Deborah "Debbie" Walker
Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu
Position: Pack Abbot
Status: Initiated
Domain: Phoenix, AZ
VST: Jeff Sollars

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Character Information

Name: Deborah "Debbie" Walker

Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu

Status: Initiated

Faction: Order of St. Blaise

Notable Traits: Though she surely has a unique appearance, Debbie always maintains an Obfuscated Mask over her features. She tends to stick very closely to her packmates, particularly her ductus Samuel Ward, and her pack priest Luca Zantosa, with her hood up, and her face downcast.

Pack: Patiens Fide

Title or Positon: Pack Abbot

Saint Blaise


  • Debbie is very humane
  • She has very tenuous loyalty to those outside of her pack
  • Deborah speaks several languages, and has a wide variety of mortal-society connections
  • A former Revenant, she vehemently denies her origins
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OOC Information

Player: Sarah Himebaugh

MES Number: US2009054046

Location: Phoenix, AZ