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Db hero.jpg Perpetually sporting a five o’clock shadow Declan’s compact frame is covered in scars from more conflicts and battles than most garou will ever see in a life time. Tattoos and scars alike cover a wiry frame which possesses both strength and a quickness that seem almost out of place. Gray streaks are starting to crop out from his temples. He complains of new aches and pains every morning, but his age catching up to him is doing little to slow him down.

Declan is marked by the wild shifts in his mood and personality which are a hallmark of his auspice. His struggle to retain control of the rage boiling within him is a battle that he does not always win. One minute he might be laughing and joking with those around him, the next he could be breaking a bottle so as to spill blood over some trivial perceived slight. Despite this those that know him have seen a transformation in his character. No longer the wild, near suicidal angry young man he once was, he now presents a more forceful and dominant position of authority towards those around him.

That is not to say that he was always the eldest battle leader amongst the full moons. He was once far from it. In his younger days he lived for little more than the present moment. He would go on binge drinking sprees where his demons would take full control. He’s torched buildings down just to watch them burn. He’s murdered in cold blood over minuscule slights and minor insults. He's stolen from family and friends. Some even whisper behind his back that he has forcefully taken women against their will.

These demons never really fully left. They merely subsided slightly, but they still seem to gnaw and nag at him occasionally. The cost of his moderation is that he must bind the demons closer and tighter than ever before. The result is that the pressure seems to be building within Declan. Sooner or later that dam is going to burst and those demons are going to take control of him again. Some of his friends wonder just how bad his next self-destructive spiral will be. Declan knows that eventually he will lose control again, he is just praying that he manages to hold on long enough to see the bastards that layed both Silver Tara and the Fianna low pay in flesh and blood.


  • Declan just does not understand the mentality which could make so many American Fianna want to emulate everything Irish.
  • He never converses in Gaelic. He also does not wear shamrocks.
  • He has no opinion or interest in the Troubles or its aftermath.
  • Outside of his name there is little left in him to connect him back to the Irish roots of the tribe.
  • Declan is a quintessential Americanized Fianna from the backwoods of Appalachia.

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  • Some among the tribe also whisper that he has a touch of the ancient fey blood in his veins due to several peculiarities he occasionally exhibits. He is known to go days without so much a nap. He also has strings of luck that last for weeks at a time. These are all signs that the Druids say points to a mingling of the blood in the ancient days.
  • His relatively high pure breeding is more of a product of a lack of diverse options for couplings in the backwoods of Appalachia than any coordinated effort to keep the bloodlines pure.
  • Declan has fathered almost half a dozen bastard children both inside and outside of the Fianna tribe. While he might have been their biological father he has never been in the lives of any of his numerous children. Either through his own failures, or through happenstance, he has always turned out to be a dead beat father figure.
  • The Perfect Metis took refuge within Auburn during its years of exile. Declan found out about the abomination and drove it out of the protectorate.
  • Declan was one of the few who carried the slain Ard Righ Bron MacFionn back from the frozen fields of Alaska to his home of Silver Tara. Once the funeral rite was completed he took his place as a pall-bearer to carry his King to his final rest in the catacombs of Newgrange.
  • He carries a glyph shaped scar on his left leg which was given to him as a sign of favor. The spirit brand was granted by none other than Stag himself.
  • Has taken an extremely hardliner position against the Metis as a whole, arguing over the spirit networks that they are little more than an entire race of mongoloids. His platform assumes their raising violates the 9th tenant of the litany in regards to those around them being forced to suffer another's sickness.
  • Some suspect he and his pack are the ones who warned the BSD's who attacked Silver Tara during a ritual when the ritual would be done, and would be a prime moment to attack. Because of this suspicion and his known dislike for the "Island Monkey's" or those Fianna who hold to their Gaelic roots, that he strives to bring back the totem of the American Dream for Fianna, that he wants the seat of power for the Fianna, and he wants to hold it in the United States.
  • Has been personally visited by Stag, the Tribal Incarna.
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  • "Drinks is just, like, tired, man. I swear, as soon as he finds an heir who isn't like retarded, and an elder who isn't, like, dead, he's taking the hero's walk." - Tommy "He Who Abides" Moore
  • "This dude is awesome ~ he's seen some real shit and I'll happily give him a beer on the house anytime." - Caoimhe O'Brien
  • "Drinks...well Drinks is what Henry Rollins wishes he could be. I see him as a mentor, a staunch member of the Tribe, and as a grandfather figure. Not the kind of grandfather who sits you down, hands you your first beer, and explains to you the ways of the world. He's the kind of grandfather who kicks the shit out of you when you are doing something stupid and rubs your nose in it so you know where you went wrong. As soon as he hears about this he is going to give kill me for calling him grandpa." - Nial Eriksen
  • "What most fuckers--the ignorant lot--don't fucking understand is that Drinks was face down in the grime and filth of fucking punk when we were in fucking diapers. I'm him a fucking decade ago--and he's me in the fucking future. If I live that fucking long. All fucking ego aside, though, this motherfucker makes me proud to call myself a fucking Fiann." - Patrick Kennedy
  • "If there is one thing I can say 'bout Declan - he is a persistent son of a bitch. Seriously. If the man wants somethin', he will NOT give up till he gets it. Best hope he likes ya enough to want to keep ya alive!" - Lorne Macpherson
  • "They say you can't choose your blood but even if you could I would choose Declan. Doesn't matter what he gets into, I will always stand beside him." - Bo Brennan
  • "Declan and I have been side to side, or nose to nose, for years now. Aye he is a fighter of the highest caliber and I'm a writer. Both of us are assholes of the highest caliber...maybe that is what draws us together....that or the booze." - Denny McNeely
  • "As yourself on thing, does is look like he's gonna feel bad about hurting you?" - Reborn in Fire
  • “My cuz, I was so happy when he finally got most of his shit together. You know how hard it is to distract some big ugly cuss when Declan is trying to bang his wife? Yeah, not at all-but I have to touch those disgusting sum- sorry, Declan is a beat up old goat, but he is our beat up old goat and I would ride the flames of Hell by his side if he asked me too. You ain’t talking shit bout my cuz are you?” - Jessica Brennan
  • “Declan reminds me of a star burning brightly in the night sky. His strength of will and unconquerable character draws in those who meet him, and guides those who follow him to great deeds. I do believe though, that like that star one day the energy that dwells in him will consume him in a great fiery burst that will light these dark times and become legend itself.” - Nakia Menefer
  • "He's the first one to believe in me who wasn't Abides. I mean, Abides has to believe in me, but Declan didn't know me from Adam. He saw my mangy ass and got me through my Rite of Passage... He didn't have to do that, but since he did I'm willing to deal with crazy calls in the middle of the night, providing any alibi if needed. Hell, I'd watch out for any kids he had... if I could make sure I didn't break them or anything, but kids aren't as bouncy as folks say." - Picks-the-Trash
  • "This guy? Back before I changed, when I was on the job in New York, I'd nab him for boosting hubcaps and cars, or smacking someone around. He was like a bad fuckin' penny, y'know? But, he was family, so I'd fix it so that he'd skip processing and wind up in a patrol car headed to the bus station with a ticket back to Alabama. Now, I guess, he'll be bailing my ass out of trouble." - Michael Sullivan
  • "Declan's a dick, but he's a well-meaning dick. I don't know a whole lot about him, but under all that gruff and stuff, I don't think he's nearly as big a dick as he comes off as. But don't tell him I said that, or he might kick my ass across a few time zones and Umbral realms. True story." - Charlotte Logan
  • "He is a stranger to me, a Garou whose stories I know and whose infamy precedes him. And yet I can not deny that we are cut from the same stone. He is my father." - Returns the Faith
  • "Declan is a constant reminder of how someone who has little can grow and make something of themselves. I'm honored to call him Righ, and I hope that one day I'll prove his faith in me isn't misplaced. We're more alike than you think, and I'm damn determined to follow my Alpha's example. - Skankin to the Law
  • "Declan's *not* an alcoholic. He doesn't go to meetings." - Sully
  • "Pragmatically, I understand this man's significance to his Tribe and the important role he plays in the Garou Nation. Personally, I find him brash, abrasive, impulsive, racist, hostile and borderline psychotic. Oh, and those would be his good qualities." - Dylan 'Omengazer' Spade
  • "I have no doubt that he's earned his rank, and that he deserves every bit of respect that goes with it. I do doubt whether or not he actually respects others, though." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "O this guy is fun. Sure he's an asshole, a racist, and most other things people say about him. But he also watches out for his own and fights like few I have ever witnessed." - Specter's Flight
  • "I don't like him. He is an example of everything I find distracting and irritating in the Fianna. But that's the point... I don't have to like him, he sheds his blood and risks his life just as much if not more than any of the Pure Tribes. Just because he annoys the shit out of me doesn't mean I can't respect that he's willing to die to protect our world. You don't have to like someone to fight at their side, you just have to have perspective." - Jacob "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
  • "As I was once forced to say to Wit-Like-Silver, called Tom Foolery, the greatness attributed to you was not a perception you crafted...but you are, quite frankly, now burdened with it." - Stag, Tribal Incarna
  • "Having finally met the man, I could say any number of things. Racist, abrasive, asshole. Loyal, valiant, puts others first. But everyone says that shit, and me being a Galliard, I'm stuck on a question. At what point, I wonder, does the weight of a story become too much for a man to bear?" - - Laughs Last
  • "Wish I'd never met 'im. Dunno'f I'll ever be able ta get the sighta him slaughterin' all them kids outta my mind." - Rusty Jones
  • "Roughly hewn by his life. Hardened by his time in his Nation. But he learns, I just hope he doesn't forget he will always be learning...and at my leisure perhaps it'll be something he'll even enjoy." Queen Mab
  • "Submission to those of Higher Station. The Litany is clear on how I must interact with Declan Brennan. I don't have to like him, I don't have to agree with his racist, sexist, abrasive personality...but I have to submit to him. I would have more of a problem if he wasn't the impressive Warrior of Gaia that he is. So I don't like the man. I actually closer to hate him. But the respect and submission I give him is what he has earned through his own sweat, blood, and tears. As Garou we are not required to like our leaders, but we are required to follow them. I'll follow Declan Brennan into hell when I have to. But I will never agree with him, or approve of his methods. Then again, I suppose to an Elder Ahroun of the Nation the opinion of a Fostern Philodox young enough to be his daughter doesn't precisely matter." - Tia "Raging Mother" Forakis
  • "I met Declan on my travels, when I was running about the country trying to get my name out there. Older, definitely older. Got a lot of good advice, assuming you don't tone him out. Listening, really listening, is always the hardest part of learning. I hope I do his advice justice, you know?" - Tom "Redcap Ruckus" Collins
  • "He fought for Atlanta when we needed it most, that makes him A O.K. in my book any day." - Jingles all the Way
  • "Declan took me in, gave me a home and a family. He ain't the easiest to get along with, but you sure know where he stands. Which makes him alot better than a bunch of people I've met so far." - Ashlee Conway
  • "Declan-rhya has a vibrancy that most Garou his age lack completely. He's seen and done almost everything, and despite the rough edges...despite the exterior of gruff rage and violence...he's shown an intelligence many lack, and a love of life that most of our kind have lost. I respect him, and there aren't a lot of Fianna I respect. Moreover, I like him." Elizabeta "Scale's Aggravating Claws" Dragos
  • "Before I even met the Fianna, I was warned about Declan. I was told that while his deeds in the Nation were of great value, that his actions, his demeanor and way of thinking would be abrasive, jarring and to expect to be treated poorly. I have since learned that some Garou unfortunately like to wag their tongues and gossip because they have nothing else to do. From the first moment we met, he has been respectful, sharp-minded and willing to stand with myself and my Tribe even during the most unfortunate of times. Declan and I have some very polarizing and differing opinions, but he has shown a fierce loyalty that rarely comes outside the bonds of a packmate. Something I return in spades. Despite our differences, I am pleased to call him friend." Sabine Silver Swift
  • "Okay, so please for the love of Gaia, when hanging out with your grandchildren, refrain from using the words "Island Monkey", "Mongoloid", "Burlap Sacks", how much you miss hanging people, oh... and maybe just don't talk about giving the Wendigo "blankets" or "Fire water".... no I'm not saying you can't talk! I'm just saying they already repeat everything they hear and we are in a Pure fucking sept!" Stands Her Ground before bringing Declan out to spend time with the children.
  • "Although he may deny it, none know the rage that burns inside of him like me. Soon, my old friend will join our ranks, and then we will end this War together -- side-by-side." Krix'il the Ever Hungry
  • "There's folks who will tell you in a real nice way what they think of this guy and then there's me. This guy is a mother fucker, I'll tell that to him personally, he's everything you've heard about and probably worse. I made a determination about him on rep alone and then I grew a little, I still think he's a mother fucker but I grew to understand that even assholes like Declan-rhya earned their stripes for more than just talking shit. There's a grudging respect for the fact the man will stick to his principles no matter who gets in his face or what is being said. I believe that he'll never change but he's necessary and if anyone understands the necessity of those who are willing to do what others won't or can't, it's people like me. I doubt we'll ever be friends and I'm not all that broken up about it but I'll knock one back out of respect when this asshole dies, just like I'll do the same for each of his victories." Alvarez
  • "I doubt he'll ever know how close it came. Rat forgive me but there were bigger fish to fry that day." - Boots

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  • Hank Williams III - Hank3 represents the iconic country outlaw updated for the modern times. Refusing to accept a cozy position within the world of the Nashville music scene, he has pushed to merge metal, punk and country into a vicious new style of musical rebellion.
  • Henry Rollins - Rollins represents the aged wise fatherly figure. He was able to escape the demons which consumed so many of his peers and has gone on to become a mentor figure to entire new generations of up and coming talent.
  • John Connor - As portrayed in Salvation, John Connnor's story represents the refusal to give in and become the enemy. Hope and resolve to continue the fight no matter the odds mounted against oneself.
  • Wild and Wonder Whites of West Virginia - This clan of West Virginian moutain folk represent the worst excesses of the outlaw culture. Addiction, criminality and overt societal rebellion have swept this clan away and forced them to make the best of the bad situations despite the consequences at hand.

Apocalypse PC

Player: Charlie Vick
Character: Declan Brennan, Son of Liberty
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Fianna
Renown: 25 Glory 13 Honor 6 Wisdom
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Seth Steele

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