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Awakening PC

Player: Paul Rapoport
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium
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City: Chicago
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Shadow Name: Deinalopex (from Classical Greek deine, wondrous/clever/dangerous/dire/intense, and alopex, fox)

Legal name: ???

Path: Thyrsus

Order: Mysterium

Quote: "Yesterday, I learned that algorithmic complexity is a sad joke. Tomorrow, I'm going to make a tree into a solid-fuel rocket. Want to come?"

Twitter: @deinalopex


There's the distinct smell of violets, spring rain, and a faint whiff of some kind of musk. Everything around you seems completely new, wondrous and dangerous in equal measure - both fascinating and dire, but crucially, everything looks and sounds completely the same - only its seeming significance has changed.


Looking For

Safety. Status. Knowledge.

Mages looking for understanding and boundary-pushing, and who are willing to treat even Sleepers like they're people.

Pure knowledge, regardless of any immediately practical application - that will come.


He's Free Council, infiltrating the Mysterium.

That fox of his is completely mundane.

His reasons for refusing to allow for the existence of Intimate bodily samples from him go beyond feral mistrust.

He's working on rocket-tree rocketry, whatever that means.

More Quotes

"Please check your math. I'm not sure what will happen to the universe if you don't."

"Why not just..."

"...tenses are hard."

Inspirations, Tropes, and Soundtrack

Inspirations and Tropes:

The Green/Blue conflict from Magic: the Gathering. He's continually stuck between his typically Mysterium love of intellect and his typically Thyrsus reliance on intuition, torn between the wilds and the watchmaker's workbench. Intuition, concretization, and heavy anthropomorphizing metaphor are his stock in trade. He is not at all a Cartesian dualist.

The entire second part of Ginsberg's Howl. Especially "Moloch who frightened me out of my natural ecstasy!".


Explosions in the Sky:

Be Comfortable, Creature

Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean

Your Hand in Mine

Greet Death

Boards of Canada:

Turquoise Hexagon Sun



How to Disappear Completely


Lovely Bloodflow


He would be riding in the subway...

Philip Glass: