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Name: Delaney Stiggson
Aliases: De, Del, Laney, Mom, THAT reporter
Age: Mid-30s


Delaney Stiggson stands at 5'4, with dark hair streaked with silver pulled into a ponytail or bun. She is seen wearing a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a satchel bag slung across her shoulder. Often seen in possession of a camera, a digital tablet and cell phone and poking her nose into where it doesn't belong.

Tools of the Trade:

Camera, Cellphone, Pens, Digital Tablet. In war, a rifle, an armored vest and an assortment of useful Menat.


Accord PC

Player: N.M.H.Cue
Member Number: US2008011606
Domain: IA-001-D: The Asylum
Creature Type: Mortal/Wolfblooded
Division: Unknown
City: Ames/Des Moines, Iowa
VST: Red Queen's Fringe Storyteller

Known Records


The Accord

Cell: Stationed in Miami, Florida
Position: None
Accord Status: ?
Born: 1982
Location of Origin: Clear Lake, Iowa
Current Location: Miami, Florida (Unconfirmed)
Other Unconfirmed Locations: Des Moines, Iowa; New York, New York; Raleigh, North Carolina
Supernatural Type: Wolf Blooded (Mortal), Error detected.
Notable Traits: Reporter (Des Moines Register; Miami Herald; etc); Unmarried (Unconfirmed)
Known Family Members: Stig Stiggson (Father b.? - d. 2004); Laura Stiggson (Mother b. ? - d. 2014);
Riley Stiggson (Brother b. 1987 - d.?); Nathaniel Reidy (Husband b. ? - d.?)


Known Activity

Participated in the Following Operational Theaters/Events: Damned Throne, New Lebanon Research Group, the Smith Adjudication, The Duke Thunder Visit (Werewolf Tribal Totem Quest), The Incident of the City Spirit (Des Moines), Operation Lightbulb, Assisted with Recon for HiveBreaker, Operation Old Pecuilar, Operation Radar, Operation Storm Front, Operation Paragon (Nicaragua-Butterfly), Assisted with Operation Redemption via the Enclave Interviews.


Known Associates

((Add yourself.. you know who you are...))

The Deceased

  • "Bill" (d.2013) - Sacrificed himself to close a Major Tear created by the CUT in Delaney Stiggson's backyard.
  • Father Gabriel Cortez(d.2013) - Sacrificed himself to destroy agent of the Truth.
  • Benjamin Wilder (d. 2013) - Unknown.
  • John Beyer (d.2014) - died in the Shadow against a Corrupted Spirit.
  • Arri (d. 1/3/2014) - Hero's Walked after Agents of the Truth.
  • DJ Taliesin (d. 2014) - Sacrificed himself to close a tear.
  • Azrael - (d.2014) - Tortured & Killed by L. Stiggson and Lord Crumbling Storm (Spirit).
  • Mainardus (d. 2014) - Unknown.
  • Dea Tacita (d. 9/2014) - Unknown.
  • Father Eric Torino (d. 09/2014) - Killed by non-Accord Hunter faction, details pending review.

Performance Reviews


  • Delaney Stiggson is the sister to Riley Stiggson, demanding Forsaken of the cell.
    • Riley may be Delaney's brother, but she's the older one. She is one of the few people he will settle down and listen to when he's in a mood.
  • Delaney is an freelancing reporter working out of the Cell's area. In fact, she probably knew about most of the Cell before she met them.
  • She once told the cell leader, "You are not my daddy!" when told she was not to accompany her brother on a mission.
    • By technicality, she did not go with her brother on the mission. She was his recon and was in the truck waiting for him.
    • Also that cell leader was working for the CUT and was evil.
  • Delaney has interacted with a null zone, several corrupted artifacts-destroyed, a dead abomination and the Pope of the CUT, that was just in the last few months.
  • The Stiggson Sibling's mother is an Awakened with a bad attitude. To the tune of helping make a tear on Delaney's property with help from the CUT.
    • The Major Tear has since been closed, but not without losing another member of the Cell. (RIP Bill.)
      • Rumor has it another friend of the family is coming to town to help out the Stiggson Siblings. How many people do these kids know???
  • Delaney was given a necklace of corrupted Gator teeth by another member of the Accord. It is in her laptop bag when she is on mission as a good-luck charm.
  • Her rifle aka "Baby" goes on every mission with her that it is possible to go on.
    • She gets specialized munitions for "Baby" from other members of the Accord.
  • She is on good terms with one of the "refugees" from the bubble in Texas. Or was it in Wisconsin? Was there a bubble? Wait... what are we talking about?
    • The refugee is staying at her brother's farm and is often seen with Delaney, telling her about her parents when they were much younger.
      • Delaney doesn't believe a word the refugee says, but still feels sorry for the person.. or thing... or whatever we are talking about.
        • Has been known to have other refugee's from Redemption allowed to stay at her farm or her brother's to make sure they have a place to go, no matter what.
  • She has been seen more often in New York City, than really anywhere as of late. Though her travel records take her to Georgia, Virginia, Puerto Rico, among other places.
    • Delaney has been married to a rather wealthy member of New York City for many years, much to the initial chagrin of said person's family.
    • She is almost half her husband's age, if you are counting... and she doesn't.
  • Delaney is one of the few people in the Dragoon cell area that knows exactly what properties the CUT own, as well as how much is in their portfolio locally.
    • She's been known to be stalked by several members of the CUT to prevent her from revealing key information about the church to the public.
      • The CUT like to label her as a conspiracy nut in the public eye. Her website on supernatural occurrences/ghost stories doesn't help.
      • Sometimes the Accord likes to label her a conspiracy nut.... however you try to be mortal among all these supernaturals and see what weird ideas you come up with!

On Record

  • Add whatever Quote from, to, or about Delaney Here!
  • "Smart but asks a lotta questions. Got a cute body tho, so s'all good." - Manny
  • "As beautiful as she is smart, I'm just glad her father isn't around anymore." - Gaff Hook
  • "Relax a bit. We are still getting rounded up. Put on the angry war paint when we go to leave." Delaney says to Jackson
  • "Don't worry Riley, you don't have a soul. You have nothing to worry about. " said Delaney. Riley looked at her incredulous, "Bitch, I have two souls."
  • "So you wanna tell me exactly what you people did?.... Right.. Ever thought about I dunno, killing something evil while you were at it?" - Delaney, overheard while on the phone.
  • "Wait!? Delaney gave you a List!? Oh SHIT! It's THAT BAD?! Lists are NEVER GOOD! It means we did something wrong! It means we forgot something! It means you haven't been listening! It means she's off doing something and its a distraction so you don't go looking!. Wait...Where's Delaney anyways?" - Howling Thunder
  • "Don't you dare bleed out on me! Your blood is not supposed to be on the floor! STOP MOVING!" - Mietta de la Motte
  • "Delaney is my favorite New Mommy. She seems to make Dad happy, and I get the feeling that she has a better than average chance of talking him down from doing something stupid. Plus, she's a ton of fun to hang out with." - Dea Tacita
  • "If you are the ghost of Captain Greeley... knock two times," followed up by two sharp hits to Delaney's head with a piece of mortuary.
  • "If she wasn't so much younger then me, I might actually call her mom." - Jason Harvick
  • "I tell Delaney-bro everything she thinks she wants to know. After I tell her, she finds out she really didn't want to know. - Badger
  • "Look, my sister is crazy, but she's definitely the right kind of crazy." - Riley Stiggson
  • Delaney clears her throat and says to Ryanne, "Technically any woman worth her salt will fuck herself now and then.."
  • "I haven't been to the museum in a bit... That should be stimulating."

Out of Character Information


For Delaney Stiggson

You do everything right, You you got no control
Fates like a storm, That cares not about your goals
You batten the hatches, And prepare for the storm, Better make no attachments....'Cause death is the norm...

For the Accord, In General

from a "Shot in the Dark": I've been left out alone like a damn criminal
I've been praying for help cause I can't take it all. I'm not done, It's not over.
Now I'm fighting this war since the day of the fall And I'm desperately holding on to it all
But I'm lost.....I'm so damn lost...

Other Characters

  • Lydia Kallas, Vampire the Requiem
  • The Captain, Changeling the Lost


  • Many will notice 2 different domain codes on this character's wiki. The player is located in IA-001-D:Th Asylum. All character inquiries should go to the VST of the Miami, Florida venue.