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Player: Jess Hartley
Character: Delilah
Clan: Ravnos
Position: Pack Priest
Status: OOO
Domain: Portland, OR
VST: Brian Buckley

Clan: Ravnos

Generation: 9th

Pack: The Unbroken

Enlightened (Path of Cathari)
Enlightened (Pack Priest)

Notable Traits: Flashy, brightly colored hair falls, penchant for jewel tones

Nationality: American

Style and Personality: Flashy and playful. Impatient, but fiercely loyal to her pack.

Appearance: Exotic makeup, brightly colored hair falls, jeweled collars, lots of silver rings and bracelets. Often wears elaborately patterned eyeliner.


Pack Priest of The Unbroken

Known Associates

  • Discordia - Ductus of The Unbroken
  • Desdemona - Harbinger of Skulls Advisor of The Unbroken
  • Tobe - Pack Member of The Unbroken
  • Silt - Pack Member of The Unbroken
  • Sofie - Pack Member of The Unbroken
  • Jadon - Pack Member of The Unbroken
  • Creed - Pack Member of The Unbroken



  • "You really should have been more specific in your instructions. There wasn't anything in your orders about not burning down the building." - Delilah


  • Delilah isn't really a Ravnos - she's a dirty, dirty Pander!
  • Delilah is the brains behind The Unbroken.
  • Delilah is blood-bound to Desdemona - That's why she's never seen doing public vaulderie.


Player: Jess Hartley

Location: Portland, Oregon