Delilah Beaumont

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Awakening PC

Player: Deej Barens
Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder ••
Legacy: Sisterhood of the Blessed
Consilium: Vancouver, BC
City: Vancouver, BC
Cabal: Sigil Wardens
VST: Daniel Kawasaki

Shadow Name: Delilah Beaumont

Sleeper Alias: Delilah Beaumont

Order Silver Ladder

Faction: The Powerbrokers

Legacy Sisterhood of the Blessed


Delilah Beaumont, a combination of old money and knowing her way around a pre-nup. is a well known New Orleans socialite. She reached some fame on the Real Housewives of New Orleans. While not a main cast member, she is a very good friend of one and quickly established herself as a personality to be reckoned with.

She has been often married to very wealthy men. Once was for love but that ended when her husband came out of the closet. She remains very good friends with him and even officiated her ex's commitment ceremony. She has been able to built her finances starting with seed money from her family which has long since been paid back. She is very astute at investments and finances and has also made a name for herself as a venture capitalist.

She awakened as an Acanthus in 1987 and used her social skills to navigate the Consillium. She was accepted into the Sisterhood of the Blessed in 2002 with the recommendation of her ex husband John Capital. Before coming to Vancouver, she had decided to at last marry for love to Mr. Beaumont, a Guardian of the Veil who was killed shortly after their wedding in the line of duty. She took the opportunity to have a fresh start in a new city.

1966: Born in New Orleans, LA

1981: Debutante Cotillion

1984: Enters Tulane University

1987: Graduated Tulane with a degree in Business Administration. Moves to Boston to do her Masters and Awakens as a mage.

1989: Marries John Capital for the express purpose of furthering his family line. Delilah and John signed a Fate-bound prenup detailing a deal for marriage until conception in exchange for mentorship in The Sisterhood of the Blessed. Changed first name to Delilah.

1993: Divorced John. She maintains custody of their child, but she was primarily raised by nannies and sent to boarding school

1994: Second Marriage: Winford Renfro 1996: Divorced

1998: Third Marriage: Merlin Sena 2001: Divorced

2002: Joins Sisterhood of the Blessed

2004: Marriage 4: Avery Pfeifer 2007: Divorced

2008: Becomes part of the Real Housewives of New Orleans as a secondary cast member, but quickly makes an impression on the public and producers

2012: Real Housewives Cancelled


  • Marriage to Marcel Beaumont, Guardian of the Veil, Beaumont killed in the line of duty. Takes the opportunity to find out what happened in Vancouver, BC to have a fresh start
  • After the Cult of the Doomsday Clock was defeated, the remaining members of the former Consilium were finally found. As they are keeping guard on a captured Abyssal entity, the new mages of Vancouver are forming a a Cabal to find a way to destroy it so they can be free of their task.

2014: After completing the task of finding out what happened during the five year quarantine of Vancouver, she returned to New Orleans.


Real Housewives franchise, Willard Phule

Character Description

Fashion conscious and always tastefully dressed, she exudes Southern elegance.


Looking For

Ties, relationships, past business ventures



  • (In a report to Department Complex 49) "...Beaumont is a fish out of water here in this untamed territory. Without the structure and support of a Concilium, she struggles to find order within the chaos of the battlefield. Her fame puts her in considerable danger. And yet, despite these challenges, she has persevered and made valuable contributions. So long as she maintains the Veil and her fame does not call down undesired attention upon our operations, her assistance is welcomed..." - Neil Kingsley
  • "The woman is a mess. She speaks far more than she needs to and says nothing at all. She has no capacity for war and yet is attempting to initiate a mock-leadership - which is an absolute joke - without taking other required steps. For her sake, I hope she figures herself out before she gets herself killed." - Persephone

OOC Information

Player Name Deej Barens

C@M Number CA2009120101

Location New Westminster, BC

Venue Once More Unto the Breach