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Local History

Harrisonburg, Virginia

The Sabbat of the Valley are a Stranger lot made up of some that left the war of the sect to the stronger of arm. They have looked to be strong in other ways. Instead of boldly calming a city instead they set up in an area where beauty is skin deep and a revolving door of Kine feed their needs.

Harrisonburg lies towards the northern end of the I-81 corridor. From the view of Washington or Richmond, it could be better described as a large town with an overpopulation of young attending various universities than a city in its own right. Despite the large poultry factory, farms, and trucking industry 50% of the people are living below the poverty line. This is used to the advantage of many university students for their well-established drug trafficking. The Latino gang warfare is on the rise along with the influx of immigrants. Whether these immigrants are as corrupt as the politicians say they are has yet to be seen.

Not half an hour south along I-81 and at the intersection of I-64 is Staunton, a historic city home to the Frontier Culture Museum, Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, and Western State Hospital. Tucked away in the mountains, rich in history, it appears as a wonderful place to attend boarding school or for mental health retreats. Corruption is just as deep seeded as the history. Whether it’s the city politics, the police officers, or those running local institutions, there is diversity of wheeling and dealing. It feels like everyone in Staunton is out to use someone somehow.

Surrounding these two cities are those retreating from the fast-paced life of suburbia. Some feel the higher call, living in Mennonite or Amish communities. Some try to retreat from the politics and corruption by forming their own communities off the main roads, even away from the side-roads. Others simply want to be left alone on the farms their families have worked for who knows how long. Not many know what goes on in these closed communities, far from the urban sprawl.

The war is on. Whose blood will spill on these nights?

While Sabbat Hold some sway in all of the three cities, they instead they choose to work out the daily live at a ski resort just to the east of Harrisonburg. While for most part the area is wild unclaimed land there is one area that is known to the Sabbat.

The Followers of Set hold a Temple on the ground of EMU. This location is known to the Sabbat as is the Followers know where Sabbat holds themselves. They have come to some of an accord. Enter each of our houses in peace and we share in knowledge and comfort. If you play or make a mess clean it up. If one group asks the other for help there is no expectation for help to be given. If a member flees from one group to the other it is requested that while one may keep the body the mind and secrets of the other side are not to be sought after.

Time line bullet points

  • 1671 valley mapped: These were crossed by explorers John Lederer at Manassas Gap in 1671, Batts and Fallam the same year, and Cadwallader Jones in 1682. The Swiss Franz Ludwig Michel and Christoph von Graffenried also explored and mapped the Valley in 1706 and 1712, respectively.
  • Early 1800’s Someone who heard the reports and later became the first permanent settler in the Valley was Adam Miller (Mueller), who in 1727 staked out claims on the south fork of the Shenandoah River, near the line that now divides

Rockingham County from Page County. In the late 1720s and 1730s, Quakers and Mennonites began to move in from Pennsylvania. They were tolerated by the natives, while "Long Knives" (English settlers from coastal Virginia colony) were less welcomed. During these same decades, the valley route continued to be used by war parties of Seneca (Iroquois) and Lenape en route from New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to attack the distant Catawba in the Carolinas, with whom they were at war. The Catawba in turn pursued the war parties northward, often overtaking them by the time they reached the Potomac. Several fierce battles were fought among the warring nations in the Valley region.

  • 1750’s first sign of infernal. Put down by unknown attackers
  • 1780’s followers of set start a small cult who slowly takes over much of the mennonites giving them a front to work behind.
  • 1790’s werewolf’s try to push out any and all vampires in area. Bitter fighting and the resources needed for a long term victory cause this to end in failure.
  • 1803 Purchase pact.
  • 1861-1865 Civil war
  • 1908 JMU founded as women’s college (The State Normal and Industrial School for Women)(1914 name change to State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg) (State Teachers College at Harrisonburg in 1924) Madison College 1938, James Madison University,1976 (child of Gaia.)
  • 1914 world war 1
  • 1917 EMU founded though efforts of the Followers of Set to offset influence in city of JMU.
  • 1920’s A group of Kindred rally together and declare the Lower Valley a Anarch free state.

Kelly Steel pc enters area.

  • 1933 Code of Milan written
  • 1934 infernal again try to move in area. Failed again
  • 1939-1945 world war 2
  • 1960 Sabbat make a notable push to take over the Anach free state via non Violent actions.
  • 1968 Anarch no longer the power in Valley even though no blood has been shed.
  • 1970 tired of the decay and corruption a new push by werewolves force Vampire together to survive.
  • 1971 Sabbat/set agreement all Kindred might is put into defeating the werewolves.
  • 1975 after a long and horrible fighting new tech make fighting even harder on both sides. Slowly both side with draw to their own holdings.

Post WW2 push for more land to be given over to national parks.

May 26, 1971, the development of 5,200 acres in Massanutten, by a group of ten investors,

Cainites of the Valley

Packs of the Shenandoah Valley

The Order of the Midnight Sons


  • Garth Quall


  • Derrac Thohamar
  • Rose
  • Hermia
  • Ophelia



Nomad Packs

The Ezelti

Deceased or Missing


Cainites of the Valley

Sabbat OOC Info

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