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Commonly Known Information

A sketch of Miss Rayleigh by an unknown artist, c. 1880

Basic Information

Delores Rayleigh is Boston's Tremere Primogen. She has a history of making several-year-long trips overseas, ostensibly for archaeological work. She returned from one such foray in 2013 and has since become more involved in Kindred politics than before.



  • Embraced in the mid-1700s in England
  • Moved to Boston in the 1870s


Some of miss Rayleigh's skills are very well known. This is probably because she tells everyone she meets.

  • Linguistics
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Information Gathering

Known Associates

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  • Delores's frequent trips aren't really for archaeology. She's up to something far more sinister.
  • Delores's tried to refuse the primogen position three times...she only accepted because she didn't want 44 stakes in her back.


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From Delores

  • "The name 'Tremere' comes from the Latin tre-me-re, meaning 'to shake.' Why, exactly, our clan is associated with shaking is a mystery lost to time, I'm afraid."
  • "We are the curators of human history."

About Delores

  • "Delores is more interested in dead artifacts than living people. I value that." -- Noelle Jardine
  • "Heyyyyyy, Dory, remember that thing you owe me?" Mr. Allen

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Melissa Hodson
Storyteller: Mark Lewis

Played by Melissa H., US2010096758.


Presented for possible ties.

  • 1722 – Born to a noble English family
  • 1745 – Sent to Oxford to live with her cousin Charles. Introduced to ghoul of Francisca Prieto of clan Tremere.
  • 1749 – Embraced by Francisca Prieto (NPC)
  • 1787 – Participated in her first archaeological dig (then called grave-robbing) at the request of Francisca.
  • 1792-present – Went on frequent archaeological digs around the world, spending little time in one place unless there was something interesting to find. (Lots of room for ties here!)
  • 1872 – Moved her haven to Boston.


I'm always looking for ties. Some possible connections:

  • Delores helped you find an artifact of some kind
  • Delores translated something for you
  • You helped Delores smuggle artifacts across national borders
  • You acted as a guide somewhere
  • Delores taught you a language, or vice versa
  • We worked together on a project
Lineage ties are also an option (for Tremere only, of course). Her sire is an NPC, but grandsire and above are open, as well as possible childer.