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Apocalypse PC

Character: Demetra P.
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Black Fury
Rank: Elder
Position: Sept Alpha, Pack Alpha
Domain: Atlanta - Black Dog

Character Information

Black furies.jpg

Name: Demetra "Breaking Point" P.

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Black Fury

Renown: Elder

Pack: Shock and Awe

Pack Position: Alpha

Sept Position: Sept Alpha

Domain: Atlanta

Quotes By or About Breaking Point:


"She never stops amazing me with her sheer tenacity." - Autumn Harris

"Formidable, and with an eye for tactics. She is quite adept with that bow of hers, and she knows how to best employ it while maximizing her mobility." - Forges-Fury

"You hear all the time how the word bitch is used as an insult to mean some hard, tough woman who seems to disregard what folks consider proper. Yeah, I agree with that- because she's hard enough to do what her auspice demands of her, tough enough to do it all and ask for more, and gives zero fucks about what's considered proper when it's all for the better of everybody involved. I'm happy to follow her lead and support the inspiration she is to the rest of us." Ali Kiercel "Firebreak"

"Sept by chance. Pack by choice." Holds-His-Ground

"EAT! SLEEP! CONQUER! REPEAT!" Jingles all the Way

"I GET TO TIP OF THE SPEAR WITH DEMETRA-RHYA!!!!" - Tia "Raging Mother" Forakis to her pack beta via mindspeech.

"This woman I respect. That's hard to earn with me." - Elizabeta "Scale's Aggravating Claws" Dragos

"This wolf scares me more than any other I have met in the past few years. I bet she is a blast to jump in a hole with." - Specter's Flight

"DO. NOT. FUCK. WITH. HER!" - Primal Balance

"Fierce. Honest. Intelligent. Everything you look for in a comrade-in-arms. I'm glad anytime she's on the battlefield with me." - Victor Dawncrown


  • She doesn't need a kin mate. She's got a regular harem of humans to help scratch any 'itch.'