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Accord PC

Player: Andrew C.
Creature Type: Sin Eater
Division: The Vault
City: Springfield, Ma
Status: 3
VST: Brian B.

Threshold silent.png Bittygeistlogo.png Accordpng.png Symbol-Vault-100.png

Character Information

Name: Denial

Creature Type: Sin Eater

  • Threshold: Silent
  • Archetype: Necromancer

Notable Traits:

Seen by Sin Eaters:

  • Often carries a Charm, a Fetter, and a Deathmask.


Denial has a somber air to him, that contrasts with his youthful appearance. He usually dresses in casual clothes, often with sneakers and a graphic tee. He seems particularly fond of his Ghost Busters shirt, and others with suitably ironic themes. Over this he wears a short trench coat that has an iridescent sheen.

Titles & Positions:

  • Quartermaster of Springfield, MA.
  • Mystery of the Lost Hope.


  • May 13, 2016: Became a Believer.
  • July 2, 2016: Joined the Shattered Crossroads cell in Springfield, MA.
  • October 24, 2016: Joined the Vault.
  • November 2016: Participated in Operation Paragon, in the Nicaragua Mission.
  • January 2017: Attended the Adjudication of John Smith.
  • March 2017: Helped Found the Krewe of the Lost Hope.
  • June 2017: Was present for the departure of John Smith.
    • Participated in New Lebanon Scouting Expedition.
  • July 2017: Participated in Operation Damned Throne, as a member of Strike Team Leo.
    • Was present for the Death of Councilor McMullin, the Destruction of the Black Avatar, and Funeral of Councilor McMullin.

Krewe of the Lost Hope

Dorian Goldman -Captain
Henry Tucker -First Officer
Lupe -Shaman
Dimitry Schraeder -Armorer
Taishi -Security
Lucian Fontana -Navigation
Denial -Science Officer
John Dorian -Medical
Hector Alvilla -Quartermaster (deceased)
Sal Remington -Intel (deceased)


  • He's not even old enough to buy booze legally.
  • The Deathmask he carries was the Geist of one of his former Krewe members.
  • He sold his favorite T-Shirt to something in the Underworld.

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By Denial:

About Denial:

  • "My first op with this agent. I think he will do well indeed." - Winter Reilly
  • " talented little bugger. Kids like a Swiss army knife on a mission." Sam_Roland_Hain
  • "Good first impression, glad Springfield has some good talent" Gaff Hook
  • "Good guy to work with. Would do so again" - Lionheart
  • "I love him in the Vault, but man, I crack up every time I see his email signature. Capitalizing the starts of syllables and throwing 'x's around is gonna do the opposite of getting you laid, dude, no matter what the 90s taught you." - Shkira Kushnir
  • "The kid's had my back since Lowgate, and he actually survived New Lebanon. What's that tell you?" - Henry Tucker
  • "Not gonna lie, dudes a little weird, but most folks with a Geist riding shotgun are. But he's a really stable person to have with you. Especially down in the great below, you could do worse than have him at your back. " - Gabriel Helm

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Major operations:

Managua, Nicaragua


OOC Information

Player: Andrew Collins

MES Number: US2016040036

Location: MA-005-D