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NPCs of the Freehold

OOC: This page is dedicated to NPCs of the Freehold of Hob's End (VA-025-D, Domain Deliverance), IC locations of note, and some gathered information about the Viceroyalties. Rumors may be left here by ST. Check back regularly for updates. Information posted here by any party is considered PUBLIC IN-CHARACTER, and may be taken as such. You have been warned.

The VST can be reached here.



Fairest, Dancer

  • He was the King of Spring until Mr. Pigglesworth defeated him in a duel for the crown.
  • He kept a trained Owlbear, which was a gift from a member of his Court. It died defending him in the Hedge.
    • He wrote a heartfelt eulogy and delivered it, tearfully, at a public funeral.


  • Cicero is a community theater buff.

Annaliese Montrose

Wizened, Woodwalker

  • A natural scientist, quite knowledgeable in basically any physical science.
  • Rarely comes to gathering, but typically happy to help members of the Freehold at a discount.


  • She's been here since before Keelah arrived in the Valley.


Darkling, Skogsra

  • He doesn't come to gatherings anymore.
  • Maintains an open-door policy of hospitality to Changelings sworn to the Freehold and Hedge Fresh.
    • Also offers help in his capacity as a Blackbird Bishop to any Changeling in need.


  • He has a name for most of the stray animals in Harrisonburg, and remembers them all.



Beast, Windwing

  • She's been Summer Queen since 1992 and the best the Freehold can remember.


  • She's not as friendly or collaborative as so many people in the Valley seem to believe - she's still Summer Queen, people.


Thrush - Dead

Elemental, Ask-Wee-Da-Eed

  • Former King of Autumn, until the crown failed to materialize on the 21st of September, 2013
  • Eaten by a Devourer



Ogre, Witchtooth

  • King of Winter since the previous queen's death in January of 2013
  • He knows the Hedge fairly well, and will escort the less-capable around. For a price, of course.


  • He was awfully silent about the death of the previous Winter Monarch. Just trademark Winter stoicism?

The Viceroys


Fairest, Shadowsoul - Autumn Mantle

  • An Oneiromancer with a twisted sense of humor, no one sees Maude much between swearing to the Monarch.


  • She calls herself the Queen of Shepherds - a lofty title, unnervingly similar to something one of the Others might take for themselves...
  • If no one in the Freehold, she will declare herself Queen of Autumn in the Valley.


Fairest, Polychromatic - Winter Mantle

  • Walks with a cane
  • Owns Sundog Ice Cream Parlor, in Waynesboro


  • They say it's always the quiet ones.

Locations Around the Freehold


Waynesboro Market / Market at Goldskol Fen

The Waynesboro Market is the largest Market in the area. Permanently established, the Market sells basically anything you could want, for prices that area largely quite reasonable, by comparison to other markets. There is no known slave trade at Goldskol Fen.


  • Could that explosion that happened in the Hedge back on December 1st have been meant for the Market?

Grottoes Market / Market at Soggy Hollow

A sad little backwater of a market, it was primarily a slaving hub until the trade was driven out by Eric Fitzgerald.

Lake Shenandoah Market / The Floating Market

The Floating Market hangs on the underside of a leviathan turtle, swimming in the great lake. A ferryhob will charge for safe passage across the lake to the Market itself, but unless you can breathe underwater (or hold your breath for an impressive amount of time), your options are rather limited.

The Coliseum

A coliseum built in the hedge of downtown Harrisonburg, where sport fights and duels can be hosted or observed.


Staunton Visitor Commons

The basement of a local hookah bar, where visitors may go if they have a meeting with Maude or someone else in Staunton. Hospitality is maintained by Maude herself.


  • Maude poisons the tea she offers to strangers with a truth serum.


The Fitz Pub & Grill

Owned by Eric Fitzgerald.

Sundog Ice Cream Parlor

The Sundog is owned by Daisy and most commonly used as a passage between Earth and the Waynesboro Goblin Market. It was flooded out in sudden storm in July, 2013.