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Quotes and Rumors

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Quotes from Denny:

  • “Oh Aye, I’m the one that said it are you gonna deny it? No? Then lets have a drink before ye piss me off again.”
  • “Shut ye gob and hold still unless you want me to start making modern art here!”
  • “Does it look like to ye that we are winning this war? No? Then knock off the grabbass. A hero is the idiot that dies for his cause, lets just bloody WIN!”
  • “Gaia have mercy on your body and soul for I WILL flay and flog THAT scandal to the ends of the damn EARTH until you couldn't serve as a CUB in a Coma ward for brain damaged infants! Sure and bet on if I won't!”

Quotes about Denny:

  • "His deed name is as accurate as it is painful. Not many want to get on the receiving end of that blade. I hope to get to fight this one someday and see what he is truly made of." - Brody "Tackles the Mountain" Eberhart
  • "I've known Neely since we were headstrong young jackasses, fresh out of our fosterings. As long as I've known him, he's been one to rampage and attack when he thinks someone is writing checks their ass can't cash. The catch is that there is normally a method to his madness if you take the time and look deep enough at the underlying message of the discourse. Problem is that most people won't dig that deep and just assume that he is just the Fianna's most vocal rabid attack ragabash in the social circles. Really although he might deny it, you know deep down it is a reputation that he seems to enjoy." Declan Brennan
  • "The pen is mightier than the sword. Beware of one who has both at their disposal." - Reborn in Fire
  • "Wait. A Fianna that's not trying to murder me? What fucking deviltry is this?" - Kat
  • "You should get to know us better. We are not as bad as you seem to think we are." - Dirk, Seelie Court Emissary


  • He hates metis due to something in his past.
  • He has ties to the Corax who feed him the secrets that he shares


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Clan Chattan


  • Ruff Riders - His pack
  • Declan Brennan - When Denny is in the mood to fight or drink...he calls Declan.
  • Patrick Kennedy - A fellow Songkeeper and ally / Gone
  • Twist - A Corax Denny has been seen swapping stories with from time to time.
  • Bleeds Time - a Red Talon that Denny helps to learn the difference between "He smells bad" and "His sense of smell is inferior."
  • Charlie Two-Shirts - If Denny is stumped on a question about the Umbra, he calls Charlie
  • Killbox and The Screaming Eagles - Denny loves to roll with these hardasses



  • Face First - He gets his affinity of brash, tactless, story-telling from imitating Denny. Luckily, Denny doesn't know he's a metis... yet.