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Changeling PC

Player: Brett Stone
Character: Dent
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion

Character Information

Name: Dent

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Hunterheart

Court: Autumn

Notable Traits: Looks and smells like a homeless man. Does he taste like one too? Its the only way to know for sure.

Age: 41


  • Mask
He appears to be an older man - older than he truly is - with a significant amount of stubble and short, yet unkept hair. He often smells of sweat, yet not unhealthy (if he hasn't been under bags of pop cans recently...), and wears a disheveled thick furry blanket caked in dried popstains.
  • Mien
Beneath his mask appears a savage wolfman, the snout on his face traveling from his chin to the tip of his nose in a snoutish muzzle. He is garbed in a furred cape, his forearms and face covered in a thick yet short fur. His face caged by a wire frame.

Known History

Dent was a normal man who lacked direction in life. He held many odd-jobs for the first part of his adult life, working as a a warehouser, a taxi driver, a bouncer, a security guard and finally, in his late twenties, a police officer. Throughout his life he had witnessed friends around him turning to drugs and alcohol, seeking not to judge them but always resisting the urge to join in. He saw the underside of society from when he was raised to as he worked the lower end jobs later in life. Completing his training and joining the VPD, Dent was assigned to a beat along Granville Cooridor where he once worked both taxi and bouncer jobs, knowing all the local street 'personalities' on a personal level. Now he had to bring them in and do his part as an officer, always trying to keep friendly relations with the constant reoffenders of these petty crimes yet forcefully dealing with them when necessary. One night in 2003, however, a few of the other officers had had enough with these petty criminals. Taken along in the van, the fellow officers had him restrain the suspects - he thought it was just a drive and dump to make them walk back home from the edge of downtown - let them think for a few hours. Yet as they got him out of the van with them, they told him to take a walk. When he came back the petty criminals were gone. He thought they may have beaten them and let them go... Something he did not approve of. Yet as the rookie, he felt threatened. Not long after, he discovered the people they'd taken were missing. He doesn't remember much after reporting the officers involved, but he recalls being thrown from a van in Stanley Park and re-emerging some short time later, changed...

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

His closest friend and ally would be the woman named Autumn, whom he shelters and tries to help - though he is often torn between helping her cope and doing his duties for the freehold.

Dent considers Leto his greatest ally within the courts, perhaps a friend as well. Beyond him, as an ex-cop Dent also sees a possible kin in Asha. More distantly, Dent sees Copper, Trask, Ellanore, Silas and a handful of others as people he can trust to work with and fight beside again in the future.


He's had some dealings with hookers.

Quotes by Dent

"A gun! A gun! My shopping cart for a gun!"

Quotes about Dent

OOC Information

Player: Brett Stone

MES Number: CA2008060101

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Through the Mirror Darkly