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Desmona 'Des' Lusion

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"This is how it's supposed to work. Right?"
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This Site is About Me?

Concept and Known Information

  • Des is an enigma to all that she meets. No one can be quite sure of her or her motives. She is known to be quirky, odd, weird, twitchy and overly willing to help. Quick to befriend any one and there to lend a hand, she can be a fast ally. Des not only a fast learner but her profession is a that of a Research Scientist and Surgeon. When at home in her lab, she can be found doing various experiments and surfing the internet.

Lineage: Altero

  • [TBD] <5>

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A Bird, Bird, Bird. Bird is the Word

Known Associates

Quotes from Others

  • "You need to eat. I have already told you twice this evening. Next time I will remove your throat, and feed you myself. Got it? Good! Kisses!!" Seer Ambrosia Paine
  • "Damn, Marcy. You really dropped the ball on this one. Ever h-heard of Penicillin. Fleming made that dumb cash-in using Penicillium... but don't trust that Fleming guy. He sucks. Loves to steal credit." Kalvin
  • Work in Progress

Rumors, Rumors are No Fun. Rumors, Rumors Could Hurt Someone

But of course, the one hurt might be you.

  • It is Rumored that Des may be an Anarch infiltrating the Cam
  • Some say she is a pawn for the Ravnos
  • Des may have single handedly cured the blood born plague that killed mortals and caused kindred to be carriers.
  • It is said that Des drove a Van straight into a Ravnos Thug as she saw first handed Zachariah Church's head torn off
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These are Dangerous Times

Name: Des Lusion

Known Aliases: None

Residence: Omaha, NE

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Seneshal of Omaha in Omaha, NE

Acknowledged by Prince Blake of Omaha, NE.

Favored by Joanna DeCastille of Omaha

Honorable by Harpy Vittoni of Omaha

Out Of Character

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Omaha, Ne
Player: Amber Wissmar
Storyteller: David Miller